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    Mslexia Pamphlet Competition 2014

    Prize: Publication of the pamphlet by Seren Books, plus £250,25 complimentary copies of your pamphlet and 10 per cent royalties from subsequent sales.
    Entry fee: £20 for a collection of 18-20 poems of 20-24 pages.
    Closing date: 16 June 2014

    0191 204 8860

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    Mslexia Poetry Competition 2014

    Judge: Wendy Cope
    1st Prize: £2,000 plus optional extras: A mentoring session with the editor of Poetry Review, and a week at the idyllic poets' retreat of Cove Park.
    PLUS Special new prize: £1,000 for the best poem by a previously unpublished woman poet.
    2nd Prize: £400
    3rd Prize: £200
    17 Runners up: £25 each
    Entry Fee: £7 for up to 3 poems
    Closing date: 16 June 2014

    0191 204 8860

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    Auburn Witness Poetry Prize

    Closing date: 30th June 2014
    Prizes: $1,000, (2) $100, and publication
    Fee: $15 to Southern Humanities Review
    Notify: August

    Poems: Each entrant can submit up to three poems of witness, along with a $15 reading fee. In exchange, they will receive a one-year subscription to Southern Humanities Review. All entries will be blind-screened and judged by the editors of SHR. Submit two copies of your submission. Your name, address, e-mail, and phone number should appear on each page of one copy only; the other copy must be free of all identifying information. One winning poem will be awarded $1,000 and publication in SHR. The winner will be invited to read at the Auburn Writer’s Conference in the fall of 2014. Two runners-up will be awarded $100 each. Three to five honorable mentions will also be named. All runners-up and honorable mentions will be considered for publication in SHR. We accept simultaneous submissions. To withdraw your submission, notify us by email at shrsub@auburn.edu. Entries must be unpublished. Your submission will not be returned. Entry fee by check; poems may be e-mailed.

    Southern Humanities Review
    ATTN: Auburn Witness Poetry Prize
    Department of English
    9088 Haley Center
    Auburn University, AL 36849-5202 shrsub@auburn.edu

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    Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest

    Closing date: 30th June 2014
    Prizes: $100,100 copies, and publication
    Fee: $13 to The Anabiosis Press
    Notify: September 30

    Chapbook manuscript: Submit manuscript of 16-20 pages of poetry, any subject. Include only one poem per page. If a poem continues to a second page, indicate whether or not there is a stanza break. Thirty-five lines equals one page. Divider pages or section titles should be included in the total page count. When determining total line length for each poem, include spaces between stanzas (example: a poem of 5 couplets would equal 14 lines) . Numbers or section breaks (often indicated by a * symbol) should also be included as lines when calculating total line length. Count an epigraph as three extra lines. A line that has more than 60 characters (including spaces and punctuation) should be counted as two lines of your total line count. If lines are staggered like a Ferlinghetti poem, estimate the width of the line and remember that the final chapbook will be printed in 10 point Times New Roman font on pages that are 5 1/2 inches wide. Include the following as separate pages: a biography (this can be included in the cover letter) , a cover page with contact information, table of contents, dedication, acknowledgments for any previous publications, and an inside title page (with no name) . These pages should not be included in the manuscript's total page count. The cover page should include the manuscript title and all contact information (mailing address, email address, home phone, and cell phone if available) . Name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.Submit manuscript in a 9 X 12 (or 10 X 13) inch non-padded envelope or USPS priority mail envelope. Please do not use paper clips, binder clips, staples, or report folders. Please enclose a 9 X 12 (or 10 X 13) inch SASE with correct postage if you want your whole manuscript returned. For notification of results only, include a #10 inch business SASE. If there is no SASE, notification will be sent via e-mail. If there is no SASE and no e-mail address, there will be no notification. Please notify us of any change of address, as a copy of the winning chapbook will be mailed six to nine months after the announcement. All who enter will receive a copy of the winning chapbook.

    Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest
    2 South New Street
    Bradford, MA 01835

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    New Millennium Writing Awards

    Closing date: 17 June 2014
    Prizes: $1,000 and publication
    Fee: $20 to New Millennium Writings
    enter online

    3 poems: No restrictions as to style, content or number of submissions. Enter as often as you like. Send between now and midnight of June 17 (postmark OK) . Simultaneous & multiple submissions welcome. Previously published material welcome if under 5,000-circulation or if previously published online only. Each fiction or nonfiction piece is counted as a separate entry, and should total no more than 6,000 words except Short-Short Fiction (no more than 1,000 words) . Each poetry entry may include up to three poems, not to exceed five pages total per entry. All poetry Honorable Mentions will be published. Save cover sheet or letter with the submission you'll be uploading and send as one file. Should you forget to include such covers, however, it's OK, as contact information is automatically forwarded to us when you pay online. Payment is $20 per submission in order to cover our many expenses and reserve your book. To apply online: Each entry must be in a separate file (up to 3 poems in a file for poetry) . Many file formats are accepted. Payment will be by credit card or echeck through PayPal. Include cover letter in the same file with each entry.


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    Vermont Studio Center Fellowship Competition

    Closing date: 15 June 2014
    Prize: residencies/fellowships
    Fee: $25 to Vermont Studio Center
    Notify: within 8 weeks

    10 pages: Applications must be received, not postmarked, by the application deadline. Full Fellowships, awarded on the basis of merit, enable artists and writers to come to VSC for four weeks at no fee. VSC offers over 50 Full Fellowships a year, which are open to all artists and writers. To apply for a VSC Fellowship, based on merit, for 4 weeks at no fee, submit your application for the jury reviews VSC holds 3 times a year. The 3 Full Fellowship application deadlines are February 15, June 15, and October 1. The Admissions office suggests that applications be submitted six months prior to the desired Residency start date. To Apply: Fill out the application form and include the following: Portfolio or manuscript, Resume, $25 application fee*, Copy of tax form (for need-based award and aid) , References: names, addresses and telephone numbers of three people who know your work. Writers: 2 copies of a manuscript without your name on any of the pages; clip a cover sheet with your name, address and the title of the piece (if applicable) to the manuscript. Manuscript length: Poets: up to 10 pages, all others: 10-15 pages. *For some Restricted Fellowship Awards, the application fee may be waived. The full fee for a 4 week residency is $3,500. Artists and writers who come as Contributing Residents and can pay the full fee to help support VSC and greatly increase the Studio Center's ability to provide Residencies for artists and writers with limited finances. Full Fellowships, awarded on the basis of merit, enable artists and writers to come to VSC for four weeks at no fee. VSC offers Partial Fellowships in grants and work exchange aid that reduces Residency fees

    Vermont Studio Center
    80 Pearl Street
    Box 613
    Johnson, VT,05656 802-635-2727

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    Southern Poetry Review
    Guy Owen Prize

    Closing date: 15 June 2014
    Prizes: $1,000 plus publication
    Fee: $20 to Southern Poetry Review

    3–5 poems: Publication in Southern Poetry Review and $1,000 will be awarded to the poem selected by a nationally-ranking poet. Send a SASE along with 3-5 previously unpublished poems (10 pp. max) . Include an SASE for reply only, and a check for $20 payable to Southern Poetry Review. We consider poems published online or posted there to be " previously published" work. Please indicate simultaneous submissions. All entries will be considered for publication. We cannot accept electronic submissions. Manuscripts will not be returned. The entry fee includes a one-year subscription to the journal.

    Dept. of Languages, Literature & Philosophy
    Armstrong Atlantic State University
    11935 Abercorn St.
    Savannah, GA 31419-1997 912-927-5289

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    Akron Poetry Prize

    Closing date: 15 June 2014
    Prizes: $1,500 and publication Fee: $25 to The University of Akron Press
    Judge: Maxine Chernoff
    Notify: September 30

    Book manuscript: Manuscripts must be typed and consecutively numbered, for a total length of at least 48 pages. Clear photocopies are acceptable. Please, do not send manuscripts bound or enclosed in covers. Must include a cover page (with author's name, address, phone number, and manuscript title) , a title page (with no biographical information) , and an acknowledgements page listing poems previously published in periodicals (if applicable) . Please do not submit manuscripts that have the author's name on each page. Manuscripts go to the final judge blind. Postmarked between May 1 and June 15 of each year. Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but The University of Akron Press must be notified immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere. An entry fee of $25 is required for each manuscript submission. Make check or money order payable to The University of Akron Press. The canceled check will serve as notification of receipt. Contest results will be posted on our website by September 30. No manuscripts can be returned. Books accepted for the Akron Series in Poetry must exhibit three essential qualities: mastery of language, maturity of feeling, and complexity of thought. The University of Akron Press is committed to publishing poetry that, as Robert Frost said, “begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” Intimate friends, relatives, current and former students of the final judge (students in an academic, degree-conferring program or its equivalent) are not eligible to enter the Akron Poetry Prize competition.

    The University of Akron Press
    120 E. Mill Street, Suite 415
    Akron, OH 44308

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    2014 Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year

    Closing date: 20th June,2014.
    Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for the Winner,2nd and 3rd places, the " Best Read Poem" and the " People's Choice" voted for on the night. The Winner will be named 'Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2014' and will receive a book token for £50.00 plus a half case of wine,2nd and 3rd Prize. Winners will receive book tokens for £25.00 each, the " Best Read" Prize will be a bottle of sparkling wine and the " People's Choice" will receive a book token for £20.00.
    A longlist of entries will be selected for inclusion in the 2014 Anthology.
    Entry fee: £5 per poem.
    Theme: The poem or poem sequence may be on any subject and in any style, but must not exceed 60 lines in length.

    For information on how to enter, visit website. canterburyfestival.co.uk/

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    Mslexia Poetry and Pamphlet

    Closing date: 16th June,2014.
    Prizes: poetry: £2,000 plus mentoring session and week-long retreat, £400, £200,17 £25 runners-up, £100 for the best from an unpublished poet; pamphlet: publication by Seren Books,25 complimentary copies,10 royalties and £250.
    Entry fee: poetry, £7 for up to three; pamphlet, £20.
    For poems, and length/style, and collections of 20-24 pages by women who have not had a collection published.

    Email: poetry@mslexia.co.uk
    Website: mslexia.co.uk

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