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Ruby Honeytip Ruby Honeytip Female, 45, Australia (10/26/2012 7:05:00 PM)

My new poem is called 'Muse'
The goal with my poems is to invoke feeling in the reader. Let me know if this needs to be changed......

She is draped over a chair,  
Artfully fashioned
Like a fine piece 
Of silk.
He imagines that her softness 
Would sweetly mould into
His hands
Like ripe fruit.
She stays still and silent,  
Letting him consume her
With his hungry eyes.
He drinks her in,  
The fullness of her breast,  
The gentle curve of her hip
And the honeyed tones of her
Naked skin.
Her natural beauty
Has him mesmerised....
Lips apart,  
Heart pounding,  
He feels the heat of creation rise in him
And with power and purpose,  
His eyes break contact as
He touches
His brush
To the canvas. 
Ruby Honeytip

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