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  • Rookie - 42 Points Brooke Loring (4/21/2013 2:36:00 AM) Post reply
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    Hey, I'm Bri from Maine, USA. I just made an account today and I put up some of my poems.
    I just want to say I can't believe how nice you people are, and intelligent! Love you guys!

  • Rookie Aleshia Dahl (4/21/2013 12:42:00 AM) Post reply

    I'm a complete novice at writing and hate to share but please read my poem.
    When lost you can only be found.
    Years will go by and you are forgotten.
    Your existence is no longer there.
    You pray to be known and exist.
    It is the only thing you can do.
    When lost you can only be found.
    Its a repeating poem or at least an attempt!

  • Rookie Allan Black (4/19/2013 11:53:00 AM) Post reply

    My blog wry-verse.com contains a collection of my verse and a link to a few short prose pieces My style and my interests are not everyone's cup of tea. I am not fond of sentimental verse, though I don't deny a place for genuine sentiment. I would like to hear from anyone who is serious about serious thought and serious verse..

  • Rookie Rose Wilder (4/16/2013 6:38:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi everyone, I'm Rose Wilder and I'm new to PoemHunter. I've posted a few poems, so I hope to get some feedback. Even though I've only had an account for a couple weeks, I love this site! I just found out that I can post my own poems here. Please read them if you've got time. Thanks! : -)

  • Rookie Munai Das Udasin (4/15/2013 3:18:00 PM) Post reply

    Hi fellow Poets,
    I am from India. I have recently started to write poems. I found poemhunter.com to be a good place to post my poem among st such great poets. Please give a read to my poems and give critical or constructive comments.

    With regards,
    Munai Das Udasin

  • Rookie Angela Ilyas (4/14/2013 5:31:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello Everyone! My name is Angela. I'm New to this site. Very New! I Love It here! Such Talent on every level! I just downloaded 2 of my most recent poems that I've written to My Beloved Husband who lives overseas in Pakistan for the moment. I basically write simple, but from the heart! I write on things that matter to me and those who may be in my surrounding! {Family, Friends}. I hope you'll take the time to read what I've posted thus far! I'd LOVE your feedback! Thanks Soo..Much and have a Blessed Life....Angela
    1. Roaring Love
    2. Your Love

  • Rookie Gabriel Denver (4/14/2013 7:50:00 AM) Post reply

    HI there...
    I am Gabriel..I live in Stirling SCOTLAND...At the encouragement of a friend i have started to write peoms, i discovered this website and i am very much enjoying seeing others work.

    Any feedback or general comments or indeed spreading my work would be awesome....
    Cheers everyone...........

  • Rookie Evans Ampofo (4/13/2013 10:28:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi, i am Zion king and i am free creative writing from Boston, ma. this is my first time writing poem so please feel free to to read my poem. i have writing poem call Order By Title Order By Date Order By Hit
    1. Hung Ghost -new- 4/10/2013
    2. I am Slave -new- 4/10/2013
    3. If Trust love -new- 4/10/2013
    iam writhing more poem that is not post yet so please look out for now poem. Thank very much


  • Rookie Femi Ashamo (4/12/2013 7:02:00 PM) Post reply

    Good day everyone! I am femi from Nigeria, I recently became a member on this illustrious site and I must say I am pleased to be among such an array of talent. I invite you all to read and comment on my poem titled “A cynic on his death bed“ thank u all and I luk forward to our further acquaintance.

  • Rookie - 132 Points Roxanne Dubarry (4/10/2013 1:01:00 PM) Post reply

    Dear PoemHunter friends, I am also fairly new to this site, and do not know how to make comments on other people's poetry. I consider myself: a self-taught, inspirational mainly Christian poet, who also writes non-Christian poetry. I have been writing poetry as an adult about 1984. I used to write poetry with my deceased mother, Eleanor May Dubarry, deceased June 4, 2007. I have written mainly holiday poems in the past for relatives, along with my mother. We have been published in some poetry anthologies.
    My top rating has been mainly: Honorable Mention, semi-final status. I used to attend Calvary Baptist Church, the members there were very supportive of our poetry.
    I now attend Faith Lutheran Church also in Everett, Washington. I write monthly poems for their newsletter, and they have published three poetry booklets, that I have co-written with other poets: my mother, Mary Clifford and Greg Richardson: The Candlestick Collection of Fine Poetry #1, V is for Victory, and Apples of Gold. I also enjoy writing short stories. I sing in a few singing groups, The Sunshine Singers, The Old Time Country Music Association, and my church. I do not know the rules of the road for poetry, would anyone like to help guide me?I am very happy to be on a website with such gifted poets! Love As Always Roxanne Lea Dubarry

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