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  • Joshua Hernandez (2/12/2013 9:20:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Assaulted Paradigm

    Dark clouds shadow the truth I wish to find
    The introspection of recollection fretters nothing but time
    in the vast expanse of correlation I find nothing but a rhyme
    Where reality and subjectivity induce frivolity sublime
    My thoughts search for foundation,
    Where is truth among the lies?

    I find light in dark places,
    I grasp for pieces larger than a mustard seed,
    And find a redwood tree that halts my plea
    For faith in the unseen.
    Dreams turn into visions, then miracles…
    Stop there! Preserve the fragility of my paradigm.

    In the forrest of evidence brimming with life.
    The trees sing 'Majesty! ' as I whisper 'Reality?'
    The case of 'Is He Alive?' and 'Where does He hide?'
    Are answered by faith that I've left behind.

    Stirring within me, my clouds now ascending.
    Revealing a light piercing my concious,
    Threatening the glass cased dogma of my experience.
    The glass key hole, fragile and bare.
    And I'm unaware of the darkness inside

    The key of light, colored purpose and divine,
    Opens spiritual fluorescence, pulsing with life.
    My will so fierce it would be folly to describe.
    My will, my will, oh my will! May deception die!
    Truth may elude, but hold on tight,
    I ask for reality, unfettered by my eyes.

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    • Aneesha Roy (2/16/2013 3:19:00 AM) Post reply

      A beautiful piece of poetry...This is a poem for the soul....the soul tirelessly searching for the ever-elusive Truth. Excellent!

  • Farah Sami (2/9/2013 4:56:00 AM) Post reply

    To Be Stranger to a Lover
    To Be A Lover to the stranger
    King fall in love to a solitary reaper
    I heard once the destiny designed in the Palm by the Lord
    I wasn't aware before met you
    I was alone
    I was desperate
    Facing the scorching beam of the life
    Wondering in the world lonely
    You look at me and came across
    Changed my life in a few while
    Hidden me inside you
    Now I m looking my Palm
    Where you were?
    Where you are?
    Where you will

  • Billy Simani (2/6/2013 12:48:00 AM) Post reply

    Behind This Four Walls

    Behind this four walls,
    I’ve seen my babies crawl,
    Underneath the wishful wells,
    I’ve watched my penny fall,
    Still I choose to stay,
    Isolated and far away,

    I’ve lived in hope of sunlight,
    But all I get is twilight,
    Under the black night I hope for twinkle,
    And the blue skies I need glitter and sparkle,
    Still I choose to stay,
    Isolated and far away,

    Everything I have is willy nilly,
    My sole heir is a silly Billy,
    And my two daughters in nitty gritty,
    Think am an old nitwit and crazy,
    Still I choose to stay,
    Isolated and far away,

    My husband was a fuddy duddy,
    With a pot belly trying to look dandy,
    He got drunk, drowned and found in a beach so sandy,
    And now my babies are left with no daddy,
    Still I choose to stay,
    Isolated and far away,

    Behind this four walls,
    Ill crumble and fall,
    Clogging the wishful wells,
    Are the pennies that fell after all?
    Still I choose to stay,
    Isolated and far away,

  • Billy Simani (2/6/2013 12:47:00 AM) Post reply

    That Cat Has Taken My Spot

    That cat has taken my spot,
    In her lap he sits and purr,
    How sinister when he grins and grr,
    If I had my ways I’ll have him shot,

    That cat has taken my spot,
    Moved from the couch to the center of my bed,
    Drinks and eats my daily bread,
    How I wish I had bought a goat,

    That cat has taken my spot,
    I thought of a dog but afraid of rabies,
    It’s not my fault I can’t have babies,
    The thought of it makes my blood clot,

    That cat has taken my spot,
    My house is under attack by a pesky cat,
    In disguise as a cute, cuddly cat,
    Honey, can’t we change him with a boat,

    That cat has taken my spot,
    What cat can’t catch a mouse?
    Which man can’t rule his house?
    I don’t like that you love him a lot,

    That cat has taken my spot,
    He drinks milk in my favorite plate,
    Licks, purr and poops at the gate,
    I’ll end him like a sentence with a dot,

  • Billy Simani (2/6/2013 12:46:00 AM) Post reply

    A Caged Bird Wishes To Be Free

    A caged bird wishes to be free,
    To fly with the wind and flee,

    Let me fly like a bee,
    And explore where my eyes can see,

    Over the horizon to the green golf tee,
    I’ll set camp and build an Indian tepee,

    Singing alone with a voice of three,
    Someone yonder will think it a glee,

    Who says only women are twee,
    Emotions are emotions even if wee,

    I want to feel freedom if only you agree,
    Being a caged bird I envy thee,

    Taking your family on a shopping spree,
    Leaving me in bondage at no fee,

  • Billy Simani (2/6/2013 12:45:00 AM) Post reply

    Please Stay If Just For A While

    Please stay a little while longer,
    Hold me closer if only for a while,
    Cry if you want I give you my shoulder,
    Please stay if just for a while,

    Let’s sit and gaze at the moon,
    While we cuddle after a moments smile,
    Feel every spasm so sudden so soon,
    Please stay if just for a while,

    I have the answer to your every wish,
    Be it a kiss, love, put them in a pile,
    Lets live this moment even if in a notion,
    Please stay if just for a while,

    Feel my heavy breathing down your neck,
    As I explore the pleasure not found in a smile,
    So pure is love, am unable to find in a speck,
    Please stay if just for a while,

    Lets overdose on insomnia and forget about sleep,
    As we loose ourselves in quality time for just a mile,
    If you be the shepherd am no less a sheep,
    Please stay if just for a while,

    If you leave I pray don’t say goodbye,
    Sadness would drive me to faint and I wont revive on salvolitile,
    Just tell me you’ll be back even if it’s a lie,
    Please stay if just for a while,

  • Billy Simani (2/6/2013 12:44:00 AM) Post reply

    The Unusual Fragrance

    The unusual fragrance looms above my room,
    Its owner not yet known,
    Its purpose still a mystery I assume
    Sweeter than any other fragrance I ever own,

    Its mood is ataraxia,
    Cold soothing scent, texture so smooth,
    Like dying in a peaceful euthanasia,
    I have it trapped in a booth,

    Smells like angels on a spring break,
    Dancing gloriously in the water fall,
    With a rattling feeling like an earth quake,
    Its particles bouncing from wall to wall,

    Clogged in my mind is a fog of disconcert,
    As I battle my feeling to a perfect stranger,
    The feeling of unrest causes discomfort,
    As the unusual fragrance puts my heart in danger,

  • Billy Simani (2/6/2013 12:43:00 AM) Post reply

    Award winning poem crafted with precision,
    From the finest wordsmith's concoction,
    To capture the readers eye,
    And move them to agree with I,

    Every golden letter mellow to the core,
    Molded to tell a tale untold before,
    Veni vidi vici; so say I,
    A pen and paper in hand till I die,

    Swiftness in wordplay like a sparrow,
    Able to set the mood right from happiness to sorrow,
    Blowing the theme as wide as the clear blue sky,
    Not forgetting stylistic devices to make the poem fly,

    A poem that will stand out for all ages,
    As the king of modern day poetry outshining all written pages,
    Bringing out soliloquy in a persona,
    So sweet you wish not to end it sooner,

  • Rick Adriolo (2/5/2013 10:32:00 AM) Post reply

    A thousand tears..

    My heart already so dark, and so sore
    I'm reaching deep, into the place of my very core
    So much has happened here; I need to hide
    Locked away in secret, with all my might
    Is the sorrow, of a thousand tears not enough? 
    Could I feel any more, other then these emotions so rough
    Alone now in this place, of pain and loneliness
    Without sense, of any such human tenderness
    Can not a spirit or a heart, be mine to cherish
    Or so alone I am destined, to somehow perish..

  • Rick Adriolo (2/4/2013 3:35:00 PM) Post reply

    Weighted soul..

    Young is this heart of mine accompanied with a old soul
    For it feels complete, but still there is a big hole
    A unforgiving truth remains and resides in this old soul
    For it is tormented and tainted, therefor can never be whole..

    Young is this face of mine accompanied with a broken smile
    For my eyes can hide a lie, but still cry once in a while
    A dark glare remains and resides in these eyes so hollow
    Eyes that don't know which way to turn or what to follow..

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