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delilah contrapunctal Female, 95, United States (3/13/2013 2:58:00 AM)

dress in a wolf suit...
shoot Sarah Palin with a paint ball.....hot pink....

die in a cell for sedition...fun-squelching times, these.....

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  • Rookie Donnaj York (3/19/2013 9:37:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    There is a reason for “wolf season”. Wolves are right up near the top of the food chain in Alaska. When wolves become over-populated, they eat up all the little bunnies and beautiful elk and antelope, and they eat pet dogs…..and sometimes when people living there are working outside their homes, the wolves attack eat those adult humans and/or their children. I’d have a real problem with a wolf eating my child.

    You do know that wolves eat pretty much any other animal unlucky enough to cross their path, right? Are you a vegan? If not, a hypocrite.

    And how can we know for absolute certainty that plants don’t shriek in pain when ripped out of the ground or off the branch, but we just can’t hear them?

    Maybe we should outlaw eating altogether. Then humans starve out. No humans are here to use up and pollute the planet, and the earth can go back to the paradise it could be if it weren’t full of parasitic humans. And the wolves can run wild and freely gobble up every other smaller animal.

    And while we’re on the subject…. those beautiful snow covered mountains of Anwar that you see in pictures that drilling opponents advertise IS NOT where drilling proponents want to drill for oil in Anwar......... The drilling would take place on THOUSANDS of acres of wasteland that animals can’t cross through to begin with, because the grassless wasteland has oil seeping up through the bare dirt, bare dirt because grass can’t grow in an uninhabitable oil-soaked wasteland. GOOGLE IT.

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    • Rookie Donnaj York (3/20/2013 7:24:00 PM) Post reply

      Just thinking.......not a zoologist, but antelope likely the wrong animal (from a warmer climate) ........caribou likely a better choice of wolf dinner to have noted above.

  • Rookie - 472 Points delilah contrapunctal (3/16/2013 2:30:00 AM) Post reply

    Sarah Palin is a proponent of the shooting of wolves, aerially and otherwise...I am against such senseless slaughter....made a bit of a joke, splashed a bit of irony about...
    there ya have it.....

  • Rookie Donnaj York (3/14/2013 6:39:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    No offense guys, it's just that......well so much more appropriate, don't you think, to shoot Barney Frank with a pink paintball?
    And if you hate Palin, don't be a sissy about it, be honest and admit it's red you'd like to shoot her with.
    Let's see.....for Reid yellow might be suitable, and for Pelosi, green to match her wicked witch face.....
    gosh I'm sorry for that one, I really shouldn't talk trash about the old and demented like that.

    Honestly though, how does shooting anyone with anything fit into a forum on Poetics and Poetry Discussion?

    I think maybe miss delilah misread the forum. It it Poetics dear, not Politics and Political Discussion.
    But......if you choose to turn it political, please don't be a low information political speaker.
    Read, listen to, and watch EVERYTHING, then process All the information and think it through for yourself
    so you can make an informed political statement. K?????

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  • Rookie Donnaj York (3/13/2013 10:18:00 PM) Post reply

    Shoot Sarah Palin? I wonder.........
    Who else is it acceptable to write about shooting?
    Amazing how stupid some smart people are,
    and how vicious-speaking the " open-minded" can be.

    Don't you just love Free Speech?
    I do : -D

  • Veteran Poet - 1,207 Points Jerry Hughes (3/13/2013 6:38:00 PM) Post reply

    .....................................Sarah who?

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