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  • POEM: The Crocodile Hunter (Acrostic) by Connie Marcum Wong (10/6/2014 4:16:00 AM)

    Change this:

    I t is of great comfort knowing your are


    I t is of great comfort knowing you are

    Using Google search for the Crocodile Hunter website, I found that... and for conservationist Steve Irwin, I learnt that the Steve Irwin Day is celebrated on the 15th of November.

    By contacting various websites, you may be able to pass on your tribute poem to BLESS others beyond our poemhunter website, even if it's just a link to your poem...

    Thanks for remembering Steve and his family in this way.

  • POEM: I Trust In Jesus by Michael P. Johnson (9/27/2014 3:59:00 AM)

    Another spiritual poem that offers food for thought. I know punctuation helps poetry, just as exclamation marks help to make the words convey the passion. You might also consider 8 lined verses to keep the reader on track and not scroll down further for a long poem, added to by extra line gaps.

    I admire the Scripture terms used which explain that our Royal Pardon was bought and paid for by the Redeemer promised in the Book of Genesis, when Adam and Eve sinned. Upon sharing your faith, Jesus says He is not ashamed to call you His brother...

  • POEM: Pray Out Your Past..... by Michael P. Johnson (9/27/2014 3:40:00 AM)

    You may prefer to write in a precise style eg 8 syllables then 6 then 8 then 6. While this style isn't easy, we can get more if we keep reading the written lines to confirm they fit or not. I've tried this style for years and found it most helpful. I use it for my Christian poetry and my Stephen Gayford wildlife poetry.

    Your poetry doesn't flow smoothly, but it does contain a lot of pure thoughts that keep the Christian reader interested. When we use the Name Of Jesus as in Jesus's robe or Jesus' robe or Jesu's robe, the poetry isn't always helpful as if we were to use Christ's robe or the Lord's robe or even the Rabbi's robe.

    So when the syllables don't fit using certain names or words we may have to rethink the phrasing. Apart from a few phrases, I noticed a few errors like it is shortened to its instead of it's. Sometimes a comma when it wasn't meant to be there. But all things considered, there's a lot going for this poetry. Sincerity of purpose, faith in the future, becoming a follower of the Way.

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  • Denis Martindale (10/21/2014 5:12:00 AM) Post reply

    My Superheroes Poems on poemhunter's website.

  • Denis Martindale (10/11/2014 1:18:00 AM) Post reply

    Having tried singing into a microphone, there's a way to project each word that isn't depending on the speed of the tune. In this demo there are two performing. The female voice is fighting every single thing possible to project the lyrics. The speed, the guitar volume and the expressions required to emphasise the storyline. So It would assist the understanding if the tune were slowed to about 80% if that's technically possible, Having the text of the lyrics would also help, yet it isn't provided. The second part begins way too loud as a sharp shock that could be edited to omit the start of it so it only commences with the main lyrics. It is a good contrast with the female voice, yet the volume is something again that could be lowered. So a technical edit would assist, ie female voice louder, guitar volume lower, male voice start edited, volume lower.

    The lyrics present the content in such a way that a story is being developed based on emotional trauma that's kept secret to safeguard the other knowing what happened, yet it creates a wall between the two hearts that truly care for each other. Without God's healing of the memories each heart is trapped in the past and therefore robbing the joy of each and every day. To grasp the fast-spoken lyrics is impossible, the guitar is too close to the microphone, so to speak. It dominates and shrouds the vocal content and emotional plaintiff cry from the heart, Trust me, tell me, you know that I love you...

    As this refers to the harsh realities of war and the sacrifice of honoured soldiers, it deserves to be presented at its best. I know that isn't easy, as I tried 20 times with one song I wrote, but I still couldn't get it exactly right. I believe the mp3 file should be hosted on its own web page with the photo and the lyrics and not accompanied by a follow-on audio piece that has nothing to do with the message. I believe that reading the lyrics after the song would help before a second playback. Thus enhancing the dramatic appeal of the theme. The less distractions, the better.

    Thanks for sharing the info on the poemhunter dot-com forum so I could find this and share some suggestions.

    As for me, I have written poems for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and about how God can transform our broken hearts and broken lives.

    denismartindale dot-co-uk

  • Denis Martindale (8/17/2013 1:23:00 PM) Post reply

    Thanks for these websites. I wrote a poem based on these:

    Shortcut: tinyurl-DOT-com/rhyme-sublime

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