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  • inro Lavil (9/22/2012 7:07:00 AM) Post reply

    Please critique my poem " The Time Speaks"

    Thank you.

  • Lily Phelps (9/20/2012 9:20:00 PM) Post reply

    Hi everyone. Um, I don't exactly just want a comment. I would like come critique on my poetry. I've been told my poems are very good and very deep and emotional, and I can maybe understand how they can hit home, but I just don't think they're as good as people say they are. I would like some suggestions for improvement, if possible. I'll do the same for you guys, if you like. Just message me and send me names of the poem or what not.

    Thank you in advance...~

  • Daniel Einstein (9/19/2012 8:25:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello there guys and gals, Well, i am not looking for people to comment on my Poems, no sir, i would like for all of you out there to Give me your name and Favorite poems, and i will Comment and like them depends on their awesomeness, Don't be afraid and Message me your Favorite poems, Good day.

  • Black On Black Arts (9/19/2012 1:38:00 PM) Post reply

    hello readers i would like very much if you go to my page read rate and give me your opinion on my poetry thank you

  • Udaya R. Tennakoon (9/18/2012 7:05:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello Dear all,

    I would like if you can read my poems and give a constructive critic for improvement of my poetry skills. As English is my second language, your participation would be great for me. Please follow the link bellow to read my poems.

    Many thanks

  • Anita Jonker (9/12/2012 2:52:00 AM) Post reply

    The reason I wrote one of my poems is because of a story I heard:

    A 4 year old girl was sitting alone in the back of an taxi driving around town. The police officer saw the child was alone and stopped the taxi.

    The police asked the girl ' Why are you in the back of this taxi?'

    The girl replied: 'Taxi's makes the most accidents on the road'

    It made me very sad and I wanted to write a poem that might be the reason for such sadness in a 4 year old.

    I wanted to do this justice.
    Please comment and tell me if I succeeded.

  • Nicole Silvia (9/5/2012 8:43:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    I'm confused... does Poemhunter automatically go in a rate your poems as a 5/10?Or did a person rate all my poems that were not previously rated 5/10?Some of my poems had ratings, all of which were 10/10, and today I checked my ratings. Every poem which did not have a previous rating was rated by one vote 5/10. If someone does not like my poem very much, that is fine, but I would think they would offer some sort of critiuqe. If my poem is poorly written, or does not reach you, etc, please offer an honest critique. Aside from sharing, I am on this site to learn more of how to write better poems.

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    • Ajay Seshadri (9/2/2013 5:20:00 AM) Post reply

      I also have this problem. A new poem that I post seems to get automatically rated; 5/10. The reader should offer a critique but it seems to me that this happens automatically as I noticed there was no ... more

    • Gabrielle Marie (9/13/2012 7:59:00 PM) Post reply

      Yes, I noticed the same. It can be a flaw in the system, or there is a N.N. person who does this. This makes no sense at all to me.

  • Komolafe Shalomj (9/5/2012 1:02:00 AM) Post reply

    Read my recent poems and i'll be well reserved to publish part 2, MESSAGE LIVES ON and this. Message lives on is the cont. Of where the messenger was the end the messengers and slaves are freed.THE MESSAGE THE MESSENGER LEFT IS POWERFUL.

  • Black On Black Arts (9/4/2012 1:56:00 PM) Post reply

    hello im Black on Black arts and i would like for anyone who enjoys to read poetry to please read rate and to give me their honest opinion on my poems thank you

  • Stevie Taite (8/31/2012 10:41:00 AM) Post reply

    Poems and dreams (surrealism)

    (written in response to a visit to the Tate. I tried to use vocab used to describe this type of art in minimal words.
    It's my interpretation of the thought process behind the works of art. Bringing the randomness of the subconscious and the world around us alive in their creations)

    In our head with many

    Forms that disconnect

    When the dawn shakes us

    Abstract association

    Unconscious mind

    Elements of chance

    Random mix and match

    Search for understanding

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