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  • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 11:58:00 PM) Post reply

    Thank you so much, Herman. You are so wise. Good night from me. I am so excited about the upcoming events, that, as Sherry would say, I have forgotten to go to the bathroom. We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Herman Hermanlungen (4/5/2014 11:54:00 PM) Post reply

    If I may, Atheanga, I vould like to make a very important statement.

    At ze end of it all, on a forum as zis van, all ze talk is talked, all ze nonsense is said, und at ze end of ze day it is about who can write good poetry and who can write great poetry and who cannot write at all. We have made great progress in ze last few days. Mr. Lamont Palmer has been ridiculed again out of here(again, I understand) . Miss Veeta or Ms. Gunnell has also shown herself to be at best an amateur. I will leave judgement about ze last(PH forum-only famous Sherrie Kolben(you know ze rest) for tomorrow. It doe not look good, however.

    Sadly, ve have seen zat inspite of all the silliness, Ms. Veeta, or as our research has shown, Ms. Gunnell's abiltiy to write just is not zer. The randomly chosen subject for tomorrow, Helga(Sherrie Kolbenhousenbunzenbrunerkrachen's poem) will also disappoint greatly.

    Like I said above it is, at ze end of ze day about ze poetry and nosing else. This is all so exciting. Atheanga und I have only just begun our vork here.

    I am tired now and vill continue tomorrow. Sank you und goodnight!

  • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 11:29:00 PM) Post reply | Read 4 replies

    Interesting bit of news. Someone just offered us, for our scientific part of our study, private messages through PH going back a few years. These apparently have to do with the private exchanges between an Angie Gunnell and none other than one of our subjecs Mr. Lamont Palmer. They, according to the source, show this Angie in a not so positive light. They claim that there are messages in which she clearly flirts with Mr. Palmer. This would be a bit strange. From our research we noticed that this Angie has claimed that Mr. Palmer had in fact been harassing her. Very interesting news. We hope to get these exchanges sometime tonight. I also learned now that this Angie Gunnell is in fact Blue Bird who is now Velvet Blue Bird. The plot thickens.

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    • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/6/2014 12:12:00 AM) Post reply

      Mr. Palmer, you call others dredgers? I don't believe there was ever a worst dredger than you, according to our research. we have only just begun, Mr. Lamont Palmer. Normal, well adjusted poets talk ... more

    • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/6/2014 12:05:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      I think the details of these exchanges will be, to say the least, explosive. It takes Mr. Lamont Palmer from looking like a wet rat to a dry one. It tarnishes Ms. Veeta quiet a bit. Wait for tomorr ... more

    • delilah contrapunctal (4/6/2014 12:02:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

      hello've chosen the past, present and future to denigrate anyone and everyone here....your pathetic attempts to criticize and condemn each person and theur work is both inane and mea ... more

    • Gulsher John (4/5/2014 11:57:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

      Ahhaa so the show begins.... yemmmmm le ... more

  • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 11:18:00 PM) Post reply

    A famous Maltese saying:

    " Wingless birds produce vacant eggs." (loses in the translation, but you get the point.)

  • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 8:49:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Sorry Velvet Blue Bird, but we want to get on with our decision to randomly choose writers and poems.

    Dr. Dr. Hermanlungen and I spent yesterday evening together and have come up with an exciting thing to do on here. We have decided to place a forum member's poem and have everyone help interpret and rate such poem.

    As Sherry would say this would be so exciting she will forget to visit the bathroom for days. We chose today's poem completely randomly and it happens to be Lamont Palmer's, For Allan Prell! Isn't that exciting.

    According to Mr. Palmer it is one of his best and he indicated many times that he is most proud of this poem. We also noticed that for some unknown reasons it has caused some issues on the forum before. Well, let's see what happens next. I can't forget to visit the bathroom, I am so excited.

    I present the poem, let the readers review it for a day or so and then slowly begin to comment on ti etc.. This will be so much fun. The bathroom, I can't forget about the bathroom.

    Here is that infamous poem:

    For Allan Prell

    Barbed wire rousings and puckish grins:
    Morning erupted and deepened guffaws.
    Before noon could calm the nerves,
    An audience of listeners is
    Held like love. That speech, that tenor:
    A liberal sun enters daily
    Into the room of your life, in the car
    Of your thoughts, waking all
    Moribund impressions that
    Lay like roadkill at the entrance of ears.
    (I loved the way he screamed Baltimore;
    Baltimore in the primal shriek of mics;
    It was his heart by the misty harbor) .
    I gave myself to the show,9 to 12,
    To AM radio's weakening sprawl,
    To a demi-god of shrillness who
    Touched airwaves and subsisted on them,
    Till night came crashing loudly,
    Fifty thousand watts of doom,
    Driving his tongue from city to city.

    Lamont Palmer

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    Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 4: 58: 00 PM) Post reply | Delete this message
    Not at all, Herman. You are so polite. And they say Germans are barbaric people. The world acts like you did something horrible (twice) or something.
    Yes, I agree. Knowing that he has been at this for forty eight years plus another ten years on this forum(isn't that what the research showed?) the picture becomes more and more pathetic. I can hardly wait for your interpretation, Herman.

    Herman Hermanlungen (4/5/2014 4: 53: 00 PM) Post reply
    I am sure you don't mind if I start, Atheanga.

    Let us look at ze writer first, just some general background, nossing psychological or psychiatric(Chuckle!) , god forbid. From all the research ve have done, it seems zat Mr. Lamont Palmer has been writing since he vas eleven years old(according to him) . Vell, I think you vill agree vis me Atheanga ven I say zis, for someone who has been writing for forty four(44) years I see some serious problems already.

    I am a bit tired and vill continue soon. This is a deliciously lacking poem..

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    • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 9:19:00 PM) Post reply

      Are you serious, Herman?Lamont Palmer has been writing for forty four years?That is very sad, even pathetic. There are some lines which are simply unforgiveable for someone writing and reading for suc ... more

  • metamorphhh (aka jim crawford) (4/5/2014 5:28:00 PM) Post reply | Read 3 replies

    I realize that some folks here have aspirations of becoming published poets, but what about the rest of you?Why do you write?What are your motivations?What standards are you trying to conform to, if any?Also, if you're writing more or less according to some formula, do you ever feel the need to break out, write outside your comfort zones?

    Second question: What informs your criticism of other poets' work?Comparison to your own writing, or maybe to writers whose work you prize?What criteria are most important to you?

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    • delilah contrapunctal (4/6/2014 12:44:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      I write for many reasons...motivated by uncountable stirrings of all formula(s) /none...I lack the required discipline for that sort of stuff....I have no comfort zone/ergo no discomfort z ... more

    • Dan Reynolds (4/5/2014 9:19:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      A lot of questions here Jim.; ¬) Why do I write? Sometimes for analysis, sometimes for fun sometimes for repetition, sometimes for fun...Dooh! I actually have lost interest in the why, as the ne ... more

    • Gulsher John (4/5/2014 8:57:00 PM) Post reply

      very good questions Jim... but sometimes someone writes, beyond worldly qualification or classification, and the 2nd one is pondering... at least today we have something decent for reading on the ... more

  • Mike Acker (4/5/2014 12:13:00 PM) Post reply

    Deafening Silence

    It began suddenly, deep
    inside my ears. First,
    an inaudible whisper.
    Then, an atom here,
    a molecule there, a cell,
    people, nine billion human beings
    all looking, all searching
    in a ghastly hush.

    It wouldn't stop getting louder,
    this soundless, aching,
    unanswered, unanswerable inquiry.
    My earth, I sense joins in
    then, our planets, one by one.
    Before long, the piercing silence
    of a scream straight
    from the heart of a galaxy.

    All wailing mutely, their doubts,
    and fears in this blind, mad,
    void universe.

    Mike Acker

  • Sherrie Kolb Cassel (4/5/2014 9:29:00 AM) Post reply | Read 3 replies

    Regardless of many things, a great poem is a great poem. " 180 Second Freefall" - is such a poem. I appreciate its existential tone and it is percussive as a heartbeat. Very nice, indeed.

    Like Velveeta, I will work on mine as soon as I can get to it. Angie, can't wait to read yours (both of them - once the boxes are unpacked) .

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    • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 12:42:00 PM) Post reply

      Regardless of many things, a great poem is a great poem! That is a brilliant insight, Sherry. My mistake is thinking about somethings, but never thought of thinking of many things. You have broaden ... more

    • Atheanga Tiomaint (4/5/2014 11:43:00 AM) Post reply

      WoooooooWwww! I think it is even awsomer! Are we going for ice cream, ladies? I can't wait either. This is soooooooo exciting! ! !

    • Sherrie Kolb Cassel (4/5/2014 10:13:00 AM) Post reply

      That's awesome, Velveeta! Grandchildren are truly a special gift. I'm on my way to visit family, but when I return....chaos shall be my Muse. Thanks dudes/dudettes for the hits to my blog. 41 from ... more

  • Dan Reynolds (4/5/2014 7:25:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    5 years ago, when I was posting as " Y.U.Lai" , Jim and I both had an instant reaction to a poem which Lamont posted. I think this transcript is fitting, with regards to recent threads here. (The ekphratic theme, the " Chaos/apathy and the good doctor's enquiry as to my writings without rhymes. Hopefully, this recap addresses all points.

    metamorphhh (aka jim crawford) Male,59, Antarctica (7/9/2009 1: 07: 00 PM)
    (This massage was posted as a reply to that message)

    A little earlier today, Lamont posted a Mark Strand poem (see below) . Both Y.U. Lai and myself were inspired by it to write pieces of our own. Y.U. and I were discussing this in the background a little bit, and I found something he said particularly interesting, which I’d like to post here (Y.U., I hope I’m not stepping out of bounds here. If so, my apologies) ...

    “Jim. I kid you not.3 minutes in the construction, with a 5 minute interruption. That piece Lamont posted just set me off, and i couldn't stop. I wrote it to be spoken, with little or no regard for the content, other than to let the instincts guide the flow.”

    Here is the piece. I found it to be remarkable...

    180 Second Freefall

    Somewhere in the debris, hid
    beneath the poet’s workshop
    post-its, napkins, bus tickets
    are jockeying for position.

    Somewhere in the middle ground
    between the ink and sweat stains
    an idle thought is floating on
    the jetsam of the day

    somewhere in the subterfuge
    of someone’s idle tryst
    a motion that was carried falls
    across the starting line

    somewhere in vacuity
    confusion coaches chaos
    and maelstroms of Minerva’s hair
    are lashing sun- bleached skin

    somewhere in a psyche
    of a weeping villanelle
    a poet lays his pen down soft
    to bid one last farewell.

    Y. U. Lai

    Now my piece. Less remarkable, surely, but my interest lies in how emotions engendered by a particular piece can manifest themselves so differently in different writers.

    The Last Men

    Icebound, savage,
    waving tattered remnants of national identity,
    hunkered in their bunkers,
    monkey division army men
    playing Anarchy by Milton Bradley
    until somebody steals the dice,
    then howling for the National Guard
    when their compatriots aren’t looking.

    Just imagine Gilligan’s Island
    without the Professor.
    Who’s first on the spit?
    Or, with the last vestiges of
    civilization left to them,
    hand in hand,
    walking into the lagoon,
    the geographically misplaced chimps
    and screaming pihas
    bidding them a fond farewell.

    Or a comet!
    Maybe Robert Frost was wrong.

    I realize not all poetry is written in such an emotionally generated, spontaneous fashion. Still, there’s this feeling of magic when it happens, and speaks volumes, IMO, regarding the emotional aspects and power of poetry. The words almost seem to come of themselves; like Y.U. relates “...with little or no regard for the content, other than to let the instincts guide the flow.” It’s very cool!

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    metamorphhh (aka jim crawford) (7/9/2009 1: 22: 00 PM) Post reply
    Y.U., I just can't get over how perfect 'Freefall' is. It sort of feels like a sonnet, and the flow is remarkably even throughout. It goes down like a Long Island Iced Tea. I'll be reading this one over and over all day, I'm afraid :)

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  • Gulsher John (4/5/2014 4:40:00 AM) Post reply

    Vere homo*

    Be human, not a divine
    living life is not a prize,

    the world is for you, and
    Nature is your only allies

    what intoxicate our minds, are
    the stories of doom and demise

    so with these false theologies
    let's unbind our trade and ties.

    In search of god(s)
    don't stare at the skies

    just intuit for awhile, and
    soothe your fellows' cries.
    * truly man

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