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  • Shuvo Chakraborty (6/13/2014 1:16:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Dear esteemed members, me like a new flower unknown budding in poem hunter quisitive pages. Kindly pay a moment glimpse.

  • Dee Gordon (6/13/2014 12:16:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Hello to all my fellow poetry & literature lovers. My name is Dee, a new member to PH, & a bit rusty in my writing. Life has allowed me to stoke my literary fires once again. Please share your thoughts & opinions on my work. Hope to make some good member friends in the process..

  • Afrilisha Lowe-vidal (6/11/2014 1:44:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Hey everyone. I've just joined so I look forward to reading and writing great stuff!

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  • Godfrey Morris (6/11/2014 9:19:00 AM) Post reply Stage


    We who are called morals
    were tossed on this stage
    to display gifts divine.
    Everyone a say
    Every man his day.

    Thy skills once locked in cage
    now unleashed!
    We cuddle and fold on this stage
    to fulfil our destinies.

    Like bees in hives
    our honey will unearth
    sweet worthy passions
    To cause the angels to sing
    chorus Holy!

    To cheer the virtues of mankind cause
    as they cross life's treacherous line.

    A claim to be worthy
    Our heavenly prize.

    copyright(c) 2014

    Godfrey Morris

  • Jack Growden (6/9/2014 11:27:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    I have updated my colleciton. Please read " The Train" and " Faces" and feel free to leave a comment or rating. Thanks, Jack Growden

  • F. J. Thomas (6/9/2014 1:43:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Hello All :)
    Took a hiatus from another poetry site I had been with for years; trying to find a good fit on another. Looking forward to reading new works here.

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  • Lars Haris (6/8/2014 2:19:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    long time off PH was drowned by medic books am on again plz look at me #its gone n more

  • Matthew Addai (6/4/2014 11:35:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Hey everyone! Just made an account today. Originally from Ghana but lived in Britain 18 years of my life. I generally write poems covering topic of love in relation to situations in my life, as well as rap-esque poems regarding my personal struggles, things I have observed or just for the sake of it lol. Hopefully through here I'll be able to build my confidence and knowledge regarding my writing skills so please don't hesitate to provide your opinions on any work i post here be it draft or final. I do struggle with writing at times due to my own inhibition to be open about my feelings and some poems may reflect this but at the end of the day, its our feelings, thoughts and knowledge which provide a base for this art form no?Look forward to making new friends and memories. Peace

  • Mohammed Khaluq (6/2/2014 9:39:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Hi Everyone

    I am Mohammed, from Iraq. I started writing poetry a year and a half ago. Looking to read your thoughts.
    Here is a link to one of my poems

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  • Alan Browne (5/31/2014 4:56:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    Anyone want to comment on each others poetry

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