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Xelam Kan Xelam Kan Male, 96, Pakistan (3/25/2013 3:31:00 AM)

About to post my new poem.....

Scriptures vs. Culture
A bit grave in tone but....
Wishing u all respond it accordingly

Gulsher John

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  • Rookie Donnaj York (3/26/2013 10:00:00 PM) Post reply
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    Read some of your stuff, can relate, sharing something of mine.

    Isolated Dimension

    One dimensional
    Flattened spirit
    Defeated mind
    Thoughts flung aside
    Try not to think
    Reasons ineffectual
    Labeled excuses
    Explanations insufficient
    Words dissipated
    Into thin air
    Deflated breath
    Atrophied self-worth
    Character assassination
    Taken for truth
    Telling self,
    " Don't care - don't care"
    But punctured heart
    Hemorrhages sorrow
    Truths spoken
    Deemed untrue
    Aching soul
    For what flesh
    Made of life
    When unaware
    Too young
    And foolish
    Split second
    Sealed fates
    A fork in a road
    The paths not taken
    Went where?
    Chosen course
    To chronic heartbreak
    Is grief inescapable?
    Regardless of road taken?
    Is happiness a myth?
    A mirage
    Receding into distance
    If some dare approach

[Hata Bildir]