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Olta Qejvani Albania (6/12/2013 11:27:00 AM)

Nowadays, people find harder and harder to find themselves reading a poem, writing a poem. I think that a poem is the best short answer to hit the nail of the head. Reading and writing a poem helps us to scan ourselves better.
THE PHENOMENAL WOMAN was the poem i red yesterday and made me express the following conclusion. Anyway, enjoy Xhevahir Spahiu, the very famous Albanian author:

My Debts

I am going to die,
Die drowning in debt,
Suffocating in water or a gas chamber is nothing by comparison,
I'm in debt to my mother for I raised her no tombstone,
I'm in debt to the oak tree for I made it no trellis,
I'm in debt to love for I stole it last Sunday,
I'm in debt to crime for I called it not by name.
I'm going to die,
Die drowning in debt.
I'm in debt to the word for I saw it not in my dreams,
I'm in debt to the raven for I whitened not its feathers,
I'm in debt to the year 1913 for I cleansed not its wounds,
I'm in debt to the future for I left on its doorstep
The darkness of a distant age.
I'm going to die,
Die drowning in debt.
I'm in debt to the living,
I'm in debt to the dead,
I will have to sell my tombstone
To pay my debts,

And place a full stop here.

Now it is your turn to speak
Of the debts you owe me.


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  • Freshman - 1,020 Points Peter Stavropoulos (6/12/2013 3:53:00 PM) Post reply
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    Thanks Olta, I enjoyed this. I especially enjoyed the non-Anglo sensibility of this fine poet.

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