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  • Rookie - 1st Stage delilah contrapunctal (1/8/2009 7:20:00 PM) Post reply

    A few more:

    'Inside Man' 2006

    Clive Owen
    Denzel Washington
    Willem DaFoe
    Jody Foster

    'Heat' 1995

    Robert DeNiro
    Val Kilmer
    Diane Venora
    Jon Voight

    'The Boondock Saints' 1999

    Billy Connelly
    Willem DaFoe

    'Midnight Run' 1988

    Robert DeNiro
    Charles Grodin

    'Dog Day Afternoon' 1975

    Al Pacino
    John Cazale

    'The Deer Hunter' 1978

    Robert DeNiro
    Christopher Walken
    John Cazale
    George Dzundza
    Meryl Streep

    'Shoot the Piano Player' 1960

    Charles Aznavour

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Callie Carroll (1/7/2009 9:07:00 PM) Post reply

    The War (with a young Kevin Costner and a breathtaking tree) very Southern
    Stealing Heaven (a story of Abelard and Heloise)
    Dead of Winter (extreme suspense w/o the blood and gore of today)
    Dead Again (with young and married Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson
    The Vanishing (an American remake of a foreign (?) film) with a heartbreaking young Kiefer Sutherland and a creepy Jeff Bridges

  • Rookie - 1st Stage delilah contrapunctal (1/6/2009 1:58:00 AM) Post reply

    'Once Were Warriors' 1994

    A fine film from New'll tear your heart out...did mine....
    but you get to look at Temuera Morrison.....mmh, mmh, mmh....delicious...! !

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Tajma Hall (1/4/2009 9:23:00 PM) Post reply

    I love these; Say anything, Flash Gordan, Mad Max, Revenge, Scarface, To have and have not, No country for old men, Dying young, The english patient.

  • Rookie - 1st Stage delilah contrapunctal (12/22/2008 2:33:00 AM) Post reply

    'The Hit' 1984

    Terence Stamp
    John Hurt
    Tim Roth

    'Broadcast News'1987

    Albert Brooks
    Holly Hunter
    William Hurt

    'Orphans' 1987

    Albert Finney
    Matthew Modine
    Kevin Anderson

    a few favorites of mine.....
    superb acting.....irony, humor..... much more....
    love 'em........! !

  • Rookie - 1st Stage David Wicks (12/14/2008 12:08:00 AM) Post reply

    Fluke is a very sad movie. It's about a man who dies and is reincarnated as a puppy. He searches for his family but cannot convince them that he is the dad/father. I can honestly say it is the only movie I have cried watching. I have no shame in this fact.

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Leah Roe (12/9/2008 8:21:00 PM) Post reply

    BRONSON is the evolutionary journey of Mickey Peterson into Britain’s most notorious and dangerous living prisoner CHARLES BRONSON. Originally sentenced to 7 years in prison for burglary, Charles Bronson has been behind bars for 34 years,30 of which have been spent in solitary confinement. Charlie has forged an outrageous reputation through violence, hostage taking and rooftop protests to become a notorious figure in the British public’s conscious.

    Taking the title role of BRONSON will be Bafta nominated actor Tom Hardy (Black Hawk Down, W Z, RocknRolla) who has been described by critics as one of the most promising young actors today.
    http: // id=294

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Sam Byron (11/6/2008 8:48:00 AM) Post reply

    i absolutly love dance movie..... especially the movie called DIRTY DANCING with patrick swayze

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Ethan Aparicio (2014) (11/5/2008 1:41:00 PM) Post reply

    House of 1000 Corpses
    The Devil's Rejects
    Halloween (all parts including Rob Zombie's)
    I Spit on Your Grave aka Day of the Woman
    No Country for Old Men
    Planet Terror
    Death Proof
    La Vie en Rose
    Saw (all parts)
    Kill Bill Vol.1&2
    Pulp Fiction
    From Dusk Till Dawn

  • Rookie - 1st Stage Shruti Modi (11/4/2008 11:55:00 PM) Post reply

    i like
    into the wild
    the shawshank redemption
    american gangster
    children of men
    big girls dont cry
    school of rock

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