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  • Adegbite Adeyinka (4/29/2013 3:19:00 AM) Post reply

    A Fool's Errand

    In dreaded famish, he beckons his famulus,
    " Take a brisk walk down the stream;
    Buy me that delicious stimulus" ;
    As he was starting to lose his dream.
    On wind's wings he floated away;
    Down the road he vanished from sight
    The hungry begins to measure his way
    A second's waste could hasten a fright.

    Galloping down the slippery road;
    He steps on a plump croaking toad,
    Stops a moment to mourn the dead
    And wrapped it in a colourful thread.
    He stuffs it in his brown leather bag
    Bearing his Master's monster tag;
    That little moment he's thrown awake
    Fetch the meal and the Master, wake.

    The hand on the wall is past his fear
    His ensemble shrugs off his wrinkly skin
    He hopes Chufuna is dead or near
    It matters now he's not his kin.
    Discomfort sunk him in a chair
    Daylight hurries from the clouds
    The weather he sees outside is fair
    His gentle patience fury beclouds.

    The vendor serves him in a piece of cloth
    Attentions whisked off by a naked thief
    He stole meats from a farmer's broth
    His back his whipped till its grief.
    " This scene so gory,
    I must tell Magacula the story" .
    He bolts like a fuel tank torched,
    On the desk lies the cloth untouched.

    Magacula is weary
    Whispers the gods to spare his life
    His sight on Chufuna is bleary
    But hears him mumble his walk of strife.
    He wakes his Master up. His shoes hissing mud.
    He picks the bag in a careful tread
    And hands him his 'meal' in a colourful thread.

  • Adegbite Adeyinka (4/29/2013 12:45:00 AM) Post reply

    Like A Rose

    She wears a fragrance so refreshing
    Her gentle countenance sparks a light;
    Beauty clasps her skin like a fleshing
    Her allure no one dares fight.

    Whenever she smiles, a merry band plays
    If I say, she signals it stale
    So much I've heard their replays
    Still my words bear a tale

    Thus, I treat her like a rose
    She sees not the beauty I behold
    If I write a poem or prose;
    The truth I have yet untold.

  • Adegbite Adeyinka (4/29/2013 12:39:00 AM) Post reply

    A Fantasy

    I cry
    But tears won't flow,
    I speak
    But words won't sound;
    My thoughts
    All seem so blunt
    As thought from Earth
    I'm cut afar;
    I can't find how
    With you, to love
    Except to live
    With hopeless dreams
    Of having you, someday, with me.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/28/2013 11:33:00 AM) Post reply


    Contemplating Life
    And Retrospective Views
    Help Me With The Past
    To Help Find All The Clues
    Looking From The Bottom Leaves Us Lying In The Rain
    The Only Way Is Up
    Yeah How Can I Refrain
    Stretch Me All The Way
    Away From The Black Edge
    So Close To The Bottom
    Yeah Just Like A True False Pledge
    Do I Have A Choice
    Yeah I Decide To Play
    We Always Had A Choice
    And It Works Out Best This Way:

    We Are The Ones Who Will Face It All
    Yeah We're The Ones Already In Our Own Stasis
    We're The Ones With Real Faces
    Yeah We're The Ones
    Yeah Already Strengthened Our Bases
    We Are The Ones Using Our True Voices
    We're The Ones With Our Own Choices
    Yeah Shout Our Own Choices Now
    Use Them Now, Yeah Not Then
    Yeah Never Lose Them Again
    Yeah Shout
    We're The Ones Who Don't Fake It
    Yeah Even If We Don't Make It
    We're The Ones, Always Facing It
    We're The Ones Who Create It
    Yeah Always Create It
    So Now Just Fly

    Don't Plan To Make Believe
    Leaving No Place To Hide
    And Don't Plan To Deceive
    To Reach Any Side
    Choose Wisely This Time
    Yeah You - Just Decide:

    Oh, It's Good To see You
    Yeah Haven't Seen You For So Long
    Been Busy With Accomplishments
    Yeah, Hope That I'm Not In The Wrong
    You're Looking So Much Better
    Such A Low Descent
    You've Gone Through So Much Trauma
    Yeah, What A Compliment

    Each To Their Own
    It Works Out Better This Way
    Do We Have A Choice
    Yeah So I'll Always Decide To Play:

    Hey There, What You Doing?
    For You Are Just Not Right
    People Are Mysterious
    Yeah They Don't Understand
    The Places We've Gone To
    The Customs, All Of Ours
    Yeah The Customs Of Our Wild Land

    So Superior Are You?
    Out Of Your Mouth Comes The Law
    So How Can I Therefore Contradict?
    Yeah Contradict What I Saw
    Yeah What We All Fucking Saw
    We Are The Ones Using Our True Voices
    We're The Ones Sticking To Our Own Choices
    We're The Ones Who Don't Fake It
    Yeah Even If We Don't Make It
    We're The Ones, Always Facing It
    We're The Ones Who Create It
    Yeah So Never Debate It
    So Now Just Fly

    One Thing I Have Learned
    And This I Have Learned Slowly:
    Pay No Heed To Others
    As A Lot Think They're Holy
    Take Care Of Yourself First
    And Get Back On Your Feet
    You Have To Take A Step Back
    Off This Seat
    Yeah Off This Perceptual Seat
    You're Potential Is Enormous
    Don't Ask The Question Why
    Just Go Ahead And Do It
    The Sky Is Yours
    So Fly...

  • Lynsie Albidrez (4/27/2013 10:33:00 PM) Post reply

    the danger comes the blood runs deep the dark comes the bodies go cold and feel cold now that buried deep in the ground where the worms eat the fleash of the corpses the worms bleed them dry

  • Clayton Cleary (4/27/2013 2:21:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Made a mistake.
    Drove home after I drank.
    Swirving, couldn't stay awake.
    Came out of no where, couldn't hit the brakes.
    Three days later leaving prison to a funeral, his name was drake.
    We live like it won't happen to us.
    Buts it's enough.
    It can happen to any of us.
    I made a mistake.

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  • Savannah Oakes (4/27/2013 1:13:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


    I took it all to heart,
    each hasty smile,
    every modest gesture,
    each syllable of dispassionate word,
    to a stage where even I was persuaded,
    the rays veiling your face,
    in perfect symmetry,
    were by your own hand.

    Hell—you were the rays, as you were
    the smile, the gesture, and the word.
    Everything created, then destroyed
    by your own unadulterated hand.
    Such feats you could reach.
    I coveted you so,
    for what were you incapable?
    —but all only in my sight.

    Now I mistrust.
    There are words I thought were spoken
    and actions I thought were displayed
    by you—but also me.
    Illusions and Trickery
    by me—but not you.
    I see it now:
    how you were a dream,
    borne of a skeptic in dangerous reverie.

    This guise I had burdened upon you,
    how could I be so thoughtless?
    For it had seemed,
    that when I said move
    —you moved.
    And when I said speak
    —you spoke.

    How does something appearing
    so concrete, so essential
    be confused with truth?
    How can you savor another's words
    and have them be your own?
    How could I be so selfish,
    with dreams of distant realms—
    but forget it.
    Happiness has gained on me,
    now knowing the best of truth.

    I hear no more whispers,
    no more apparitions of smiles,
    gestures, or words—
    no matter how hollow,
    cryptic or empty—
    such trivial necessities,
    conceived by a fool
    in want of an actor.

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  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 10:12:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Work To Play:

    Take Life For Today
    Don’t Let It Go To Waste
    Make The Memories Stay
    Deliberate To Haste
    I Hear The Morning Cry
    The Birds, They Sing Then Fly
    Catch Fish With Some Rods
    And Overcome Impossible Odds
    Let’s Drink The Great, Sweet Wine
    To Join Us When We Dine
    Feel The Music Within
    Life Too Can Be Devine

    I Often Play The Fool
    Jump When You Say Go
    Race Within The Pool
    How I Want To Take It Slow
    Yes Fine Tune And Bloom
    Fine Tune My Tools
    What Ever You Desire
    I’ll Always Want More
    Let’s Sing And Then Regret
    To The Places We Forget
    The Times Of Our Great Friends
    I Wonder If We Met
    Believe In Reincarnation
    Keep Potential Alive
    Because In The Sea Of Damnation
    Only The Strong Minded Survive

    When The Fun Is Over
    How You Want To Sing
    Life Then Can Then Surprise You
    Surprise To Anything
    Look Up To The Sky At Night
    See The Shining Light
    Life Again, I See
    Infinite And Free
    The Potential Vast And Silent
    Hope We Aren’t To Late
    As We Work To Play
    Yes Sometimes We Work To Play
    Play Out Our Fate

    Know Your Limitations
    Life’s The Only Thing I Own
    I Know Not What I Want
    But How I’m Nearly Grown
    Take Me As I Want It
    Don’t Give Me All That Sort
    Of Rubbish And Assorted
    Life Is Way Too Short…

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    • Allen Steble (4/28/2013 2:35:00 AM) Post reply

      I think this is a nice poem and has a great message. The experiences in life should be enjoyed and sometimes we need to not take ourselves too seriously and just live a little this deserves a 10.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 10:11:00 PM) Post reply

    Work Fast/Fast Work

    I Want To Wake Up
    Wake Up In Your World
    Today, With No Pain
    And Tomorrow With Little
    To No Heavy Rain
    But When You Want It
    Yeah It Goes Away Fast
    And When You Hate It
    It Always Seems To Last
    Yeah Sometimes We've Gotta Be That Fast
    Yeah Work Fast

    Just Back To Work For Me
    I've Already Finished My School
    Yeah Already Finished Swimming
    Yeah I've Already Fished That Pool
    Looking For More Answers
    Trying To Get On Back
    Yeah Trying To Get On Track
    Look A Little Closer
    Yes You're Sure To Find A Crack

    Go From Here
    From Here To There
    Don't Be So Weird
    Yeah You'll Go Anywhere
    Look At Their Faces
    Simple, Yet COnfused
    ...And All Of These Places
    Yeah So Ironic, But Still Amused
    Out The Back Door
    Getting Sick Of Thhis
    Going Back For More
    Yeah I Wouldn't Like To Miss

    Tell Me The Answer This Time
    What Am I To Do
    Find Every Pleasure
    Yeah Every Pleasure From Me To You
    Now Let Me Go Home, My Work Is Finished
    Yeah Just Go Home
    Where Is Home For Me
    The Jungle, City Or Highway
    Or Just Running Free
    Yeah Just Roaming Free

    Take Me There, But Don't Lose Me
    Yeah Take Me There, But Don't Please Me
    Just As Long AS I'm Free
    There's Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be
    Waking In The Morning
    The Best Time To Awake
    Kind Of Like Spring
    Yeah The Spring I Want To Take
    Take It And Then Leave It
    Yeah Leave It, Then To Sprinkle It
    Grab A Chair, Then Decide To Sit
    Anywhere Hey, This Is It

    Are You For Real
    Yeah So Hard To Forget
    How You Made Me Feel
    But No Bitter Regret, Cause
    Nobody Knows Me
    Knows The Ins And Outs
    Yeah Just Let It Be
    Yeah, There Or There Abouts
    Confused Or Mesmerised
    Don't Be Such A Sook
    Lost Or Maybe Hypnotised
    You've Gotta Know Where To Look
    Yeah You've Gotta Know When
    When To Read My WorkBook
    Yeah My Fast Work Is Where To Look
    My Fast Work Is Just
    My Own Hook.

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 10:09:00 PM) Post reply

    WAKE UP:

    One More, What The Hell
    I Think, Sneeze And Cough
    I Think I'm Not Too Well
    The Swelling Dosn't Seem Unlike The Perfect Dream
    We've Seen It All Before
    The Dream Is Getting Sore
    I'm Getting Sick Of All This
    Today, I Wonder What I'll Miss
    Hey, I Don't Really care
    Hey, Look Out, It's The Bear
    No, I Can't Go On
    With All This Carry On

    I Turn And Twist And Shake
    My Mind Then Dosn't Like The Twisting Of The Ache
    The Turning Of The Mic
    I'm Shaking All Around
    The Pictures Of The Sound
    Where's The Common Ground
    What The Hell, Wake Up...

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