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  • POEM: Logic in Life by Jayatissa Liyanage (2/20/2015 3:20:00 AM)

    A very profound and vivid observation that is both pithy as well as salubrious. Life is always full of trials and hardships, and like all other journeys, the roads we travel on may have rocks and cliffs. Suffice to say we all must weather the storm as we have no choice, but we take heart that this journey has an end, at least.

  • POEM: Go On Writing by Aftab Alam (2/20/2015 3:14:00 AM)

    A thought-provoking write on the diversity of humanity. I cannot imagine all of us looking alike and thinking the same things at the same time, for then that would make us nothing but robots. All fingers are not the same, true, and each one is part of the whole hand that needs to work together. Applying that in the modern world, we need to consider each other's differences and uniqueness and NOT make demands that all others to follow what we believe, or behead those who refuse to believe what we want. That's the truth. |

  • POEM: Charlie Hebdo by Aftab Alam (2/20/2015 3:04:00 AM)

    I do not agree with the taking of human life for reasons of insult as these can be remedied with due apology. The problem lies when one group perceives a view or opinion as an insult and therefore blocks the freedom of others to express their views in their own country. If one does not want to hear or see that kind of freedom in that land (which is not his country) then he should leave and stay in his country where there are no opinions he considers insults. It is that simple.

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  • Cynthia Buhain-baello (2/10/2010 7:37:00 PM) Post reply

    Perhaps you have not read my love poems (LOL!) but I noticed this piece was written in prose, not poetry, but we get the message. We all have freedom of speech, so we live and let live, and respect those who write what they want to write.

  • Cynthia Buhain-baello (2/10/2010 7:32:00 PM) Post reply

    This poetry form NAANI (Indian Telugu poem) uses 20-25 syllables in four lines, centering on one main topic, but here I used imagery and maintained its brevity.


    Blank space
    Drinks of colored words
    Flow with the writer's pen, his brush
    Splashed a rainbow hued masterpiece.

    June 25,2009 Tarlac City Philippines

  • Cynthia Buhain-baello (2/10/2010 7:20:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    HIDDEN MEANINGS- sometimes free form is a good poetry form to use for 'hidden meanings' on topics that might excite controversy, like race, religion, and politics. Here the term 'colors' may be taken a such but the end line 'their blood is red' confirms it was about racism. The words are simple but cutting, and it was brief, to add impact.


    Sometimes color
    Clouds opinion

    Sways the heart
    Blurs the vision

    White on top-
    Black below

    Yellow, brown
    These have to go.

    But with one color
    It is said

    All are bound
    Their blood is... Red.

    (June 30,2008, Tarlac City, Philippines

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