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Adam M. Snow Adam M. Snow Male, 27, United States (8/7/2014 5:23:00 PM)

A poem about September 11

Black September
Written by Adam M. Snow

Burning to ashes, smoke brazen 'gainst auburn skies,
with black-like coal, flowing down like rain.
The tears of many flows the streets below,
many on their knees crying, pleading.
The blood that day overflowed the land,
the blood that day filled the seas.
Orphans were born, O' such tragedy,
the towers fell, ashes erupt;
crashing like ocean waves onto the land.
Stampede of many people running,
lost within the cloud of dust and ashes.
A nation mourning the loss of many;
children among many in their forever sleep,
The world witnessed man's darkest desires,
O' such a black September morn;
a tragic day, a year of terror, a massacre.
Short cut lives, forever remembered;
a nation coming together.
Candlelight glow fills the nightly streets,
that day still lingering years pass.
Many left with unanswered questions, burning;
burning forever, forever, 'Why?'

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  • Freshman - 1,583 Points Mike Acker (8/8/2014 5:23:00 PM) Post reply
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    The worst thing that has happened to the Arab countries, to protect American and European interests(oil primarily) is that the middle classes were decimated by years of ruthless, corrupt and dictatorial. The middle class of these countries either became corrupt or left the country, to the benefit of the US and Europe. The political health, or lack of it, of a nation is determined mostly by the health and influence of it's middle class.

  • Rookie - 335 Points Jim Hogg (8/8/2014 11:20:00 AM) Post reply

    Fair point JC.... One of its earliest such activities - with the help of the Brits of course - was the overthrow of Iran's Mossadegh.... one of our first successful efforts at regime change.. And oil was at the heart of it that time for sure... Plus, the title reminds us of the killing of Israeli athletes in 1972 by Black September. a Palestinian " terrorist" group... and of course the US and the UK had a hand in the machinations that resulted in the formation of that group's parent organisation.... There's always a context! .

  • Rookie - 629 Points Jefferson Carter (8/8/2014 10:28:00 AM) Post reply

    Why? You're entering the realm of politics instead of really bad poetry, Adam. I'll ignore this terrible poem and answer your question: because the US has practiced and exported terrorism to Arab countries for decades.

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