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  • Andy Konisberg (4/27/2005 9:33:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    yes, PH...any thoughts on Stevens the 20th century American poet? made a posting on this before the nonsense began...I know you read a lot of poetry, and I am studying Stevens and Frost at the moment...Stevens leaves me cold although I admire his philosophy...what do you think?

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  • Poetry Hound (4/27/2005 9:30:00 AM) Post reply

    Thanks for stopping in and needlessly reigniting an endless argument. Maybe we can get back to the subject of poetry now.

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (4/27/2005 9:26:00 AM) Post reply

    Well this was an informative visit at the forum again.
    I can see that no poetry can be learned or discussed here. You need some good poets for that.
    So, if there are no objections from the floor I will go to more productive regions of the internet.
    Best wishes to all,

  • Andy Konisberg (4/27/2005 9:20:00 AM) Post reply

    No. I don't need to convince YOU of anything. I think you are a pathetic man who behaves embarrassingly for a 61 year old. The dignity of Michael and others really puts you to shame. AND I refuse to apologise for comments made by others, or interpretations made by others, as I am not their mother or guardian.

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (4/27/2005 9:14:00 AM) Post reply

    Fry, as you know the vast majority of comments on me and my work were positive. I don't look at the negative ones.
    Your ennui thingy won't wash. As you know. You should have objected to p/h's follow up on your comment.

  • Andy Konisberg (4/27/2005 9:10:00 AM) Post reply

    The forementioned complaints of H's behaviour to poets is posted in the 'reply' section of the last posting. Please note that the first complaint is dated Jan.2005 and the second complaint Feb.2005 AND both of the people complaining are neutrally-respected poets.

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (4/27/2005 9:10:00 AM) Post reply

    Simple solution, suggested previously. All of you leave my poems alone, write no swinish poems or any other kind (which you have done) about me, make no comments about me and I will do likewise PLUS stay out of the forum.
    If this is not agreeable then I can't help you people.
    I had tried that before though.
    Yes poetryhound you need to bring the decapitation thing, it would surely be of interest.

  • Andy Konisberg (4/27/2005 8:55:00 AM) Post reply

    if you could decipher the English language H. you would see the link between 'pillow' and 'ennui'...'ennui' means 'boredom'...sleep, boredom...do you get the theme? ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... can I break it down any more?

  • Andy Konisberg (4/27/2005 8:50:00 AM) Post reply

    I think it is a very fitting extract, K.

  • Andy Konisberg (4/27/2005 8:27:00 AM) Post reply

    I have made no 'threats' against you in my entire tenure on this site...even before 'Mark Fry'. the Berlin faculty you teach in takes 16 year olds. that makes it no more than a glorified college. who are you trying to impress?

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