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  • Lawrence S. Pertillar (1/10/2010 9:05:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Discussions about the 'reality' of things? Isn't that adult-like!
    Someone had mention that the difficulties I experienced with posting my 'work'
    on was due to In other words, placing the blame somewhere else. This 'might' be a possibility for someone who 'has' FIREFOX.
    I don't. What I do 'have' is an ability to irritate those who prefer their truth smothered with sweetened deceit. Their is an intention to prevent 'certain' poets...and I am one of them, from submitting their poems if
    they are not met with regulation. In other words, approved. Approved in content, language use and degree of offensiveness. And 'limited' to comprehension levels. I have forward several emails to inquire about the 'goings' on at with no response whatsoever. And, I've been affiliated AND responsible for generating interest to this site for more than 5yrs. So, if anyone is feeling offended...don't! It has yet become realized by those who administer this site that the writers are the ones who have popularized this site. But isn't that like typical human behavior? When people become spoiled they forget who supplies 'comfort' to their appetites. We all are guilty to some degree. Censorship or blocking 'certain' writers from a poetry site, eventually, decreases interest. However...think of this: ' offers this service 'FREE'. AND does not blatantly ask for donations. Other writing services are provided to get published for those seeking that route. Many of us are read by all kinds of people around the world! And very few of us show our appreciation by donating or giving a single dime to the maintenance of this site. I made that my New Years' resolution.

    Once again people...let's be more grateful and less petty. And, if anyone desires to leave because of bad feelings or something that does not suit their expectations, it's okay! Your efforts will be missed here, I am sure. But any success that comes will still arrive regardless. If that is what is wished.
    Happiness is reliant on one's interpretation of what that means to them. IF you AINT happy here...go find it. Don't annoy others because their happiness is not yours. That's why there is such a thing called 'divorce'. If a relationship is not working is ended. People split up and go their separate ways. And it's okay. Stop whining about it!

    Sincerely and with Love,
    Lawrence S. Pertillar

  • Lawrence S. Pertillar (1/9/2010 11:05:00 AM) Post reply | Read 4 replies

    I post my writings based upon 'instinct'. I am neither motivated by volume or depth. Content to complete the thought and/or message as it 'appears' to be expressed. Of late, I have been not permitted to submit any writings. This may be due to technical flaw OR intention. However, for those who seeking to pass judgement and not partake in this creative process, perhaps writing is not what
    your interest is at the moment. This is my 5th year affiliated with and I've learned many a lesson. People are motivated by their own intentions. Some critique to inspire. While others elect to flaunt their insecurities by demeaning others. And they will uuse any means necessary to do it! During the years I've submitted my 'poetry', there has been several people...I will not mention names (real or fake) who go out of their way to expose their ignorance. To those who take poetry seriously because it is something done for joy and love of the craft, I offer this bit of advice:
    'Write from your heart. Keep 'your' intergrity intact. And rise above petty attacks on your talents.' Do not sek fame. Seek wisdom. Seek clarity and comprehension. Seek to become a better person. And share your gratefulness with others. is a poetry site. For those who choose to use it as a message board to incite 'nonsense' are people who will find means to do that anyway. Love what is done that 'you' do! Submit your work to AND, even IF I might, from time to time, find my own 'issues' with the administration, overall...THIS is the premier poetry site of them all!

    Peace/Love/Blessings to all. Have a great and productive year.

    Lawrence S. Pertillar

  • Lawrence S. Pertillar (10/2/2007 6:08:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    LOL...STOP THIS! lol. Scarlett Treat did mention to me that I was highly spoken of in the 'forum'! Soooo, out of curiosity and blatant nosiness, I decided to peek in to see what i had done 'this' time! AND, I read something nice Herbert had said to me. That totally blew me away. Duncan, is one of the most gifted writers I've read. Well, I just wanted to say 'thank you' all for being generous in your comments to me. I don't come into the 'forum' often. In fact, 'this' is only my third time in almost 3yrs! I'm so accustomed to just writing and writing. When I stop to read something someone has said about my work, I go what I've submitted and say, ' that what I'm saying? ' Those who are 'possessed' like that, may have an appreciation for what I'm saying.

    I so appreciate your talents, gifts and unique self expressions!

    You are some wonderful folks. And a few of you I have come to argue with over the years, have made me a much better writer than my ego thought I was a few years back. Right, Herbert? LOL

    Hey, what can I say? 'Thanks! ? ' Oh. Okay.


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