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Elysabeth Faslund Elysabeth Faslund Female, 65, United States (12/17/2012 7:44:00 AM)

Who the hell is Bou Aliya???

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  • Rookie - 18 Points Bou Aliyya (12/18/2012 11:30:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    Perhpas Merkins don't apologise?Or is it just you and your ilk?
    If you'd bothered to read my replies to your last posting you'd know that your friend and (not) mine, the fake Howlin Dervish has died.
    You owe me one apology for crediting him with MY poem, which you further posted up on a yahoo sitte asking if it was about 'love - or a promise of love' if I rightly recall.
    Then you owe me another for saving you from having egg on your face when he plagarised not only me but YOU plus at least one other poet in his submissions to a book you were sub-editing. You were lucky I picked that up - you could have ben sued by the other poet (or their estate) and lost a large amount of money.

    Anyway, now HD is dead I don't have to keep trawling the internet or this site to find out if he's posted me elsewhere. But you'd be wise to take a look yourself.
    You need to be a bit creative with finding his variuos passwords, though if you knew him at all that shouldn't be a problem.
    If you like, I'll swap you - one apology, one password.: ]))

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  • Rookie Elysabeth Faslund (12/18/2012 8:33:00 AM) Post reply

    Oh get off your soapbox, Bou. No alzheimers here, nor ever will be, don't run in my family if it's any of your business.
    What apology?I repeat...what apology?

  • Rookie - 18 Points Bou Aliyya (12/18/2012 5:22:00 AM) Post reply

    Bad memory and can't spell, either, Lizzie?Is Alzheimer's setting in?

    I refer you to my reply under your previous posting....

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