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Beryl Dov Beryl Dov Male, 46, Indonesia (9/7/2013 9:37:00 AM)

have you gotten this message from Poemhunter:
" Poemhunter wants you to feel free to express yourselves and your ideas in your poems and forum messages.
That said, there are certain guidelines in place to keep Poemhunter a safe and friendly environment."
What a spin, worthy of a veteran politician. The first line celebrates free expression;
That said, the second line is an endorsement of censorship.
" a safe and friendly environment" - FOR WHO?THE 15% OF YOUR AUDIENCE THAT IS UNDER 18?
I'm on another site,' that has a box marked 'explicit' to click if your material is for a mature audience. That is the perfect compromise. When you sign up for poemhunter, the webmaster can see the date of birth you entered in your profile. If on the day the poem is published, you're not 18, the poem marked explicit is hidden from your view. It's simple programming.
What can't poemhunter do this and stop censoring the 85% majority of it's users.
I recently submitted a sarcastic piece about neo-Nazism and the pieced was censored becaused it used that horrific, heinous, profane word, 'b*tch.' Excuse me, but isn't neo-Nazism the greater profanity?
We're not in tigh-assed Victorian times. Please, poemhunter staff, take a leap into the 21st century. Your standards are archaic and in conflict with the true meaning of poetry.
Poets, what are your feelings?Express yourself freely...

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