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  • Rookie Rachael Aislynn Musgrove (5/10/2013 10:34:00 AM) Post reply
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    Hey, everyone! I'm not very acquainted with you all, but I will try my best to get there! With my poetry, I try to express the truth as I see it. Sure, you may want critique my work, but I will take your harmless observations and I will analyze them and I will use them to improve my poems. Most of you may find my poems dark at times, (You won't see them come up for a long while because I like to write them down with a paper and pen, first, then revise them as I type them) but that is the way I like to write them. I do not care if you find most of them extremely demented, but poems show the poet's true personality. well, that's all!

  • Rookie - 231 Points Beach Girl (5/9/2013 11:14:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi Guys!
    This is my very first time to post poetry on a website. Normally I just write for fun, but decided to try this place out to see what I might learn. If you want to read my first crazy poem, it's 'I Flew Into The Sky'. It's not exactly serious or thought provoking but it made me happy write.

  • Rookie Corrine Shoemaker (5/8/2013 3:55:00 PM) Post reply

    I am a freshman in high school, however my way with words don't apply to my level skill on writing. I just started posting my poems on poemhunter, I only have three so far. However, please check them out. I want to get my life started with writing and poetry and I need to know inputs on my writing. Thank you. Hope you enjoy my poems!

  • Rookie Thomas Yarborough (5/8/2013 11:18:00 AM) Post reply

    I am a new member and have posted four of my poems from " A Road Well Learned" (well three are from the book and one has been written subsequently) . I would appreciate all feedback. Thanks in advance.

  • Rookie - 23 Points Ketan Hukare (5/7/2013 3:31:00 PM) Post reply

    Attention! ! !
    Ketan Hukare has posted his new poems recently...and he expects all Honorable poemhunter members to read and comment on the same. Coordination will be respected.
    thank you

  • Rookie Dian Barnett (5/5/2013 9:53:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hi. Posted my first verse yesterday and several more today. Welcome all comments and helpful critiques.
    Have been writing poetry for a very long time but only started being prized and publishedbfairly recently.
    I write all forms of verse but my current favorite is free verse of a very metered and rhythmic nature.
    I am nationally published and have won prizes for sonnets, haiku, ballads, limericks, aubades and humorous
    verse. For a short time I enjoyed my own newspaper column with the generic titlle " Out Of My Mind" ,
    With a few variations my posted verses will be in a loose cronological order, with early light verse first.
    With my later works you should be able to see a poet emerge. I can. I am Dian Barnett. Read me! Then write me.

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    • Rookie Rajesh Thankappan (5/12/2013 11:13:00 AM) Post reply

      Dear Dian, I enjoyed your poems ' Bugs I View', 'Rerun' and all your posts. I look forward to see you as you say ' a poet emerge' with more of your postings. Meanwhile, you m ... more

  • Rookie - 10 Points Ray Hart (5/3/2013 8:58:00 PM) Post reply

    Hi folk, I have three new poems take look and read and tell me your thoughts. R. K. Hart.

  • Rookie Rabia Nadeem (4/30/2013 5:20:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    hi.....I am Rabia,18 years old.comment my poems if you like.I like to make new friends :)

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  • Rookie Farhana Rahman (4/29/2013 6:46:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hello, please comment on my poem... A new one here...
    : (

    Satan in desire, my poem.

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    • Rookie Rabia Nadeem (4/30/2013 6:09:00 AM) Post reply

      i read your poem.it beautifully describes how satan tries to flatter us.Also i read your biography.nice to talk to you.

  • Rookie Kamala Kanta Sahoo (4/29/2013 5:00:00 AM) Post reply

    hii friends this is kamal, wants to excel in writing my poem, , i have uploaded on of my poem.
    please have a look at it and please comment. i need your encouragement....

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