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  • Janice M Pickett (4/7/2005 10:30:00 PM) Post reply

    As the owner of a poetry site called POETIC-PALACE. I wish to notify all members of Poemhunter that I am accepting guests at the moment. I have also been notified by Herbert Nehrlich who I asked to post on the site, to let you know that I am an Independant person and that Herbert, Sandra, Janice and Allan were invited by me when I read their poems. They have no control over the contents, other than to sign a release for me to use their poems.
    Janice M Pickett had helped me with the site and I thank her for her input.
    However the site is mine and no-one has access to the contents but me.

    Diane Utteridge

  • Allan James Saywell (4/7/2005 9:49:00 PM) Post reply

    If you want to see the real paul england go and look in my comments column
    and if you fail to see a twisted human being, laid out for all to see
    then i am a monkees uncle, which i sometimes think i am
    still i carry on, it only makes me more determined


  • Sarah Groves (4/7/2005 9:34:00 PM) Post reply

    I was looking for an interesting poem that I could somewhat relate to and I found it. I encourage you all to read the poem, '! WHY! ' by Cynthia Silvera, it is very good.

  • Allan James Saywell (4/7/2005 7:08:00 PM) Post reply

    Grunt Grunt Grunt Grunt Grunt

    Buck naked

  • Sylvia Spencer (4/7/2005 5:15:00 PM) Post reply

    Is there some sort of problem at this forum, It reminds me of when I used to work at A PREP SCHOOL, when everyone had to be infront of everyone. We are on this site to write poetry, and to discuss it.Discuss well I will call it discusting, poetry to me is what comes from the heart and what you feel inside. All you seem to deo on this forum is make people feel inscure. Ilove writing, Ilove people to critisise my work to tell me where I go wrong so I can better myself.Just lately I have read some awful comments, like children in a playground bulling one an other. Well if this is the way that poets behave on line then I have got to admit that I am discusted. Not only for me, but children
    come on to this website to study poetry. So what can you offer them, from what I have encounted since I have been on poem hunter it seems that everyone is after everyones guts. 'They Shoot Dead Horses, Don't They' and i am one dead horse cheers sylvia

  • Janice M Pickett (4/7/2005 3:55:00 PM) Post reply | Read 4 replies

    I just stopped by to see if things had changed here since I left. but obviously it's still an ego filled place for children to play. Well I shall go back to a site that is more mature and has NO behaviour like I have seen here. Wow Sherrie or whatever your name is.....you play it for the limelight don't you. I never did understand people who enjoyed coming across as a bitch. You are so full of yourself girl. Get over it all of you and GROW UP.
    Oh well I have had my say. Now I shall go back and join the adults at my new site. I have enough of children at home.

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    • Poetry Hound (4/7/2005 7:02:00 PM) Post reply

      You mean you're retreating to Ego-Palace? This is not just another idle threat? Really throwing in the towel this time? Well, all I can say is, I hope your Ego-Palace has super wide doors in order to ... more

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  • Ulrike Gerbig (4/7/2005 12:34:00 PM) Post reply

    okay, folks, you finally saw my point!

    i am glad!


  • Ulrike Gerbig (4/7/2005 12:32:00 PM) Post reply

    of course i posted my poems....

    that was not my point!


  • Solitary Man (4/7/2005 12:30:00 PM) Post reply

    I sincerely apologize for giving Mr. Neverhadalife a platform. I have only been a member for one week, and was rather disgusted by the aforementioned's behaviour. I am over it now. I want to talk about Sherrie.

  • Ulrike Gerbig (4/7/2005 12:20:00 PM) Post reply

    good for you sherrie, but i think others, who have been here longer might know what i mean....


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