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    Prize in Poetry
    A prize of $1,000 and publication in the Lascaux Review will be given annually for a poem. Submit up to five poems of any length with a $10 entry fee by September 23. Previously published poems are eligible. All entries will be considered for publication. Visit the website for complete guidelines.

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    Writing Fellowships
    Guggenheim Fellowships of approx- imately $50,000 each are awarded annually to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers on the basis of achievement and exceptional promise. Residents of the United States and Canada are eligible. Using the online submission system, submit a career summary, a list of publications, contact information for up to four references, and a statement of intent by September 19. Upon request of the foundation, submit up to three published books by November 14. There is no entry fee. Visit the website for the required entry form and complete guidelines.

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    Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize 2014

    Closing Date: 30th September 2014

    Submission: Selection of 10 poems to 36 lines max. Two winners will have a 52 page poetry collection published by Indigo Dreams Publishing and receive 25 copies. Publication (to coincide with Geoff's birth date) June 4th 2015. All entries must be accompanied by cheque to correct amount made payable to 'IDP' or via PayPal.
    Entry Fee: £20 per block of poems

    See full submission rules at www.indigodreams.co.uk/#/competition/4577197527
    Postal submissions to: Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Awards, IDP,24 Forest Houses, Halwill, Beaworthy, EX21 5UU

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    Black Country Living Museum Annual Poetry Competition 2014: Conflict & Contemplation

    Closing Date: 27th September 2014

    Theme: 'Conflict & Contemplation', a topic inspired by the story of the Black Country and informed by the Centenary of the outbreak of World War One. Judges: Dave Reeves, last years winners Roz Goddard and Mel Weatherly, Head of Learning at the Black Country Living Museum. First prize includes £100 and publication in an anthology. Two runners-up receive cash prizes, publication and more. Entrants should be aged 19 and over.
    Entry Fee: £0

    Contact: Details and entry form can be found at http://www.bclm.co.uk/learning/annual-prize-poetry-competition/457.htm

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    Skipton Library Poetry Competition

    Closing Date: 26th September 2014

    For poems of up to 40 lines on any subject.1st prize £100,2nd prize £50,3rd prize £25,5 prizes £10 each,5 Hight commended. Adjudicator Isobel Thrilling and one other to be appointed. Poem to be typed on single sheet of A4 in single spacing, enclose separate sheet with your contact details, name, address, email, telephone number.
    Entry Fee: £2 per poem

    Contact: Send entries and cheques or postal orders (payable to North Yorkshire County Council) to Skipton Library Competition, Skipton Library, High Street, Skipton, North Yorks, BD23 1JX. Send SAE for details to above address.

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    Poetry Rivals 2014

    Closing Date: 17th September 2014

    Poetry Rivals is open to poets across the UK who are 18 years and over. Prizes: Top 100 poems will be selected by guest judges, those finalists will receive five free copies of the finalist publication and invited to the live poetry slam where they perform their poem to a live audience and the judges. The overall winner will be crowned the Poetry Rivals Slam Champion 2014 and get a book publishing contract.
    Entry Fee: £10 (only one entry per person)

    Contact: To find out more about Poetry Rivals 2014 please visit www.poetryrivals.com or email info@poetryrivals.com.

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    New Criterion
    Poetry Prize

    Deadline: September 30,2014
    Entry Fee: $25
    Website: http://www.newcriterion.com
    E-mail address: letters@newcriterion.com

    A prize of $3,000 and publication by St. Augustine's Press is given annually for a poetry collection that pays close attention to form. Roger Kimball, Alan Shapiro, and David Yezzi will judge. Submit a manuscript of up to 60 pages with a $25 entry fee by September 30. Send an SASE or visit the website for complete guidelines.

    New Criterion, Poetry Prize,900 Broadway, Suite 602, New York, NY 10003.

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    New Issues Poetry & Prose
    Green Rose Prize
    Deadline: September 30,2014
    Entry Fee: $25
    Website: http://www.wmich.edu/newissues
    E-mail address: new-issues@wmich.edu

    A prize of $2,000 and publication by New Issues Poetry & Prose is given annually for a poetry collection. Poets who have published at least one book-length collection of poetry are eligible. Submit a manuscript of 48 to 120 pages with a $25 entry fee by September 30. Send an SASE, call, e-mail, or visit the website for complete guidelines.

    New Issues Poetry & Prose, Green Rose Prize, Western Michigan University,1903 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49008. (269) 387-8185. William Olsen, Editor.

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    Southwest Review
    Morton Marr Poetry Prize

    Deadline: 30th September 2014
    Entry Fee: $5
    Website: http://www.smu.edu/southwestreview
    E-mail address: swr@smu.edu

    A prize of $1,000 and publication in Southwest Review is given annually for a poem or a group of poems by a writer who has not published a poetry collection. Submit up to six poems in a traditional form (such as a sonnet, sestina, or villanelle) with a $5 entry fee per poem by September 30. Send an SASE or visit the website for complete guidelines.

    Southwest Review, Morton Marr Poetry Prize, Southern Methodist University,6404 Robert Hyer Lane, Room 307, P.O. Box 750374, Dallas, TX 75275. (214) 768-1037. Jennifer Cranfill, Senior Editor.

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    University of Arkansas Press
    Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize

    Entry Fee: $28
    Website: http://www.uapress.com

    A prize of $5,000 and publication by University of Arkansas Press is given annually for a poetry collection. Billy Collins will judge. Submit a manuscript of 60 to 90 pages with a $28 entry fee by September 30. Visit the website for complete guidelines.

    University of Arkansas Press, Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize, Poetry Series,105 North McIlroy Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72701. (800) 626-0090.

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