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  • Rookie - 1st Stage Shraman Bajracharya (12/20/2012 5:50:00 AM) Post reply

    absurd with this all

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Shraman Bajracharya (12/20/2012 5:50:00 AM) Post reply

    absurd with this all

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Sarah Mohyla (12/18/2012 4:26:00 PM) Post reply

    Hey everyone! I'm new on this site and I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at my poems and rate and comment on them! thx!

  • Rookie - 1st Stage China Kelly (12/18/2012 3:10:00 AM) Post reply

    New to this website, made an account. Check out my poems ~ and tell me what you think. Thanks (:

  • Rookie - 1st Stage April Swan (my Diary Of Bitterweet Chocolate) (12/17/2012 4:01:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    New poem to read, Love, Scars, and I. It is a poem about healing and moving on. I would love for readers to check it out!

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  • Rookie - 1st Stage Rachel Branscombe (12/16/2012 5:18:00 PM) Post reply | Read 6 replies

    New topic everyone write a poem about loss

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    • Kandi Behagg (12/26/2012 5:38:00 PM) Post reply

      Tragic Shock No one wants to believe All they can do is greive It should of never happened Tragic Shock The pain will not go The world is now a black whole Everyones tears begin to roll Tra ... more

    • Tj Minchew (12/22/2012 8:26:00 PM) Post reply

      Downward Into Doom They say they want truth, But still refuse to see. They say they want the answers, But yet they don’t believe. With mundane lives, And one track minds. They float th ... more

    • China Kelly (12/18/2012 3:33:00 AM) Post reply

      These things don't give you a grin they make you feel as if you sinned As if you have nothing to amount to, it makes other people even doubt you. You become more insecure because that person that yo ... more

    • April Swan (my Diary Of Bitterweet Chocolate) (12/17/2012 4:15:00 PM) Post reply

      'Campfire Dream' I thought that was lov ... more

    • Leon Somer (12/17/2012 9:53:00 AM) Post reply

      Alone. Shaddows like flames consume, ... more

    • Ehiowoicho Abah (12/17/2012 7:05:00 AM) Post reply

      " Nooooooo" was her heart wren ... more

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Brenda Broadbent (12/14/2012 6:53:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Why do we have to worry or live in constant fear,
    As our children attend school year after year.
    Who can be so heartless, to play out such a murderous roll?
    Creating such tragedy, these school shootings are out of control.
    Connecticut took a hard hit this morning, straight to the heart.
    As twenty-seven loved ones died, from this world, they depart.
    A deranged, lost soul, arriving today, with deadly ammunition.
    Senselessly taking innocent lives, with a coldhearted, selfish ambition.
    Another catastrophe is done, screams haunts another schools hall,
    Innocent lives being taken, young and old, one by one they fall.
    Parents of these students receive the news and was called to convene,
    Waiting to have their children in their arms, after this horrific scene.
    Some receive their children, while others worry, as they have to wait.
    Overwhelmed with this alarming tragedy, and their childs undetermined fate.
    Taken from this world by a gunman, with no reasoning or explanation.
    While children obey the law and attend school, for their expected education.
    Terror will haunt the memories of those, who experienced the unexpected.
    By the taker of lives, who walked the halls, armed and undetected.
    Bloodshed in Newtown, this shooter had no remorse.
    Taking his own life afterwards, death again runs its course.
    It's time to say a prayer for the families, effected on this day,
    And all their pain and suffering, that will never go away.

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    • Maria Smith (12/17/2012 12:43:00 AM) Post reply

      I feel as though this poem has been wrote by a great poetic. I'm sure a-lot of people have read this poem. This poem was done so good.

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Brenda Broadbent (12/14/2012 6:53:00 PM) Post reply

    This morning I woke up,
    looked at the Connecticut sky.
    I had a good feeling
    I can't tell you why.
    I kissed Mommy goodbye,
    and told Daddy I love you.
    And before we separated at the sign,
    I told sister see you soon.
    The bell rung,
    we all rushed inside.
    It was warm and loving
    like a campfire light.
    The teacher smiled,
    my friends waved hello.
    We started class,
    but before you know..
    The door busted open,
    a man with a gun.
    I was scared and broken
    I looked at the sun.
    The same sun I saw
    with so much love.
    Now brought me worry
    but I'd stay tough.
    I felt a pain
    go through my whole body.
    I saw a light
    and an awful goodbye.
    I saw Mommy's face,
    her beautiful, soft lips.
    I kissed her this morning,
    she was something I'd miss.
    I smelled Daddy's cologne,
    when he hugged me today.
    He left for work,
    not knowing what life would take.
    Sister was only a few blocks away,
    in a classroom, I could see
    I'll never get to say
    how much she means to me.
    My 6th birthday was coming soon,
    I was dreaming of ponies
    and shoes.
    Then I felt a hand
    touch my face.
    I was overwhelmed
    in an amazing grace.
    God said to me,
    " don't be worry, child.
    you've been here before.
    it's just been a while."
    I looked on my back,
    where I found wings.
    I felt a halo
    and clouds under my feet.
    With me, when I looked,
    were my friends by my side.
    That man sent us here,
    but I" m alright.
    Maybe he was sick,
    maybe he was crazy.
    Maybe he hurt us
    because he was hurting, maybe?
    I watch the tears
    all over the country.
    Over the few years
    their pain because of me.
    I watched my family
    break apart.
    but they knew
    I was in their hearts.
    I don't know much,
    but I know this;
    my mommy should've never
    had to bury her own kid.
    Although it's tough,
    although it's hard
    I think God would want us to forgive
    the killer in our hearts.
    What you dont know,
    but what I'll tell you,
    is I'm just fine.
    in this heaven of mine.
    Maybe this will teach you
    to never regret a thing.
    Be happy with what God gave you,
    because you could've been me.
    Now, maybe I was young,
    maybe I didn't deserve it.
    But maybe I taught a lesson,
    now please...learn it.
    Love with everything,
    always smile a lot.
    Remember this lesson,
    that I taught.
    Wipe the tears,
    enjoy the years.
    Time goes by fast,
    you don't know which day is your last.
    Pray for my famlily,
    for my friend's family, too.
    I'm sure they'll be grateful,
    and thankful to you.
    I'm an angel,
    all brand new.
    I came up here
    this afternoon.
    I would be 6 years old,
    but God has a plan.
    Remember this feeling of distraught,
    remember this lesson that I taught.
    R.I.P to all these beautiful kids god gained new angels today

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Austin Straussfield (12/14/2012 8:01:00 AM) Post reply

    Check this out peeps, though a little rough...your advice and criticism is would go a long way to smoothen my writings...
    Quietly bending my pride,
    for you to become my bride
    so as to have a smooth ride
    till a child comes our way.
    Take this not as dried
    or too crunchy fried.
    But rather be mild,
    and see me as wild
    with no where to hide
    'trying to pass the tide
    created by your dad...'

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Justin Priya (12/13/2012 3:33:00 AM) Post reply

    hi i am justin priya, nd iam new to the poemhunters.com first of all i would like to convey my christmas wishes to yo all, nd pls be kind to read my poems.and i welcome all ur comments regarding my poems frnds.

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