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Robert Rorabeck Male, 95, Uruguay (3/16/2005 1:32:00 AM)

Hey. Lenchen Elf directed me here too, so please blame her if I say something when I don't really have anything to say. As to general comments on poemhunter, I think the site is great. It's amazing how many people take the time to actually read your poetry and it's nice to have a forum where your work is put alongside better poets (then you can steal their pictures and make yourself look famous!) I've had /almost/ my fair share of criticism (a little more might be due) , but there are so many generous, nice, and intelligent people here to converse with who appreciate and understand /some of/ what you're trying to do with your work/ Herbert ABABAB/- I also have to say that I find the site extremely addictive /spoon&flame/ and have increased my poetry output just so I can swing as often as I like /to annoy Poetry Hound/ (sorry 'bout that- sorry if I put on everything I write, but/ like the 80s song/ its my prerogative) . Concerning criticism and number rankings, I think it's mostly important to try and maintain your own opinion of your work and not let others persuade your mind otherwise (use the force!) - and just keep writing and trying to write well, however that comes across to you/ if it comes at all/ (is a good poem never written better than a bad poem written? /shared?) - There are many very talented writers here showing off and looking pretty- and some not so good writers to be sure trying to be beautiful (don't look at me when I say that) - What we all really want is to be musicians, I think/ J.C. & J.W./-but we're all still living in our middle-class homes/skulls/ I really appreciate all the stats and such which poemhunter provides- The top 500 hundred is also great (if meaningless- Silverstein before Bukowski not to mention ginsberg and Corso, come on! -but if any of us thinks we deserve to be on there it's just our erected egos- got to get published first/and die from massive head trauma/bullfight/shotgun/oven) and the overall database of published poets is an excellent, ready source, when you don't have anything else to read- What might be an interesting addition to poemhunter would be an amateur poet 500 so I could see Rich Hanson, Lenchen Elf, tiffany etters, Adrienne Barnathan, Saywell, and Sonya Broderick /Neddy too/in the nude/ get their well deserved recognition.

Farewell and adieu my fair spanish ladies- farewell and adieu my ladies of spain



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  • Rookie Ulrike Gerbig (3/16/2005 2:02:00 AM) Post reply
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    I love that contribution, I really do! ! ! ! !


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