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  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 6:03:00 PM) Post reply


    One More Fight?
    I Aint Surprised
    One More Fight?
    Don’t Play It Down
    In Front Of Me
    One More Fight?
    Who’s Your Next Target?
    Well Just Tell Me
    Now Who’s Your Enemy?

    Now You’re Choking
    No, Not Controlling
    Just So Hypocritical
    Yes Your Own Pathetic
    Egotistical Nightmare
    Go Back
    Go Back Yo Your Silly Little Book
    And Stare
    Yeah Stare At Your Big Lie
    In The Sky
    The Big Lie In The Sky

    One More Round
    Are You Kidding Me
    One More Round
    You’re Listening From The Ground
    One Last Round?
    I’m Not Your Enemy

    Everybody’s Sick
    Sick Of Your Lies
    Everyone’s Tired
    Tired Of Caring, Tired Of Your Bullshit
    Tired Of Your Reptile Cries
    Can’t You See It
    See It In Their Eyes

    Just Take Care Of Yourself
    Cause Remember Snakes Get Bitten
    Every So Often
    Yes Snakes Get Bitten
    Snakes Get Bitten To
    Snakes Like You

    We See Them Surfacing
    Easily I Should Add
    Popping Up
    Out Of The Ground
    Every Now And Then
    Just Remember
    Snakes Get Stepped On
    Snakes Get Stomped On To

    Is Your Blood Cold
    Or Is It Burning
    Inside Your Veins
    Cause He We Go Again
    Here We Are, Again In Your Head
    In Your Head Again

    I’m Not To Blame
    When Your World Fades To Black
    I’m Not The One
    Who Chose To Start On You, You Hack
    Are You Insane?
    You’ve Done All
    Tricks Like That By Yourself
    Even After That Evil Feeling Attacked
    So Take Your Eyes Off The Trigger
    Or Your Eyes Will Start To Blister
    Here We Are Again

    So Tell Me Now, How
    Does It Feel When The Poles Are Reversed?
    When The Poles Are Reversed?
    Negative And Positive
    Swirling Inside Your Brain
    Now It’s Just Up To You
    Up To You On How You Train

    Have You Got A Fever?
    Cold Sweats,
    I Think Its Just Grand Delusions
    Just See The Truth Doctor
    And Get The Right Pill
    Or You Just Might Have To
    Stay On The Upside
    Yeah, The Wrong Side Of This Hill

    Still Don’t Wanna Stand Beside You
    Don’t Need You To Hold My Hand
    Thanks Anyway
    But Enjoy Your Fakeary
    Enjoy Your Own Delusion
    All That’s Not For Me
    Cause I Live On The Ground
    Not In The Clouds
    Yeah It’s Not For Me

    One More Round?– I’m Glad It’s Over
    One Last Round?– A Bit One Sided
    If You Ask Me
    One Last Round?
    You Were Never A Real Threat
    Never Considered An Adversary

    One Last Round?
    Couldn’t Be Bothered
    Just A Waste Of Time And Energy
    Your Plight Was Over – Before It Began
    You Never Had A Chance From The Start
    This Is Why You Ran
    Now It’s Time To Say Goodnight
    Time To Say Goodbye
    Right From My Heart

  • Savannah Oakes (4/19/2013 6:02:00 PM) Post reply

    A Brisk Walk
    Midnight on a winding street
    air still as the grave
    no danger lurking
    no signs of wake

    You swagger on
    gingerly to the left
    then suddenly—
    a hand is in your hand
    hot breath against your cheek
    a whisper in your ear:

    “My love, my light
    come lie with me.
    We'll meet at great new heights
    where you will be set free
    from hands that bind
    to a land of bliss,
    so you won't but mind
    as you float down the abyss.”

    With no note of dissent
    no sigh, no frown, nor shake
    you are whisked away,
    taking steady steps and deep breaths
    to the hole where you shall lay.

    When finally you do arrive
    you're beckoned to lie down
    you stumble in, burrowing
    careful not to make a sound.

    Morning comes, but not the sun,
    Eyes search, but nothing found.
    Hands grasp at dirt, nails rake on stone
    at this new burial ground.

    Screaming does no good
    nor fight, nor will, nor pain
    you are here and here for good
    because doth wed the night
    and the night doth betrayed.

    “Away now morning light,
    Farewell bitter day!
    Soon we will reunite,
    perhaps from inner fray.
    So beat your drums,
    grapple in spite,
    measure your sums.
    Forget this little slight,
    For tomorrow comes! ”

    So lie down,
    calm, secure
    make most of this fine bed
    you've dug yourself out of
    time and time again.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 6:01:00 PM) Post reply

    ENTER: Strike 3 For The Cobra?:

    Still Thinking
    Still Moving – Getting Very Close
    I’m Not Worried
    Just Waiting
    Waiting With My Noose
    The Cobra Is Cunning
    But I’m Just To Quick
    And The One With
    The Bigger
    Yes The Quicker Stick

    This Cobra Thinks
    Thinks He Is King
    But I’m Not Part Of His Kingdom
    Nor Part Of His System
    Just Death I Will Bring Him

    Keeping One Step Ahead
    Always Is My Game
    Only Showing My Hand When The Cobra
    Goes Insane

    The Art Of War – I Know You Understand
    We Have To Play First And Last
    In This Silly, But Evil Game

    Watch Out Cobra, Cause
    I Am Sober
    Watch Out Cobra, Cause
    I’m Sane
    Watch Out Cobra, Are You The Same?
    Watch Out Cobra
    You Can’t Play This Game

    Be Careful Cobra, Cause
    I’m The Black Mamba – Death Incarnate
    I’ll Shut Your Mouth
    Swallow You Whole
    Yeah Swallow Your Soul

    Watch Out Cobra
    I Think I’m Spitting
    My Venom Now
    Watch Out Cobra You Cant Be Saved
    Looks Like
    You’re Digging
    Digging Your Own Grave

    I Will Spit My Venom
    Spit The Venom In Your Face
    Just Spit On Your Grave Again
    Now You Know How
    It Tastes
    Now You Know How It Hates

    Cobras Don’t Seem
    To Like Acuphase
    Nor Do All The Monkeys And Rats
    Sharing A Similar Maze
    Black Mambas Just Spit It Right Out
    Right Back In Your Dark Faces
    Yeah Back Into Your Dark Places
    No Effect
    Yeah No Effect On The Innocent
    No Effect On The Strong

    Yes I’m Still Thinking Cobra
    Now I’m Getting Close
    Keeping Ahead Of Time
    Patience – That’s My Skill
    This Black Mamba Soon
    Will Go For The Kill

    Goodbye King Cobra
    Never See You, Never A Next Time
    You’re Lost Inside, Shedding
    Shedding Your Skin – Not Mine
    If You Ever Find Your Way
    Outside Again
    I’ll Be Waiting – And Will Suit Just Fine
    As I Will Always
    Have The Time
    The Time To Find You
    And The Time To Remind You - That You’re Already Dead
    Did You Hear What I Said?

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:59:00 PM) Post reply

    Crocodile CRIES:

    Are You Hurting?
    Why Are You Crying?
    Again?Is This Real?
    Is It Just Me

    I’d Rather Be Crashed Out Sleeping
    If That’s Your Headcase Tripping
    Foulness Slipping
    Yeah Falling Out Of Your Mouth Again

    I’d Rather Be Crashed Out Dreaming
    If This Is One Of
    Your Reptile Games
    Then I Could Find
    Another Race
    In A Better Place
    Yes With A Better Race
    Where There Is No More Lames

    Just Take A Minute To Rest
    Like The Rest Of Us
    Take A Minute To Ponder
    About The Outer World Stage
    Without Increasing Your Stupid Rage

    Your Crocodile Cries Don’t Scare Me
    Crocodile Tears Don’t Confuse Me
    No Confusion Here You See
    Yeah No Confusion For Me
    Only For You
    You Can Keep Your Crocodile Tears
    For You
    All Alone

    You’re Welcome To Go And
    Pack Your Bags
    Then Shed Some Skin
    I Cant Do It
    For You
    As I’m Not Reptilian
    No Reptiles Even In My Bin

    I’m Sure I Only Cry When I Need To
    But Nothing Like You
    I’m Nothing Like You Cause All
    You Are
    Now Is
    A Very Deep Scar

    I’m Not Sad Now
    Don’t Know If I Was
    Even Hurting Then
    Doesn’t Matter Anyway
    Won’t Be Seeing You In This
    Life Again

    Am I Crying?Hell No
    Am I Lying
    No Way, But Never Afraid
    Never To Myself
    Even If It’s The End
    Cause I’d Rather Die Sleeping
    Crashed Out Dreaming
    Than Listening To All Those
    Crocodile Cries Again

    Do You Remember What I Tried To Tell You?
    If Not Just Remember
    I Tried To Help You
    Now It’s Too Late
    Now I’s Time To Say Goodnight
    Little Crocodile
    Cause You’ve Just Lost Your Last Fight

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:57:00 PM) Post reply


    Looking Out For Love
    Just Be Careful
    When You Turn That Key
    And Don’t Turn
    Don’t Turn The Knob If
    You Think It’s Going To
    F%$^ing Burn

    Burning Your Hands
    Are You Burning
    On Your Own Front Door?
    Yeah Burning My Hands
    No I’m Not Playing
    No I’m Not Joking
    I Think Someone’s
    Trying To Settle A Score

    Absolute Power
    Can Lead To Absolute Betrayal
    Now, I’m Not Laughing
    But Be Careful
    When You’re Still A Fool
    Well It’s Still Me Here Trying
    Trying To Help
    Help You With Your Right Tool
    Yes It’s Just Me Who Is
    Trying To Stay Cool
    And Yet,
    I’m Not Even Close To You

    Do Your Dreams Always Work Out
    Even In Another Time?
    Why Don’t You Just
    Keep Drinking
    Keep Drinking Your Own Pathetic Stale Wine

    I’m Not Playing, I’m Not Shaking
    With You Any More
    I’m Not Going Down
    Yeah I’m Not Going To Burn For Any Score
    Haven’t We Seen All This Before
    Behind Your Door?
    Yes - Haven’t We Seen It All Before

    Now Look At Your Hands
    Look At Your Face
    Look At Your Eyes
    Those Eyes
    Now Tell Me Who’s Burning

    I’ve Already Tried Cooling You Down
    But Yours And My
    Wishing Well Has Already
    Gone Bone Dead Dry
    And That’s Why You Haven’t Heard
    You Own F^%$ing Bell

    Now You’re Burning
    Yeah Now Burning
    Burning In Your Empty Cell
    Burning Yourself All The Way To Hell

    666 Is Just A Number To Me
    Some Chose It For This
    Some Chose It For That
    People Living In Reality
    Already Know That Shit
    Our People Don’t Worry
    Worry About Little Fire Ants Like You
    But Maybe Only A Few –
    Yeah Maybe The Few That Will
    Never Be Free

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:56:00 PM) Post reply

    All That I Needed:

    I’m Sorry For The Pain
    I’m Sorry For My Rain
    Yeah I’m Sorry For That Dark Rain
    I Finally Found Who I Am
    You Never Forgot Who I Really Was
    Always Offering Your Help
    I Just Took A Long Time
    And Finally Found My True Self

    I’m Sorry For The Stress
    Yes, I’m Sorry For The Distress
    I Wasn’t Just Being Self Fish
    Just A Little Stressed
    Just A Little Distressed
    That You Would Be
    Taken Advantage Of
    And Fooled
    By Some Snakes That Never Rest

    I’ll Always Care
    Always Know Your True Hearts
    As I Have From The Start
    In That Time
    And Over Time
    Sometimes Lazy
    Not Gentle Enough For You
    Still Living In The Fast Lane
    When It Was The Right Time
    To Slow Down

    I Would Never Lie To You
    It Was Me Causing Your Explosions
    No Fault Of Yours Anywhere And
    Still Trying, Supporting Me
    Still Trying, Not Letting Me Go In Your Heart
    But I Was The One Who Was Corroding
    And Should Have And Could Have
    Easily Fixed It From The Start
    I Guess I Never Got That Part

    Over Time, You All Will See
    The Real Truth About Me
    I’m Not Worried Anymore
    As Your Own Intelligence
    Will Let You See,
    What You Need To See
    That I’m Just A Friend
    With No Evil Agenda
    Just A Friend Around The Corner
    Yeah It’s Still Me

    I’ll Always Be There
    Be There For My Children
    Anytime And Anywhere
    You Know You Can Depend On Me
    See, It’s Still Just Me

    Nothing Here
    Nothing Said Today Is Just A Line
    It’s All About The Truth
    And In The End
    That Should Be Fine
    All I Needed Was Time
    Time To Heal
    And Time To Deal
    Like We All Already Know
    All That I Needed Was Time To Feel.

    Now All That Has Been Said
    That Needs To Be Spoken
    As You Now Know
    Some Things In Me Have Always Awoken
    Yeah Never Really Broken
    When All Is Said And Done
    There Is Nothing Lost
    Yeah When All Is Said And Done
    There Is
    No Love Lost.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:54:00 PM) Post reply

    Have ONE On ME:

    I’m Still Thinking
    Thinking About Last Night
    Yes Still Dreaming
    Dreaming A Tomorrow’s Dream
    Have You Forgotten
    Forgotten Tomorrow
    Forgotten Me
    Everything Already?

    Yeah We’re Not Tired, Just A Bit Wired
    No Not Tired, Yet
    So Have One On Me
    Just Have Another One On Me
    And I’ll Have 3
    Angel I Said
    Just Have One More On Me

    Morning Is Nearly Here
    I Should Get Some Sleep
    Before The Sun Hits Our Room
    But You’re Still To Beautiful
    Too Beautiful For Me
    So We Better Lock The Door Soon
    Yes, Welcome To The BooM

    Sometimes I Can See Past Your Heart
    And Feel Your Love Inside
    Don’t Get Embarrassed
    Just Show Your Pride
    And Have One On Me
    Just Have One Absinthe On Me
    Yep, Now We’re Back To The Start

    Yeah We’re Still Awake
    Making Love – Half Asleep
    Laughing And Screaming
    Why Not Another One On Me
    She Had Another One On Me
    Am I Still Dreaming?
    Dreaming About Last Night
    Yeah Still Thinking
    Thinking About Yesterday
    I Know You Haven’t Forgotten About Me
    Haven't Forgotten How To See

    You’re Still So Beautiful
    So Beautiful - An Angel To Me
    Still Seeing Beyond Your Heart
    See Her Love Inside, Now The Absinthe
    Is Turning It All Inside Out
    Be Proud My Angel And Have One More
    On Me
    But Only If You Can See!

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:52:00 PM) Post reply


    I Can See You
    Coming From A Mile Away
    I Can Hear You Thinking
    Thinking Every Day
    I Can See Your Motive
    Even In The Ashtray

    But It Won’t Break Me
    It Won’t Break Me
    Whatever You Try
    You Can’t Break Me, Cause
    Are My Stool
    You Won’t Break Me – I’m A Misfit Already
    Haven’t You Heard Of That Tool?

    Walls Can’t Hold Me
    Your Doors Won’t Stop Me
    Mind Is Clear
    My Mind Is Fine Right Through
    But Do I Have
    A Maze For You

    You Won’t Break Me
    Silly One Understand
    In My Life There Is No Strife
    So Go Back To Where
    You’re From
    Go Back Where You Really Belong
    We Will Never Get Along
    And..I Think You’ve Already Heard This Song

    You Can’t Break Me
    Can’t Break Me Down
    Logic And Reason
    Always More Powerful
    But I’ll Throw You A Bone
    Just Take Your Little Clip Board Notes
    And Try And Carve Them In Stone
    In Stone

    Have You Seen Your Exit Yet?
    Have You Read Your Next Line Yet?
    Haven’t Felt My Words Yet?
    Cause It Might Just Burn You
    Even In A Cool Shade
    Yeah Even In The Dark Shade
    In Your Dark Shade

    Your Heart Of Darkness
    Won’t Confuse Me
    It Won’t Use Me
    Cause All I Need Is Me – You See
    No One Can Break Me
    As, I Am – Just Me
    Being Free
    And No One Can Break It
    Break It From Me

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:49:00 PM) Post reply


    Never Really New
    From The Beginning
    Looking Up At The Stars
    Yes The Stars Were Shining
    Running Around Like Children Do
    But At Night Roaming The Streets
    Looking For New Friends To Meet

    Our Sun Is Still Shining For Now
    Earth Is On The Right Tilt
    On Its Right Axis
    But It Really Doesn’t Take Much
    To Distract Us

    Some Say:
    An Extinction Level Event
    Is Coming
    Some Pray:
    For Some Of This Special
    And Deadly Rain
    To Wash Away Our Worlds Pain
    And Some Claim:
    They Know The Date, But
    They Are Just Foolish Or Insane
    No One Knows Our True Fate

    Every Eon
    Every Age
    Just Natural
    Earth Changes
    Not Many Are Man Made
    Changes In Space Right Above
    But Out
    Right Of Our Control
    Scaring Some Right
    Through Their Soul

    Some Call It The New Age
    I Just Call It A Progressive Stage
    Maybe It Is The End
    The End Of This Age
    But I Think We’re Ready
    For This New Stage

    A New Stage Of Intelligence We Will Follow
    The Sun God J.K Is Almost Finished
    As It Even Said “I’ll Be With You
    Until The End Of The Age”
    Remember Age Equals Eon And Eon = Age

    All Evolving, All Receiving
    Looking Forward
    Not Backward
    We’re The Ones Who Survive
    Each Eon Or Age
    Not Afraid Of Any New Stage
    This Is The Nature Of Things
    It’s What It Can Bring
    Every So Often
    Something Erupts In The Sky
    Erupts In Out Of Space
    But On Earth We Can Get
    A Dangerous Light Show
    Yes A Dazzling, ...And Magnetic Display
    But Dangerous Magic Embrace

  • Chris Leermakers (4/19/2013 5:46:00 PM) Post reply


    Maybe I Was Wrong, To Go On
    Really Wrong
    To Go On
    And On
    I Was Right When I Was Right
    And I’ll Always Win That Fight
    All I Really Did Was Plan To Sing
    Yes, Sing All Night
    Can I Go On?To See What I Bring?

    Maybe I Was Wrong, Not This Time
    Not This Time At All
    I’ve Always Had A Fine-Line
    But Chose The Right Line
    Not Picking On The Small
    But Sometimes I Did Fall

    Right Equals Right
    Can Let That Rest?
    Any Mistakes?– Yes, I Confess

    What Ever The Occasion
    No One Is Always Right
    So If I’m Wrong Don’t
    Get Uptight
    Because I Will Not Fight

    Seeing Through Your Lies
    Are A Little Easy For Me
    I Came From The Same Neighborhood
    Remember – I Won That Fight For Good
    Won From Your Very First Major Lie
    I Was Next To You
    At Your Starting Line

    Maybe I Was Right, Maybe You Were Wrong
    But True Facts = Equals Real Truth
    Every God Damn Time

    If You Want To Dance
    Go Right Ahead
    If You Want To Play
    Better Stay In Sync
    Better Look In The Mirror
    And Not Forget
    To Be Sober And Use True Ink
    If You Are Really My Friend
    As Your Lies, Even When In Ink
    Would Burn Under My Fire
    Yeah Burn From My Fire

    Questioning Your Judgements
    Now?- Seeing Through
    Your Self-Deception?
    Because You’re Shouting Me Gifts Again
    That Would Never Quiet Me Down
    I'Ve Already Paid For My Sins, And That Has Nothing To Do With Religion,
    I’m An Atheist Too
    You Silly Clown
    Don’t You See?
    The Pen Has Always Been
    Always Been More Powerful Than The Gun
    Can You See At All?

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