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3 Books You Must Have In Your Library

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  • Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr Rookie - 1st Stage (7/5/2009 3:23:00 AM) Post reply

    1) The Green Mile..............Stephen King
    2) The Shawshank Redemption....Stephen King
    3) Farenheit 451...............Ray Bradbury}Tie
    3) Great Tales of Edgar Allan Poe...E.A.Poe}Tie

  • Nagourta Rookie - 1st Stage (7/1/2009 9:37:00 PM) Post reply

    1. The Neverending Story-Michael Ende
    2. The Road -Cormac McCarthy
    3. The Hobbit -J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Cheateam Kanat Rookie - 1st Stage (6/28/2009 6:29:00 AM) Post reply

    The one I admire Boris Vian and his novella 'J'irai cracher sur vos tombes (Éditions du Scorpion,1946; I Shall Spit on Your Graves'
    Robert Louis Stevenson-The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.
    Honore De Balzac-Le Père Goriot

  • Pablo Yeats Rookie - 1st Stage (6/19/2009 6:21:00 PM) Post reply

    Philip Larkin's anthology; and Sassoon, Owen, Brooke...poetry that actually saw a life being removed from the earth...x

  • Pablo Yeats Rookie - 1st Stage (6/19/2009 5:56:00 PM) Post reply

    and to Chloe, Ham on Rye, I reckon is Buke's best book; posst office and factotum next....

  • Pablo Yeats Rookie - 1st Stage (6/19/2009 5:52:00 PM) Post reply

    longing for winter by paul yates, let me know what you think please x

  • I Am Charlie Rookie - 1st Stage (6/18/2009 9:24:00 AM) Post reply

    An Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde
    The Book of Everything -(a dutch writer)
    ...The Botanist's Dictionary (french guy wrote it)

  • Chloe Young Rookie - 1st Stage (6/17/2009 6:26:00 PM) Post reply

    hunger - knut hamsun
    ham on rye - charles bukowski
    the road - cormac mccarthy

    poetry books:

    the splinter factory - jeffrey mcdaniel
    you get so alone at times that it just makes sense - charles bukowski
    another time - w.h auden

  • Dean Burton Rookie - 1st Stage (6/14/2009 7:01:00 AM) Post reply

    Abyssinian chronicles....Moses Isegawa (semibiographical...brilliant!)
    The Grapes of wrath....John Steinbeck (unimaginable hardship)
    Midnight's Children....Salman rusdie (amazing writing)

    Read all these for a completely different outlook on life!

  • Happy Days Rookie - 1st Stage (6/13/2009 4:25:00 AM) Post reply

    east of eden - john steinbeck
    white tiger - aravind adiga
    100 years of solitude - gabriel garcia marquez

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