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  • Veteran Poet - 1,345 Points Dan Reynolds (1/9/2015 7:00:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    I think I'm gonna fall to pieces......l
    But I'm still in love with Thin Lizzie

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  • Freshman - 920 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (1/9/2015 11:30:00 AM) Post reply


    The poor lad in cast-offs scent'd the wafting aroma
    Of the flamboyant pastries so lusciously succulent
    Near to the scrumptious fruit tarts he went
    Drooling at the dainty food with deep desire

    Pulling out the vacant, penniless pockets
    Hoped the boy to find some money to buy
    The noshes so toothsome, he teared his eye
    'It can't be helped' said he with a doleful sigh

    Felt he a mellow, sympathetic pat on the back
    A misty-eyed, benevolent woman was behind
    'You yen for the delicious bakery snacks, I know
    For I can understand your tears and your woe'

    Wiping the boy's tears with a satin napkin
    She bought him the tasteful food he coveted
    The boy's eyes glistened with great glee
    'Thank you ma'am' in a feeble voice said he

  • Freshman - 920 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (1/9/2015 11:29:00 AM) Post reply

    Read and comment on my poem on http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/bird-beauty/

    Bird Beauty

    A harlequin parrot as free as a butterfly
    Flapp'd her rainbow wings in the azure sky
    Boasting her grandeur and flamboyance
    To mates devoid of charm and elegance

    She settled on the fecund oak tree's bough
    Whose bare branches in winds would bow
    An unembellish'd, avacado-green fellow
    Gazed at her splendour, grace and glow

    'Witness my beauty, you pygmy gawk
    I'm superior to any macaw or peacock
    My vibrant skin, my majestic wings
    Are as ornate as gardens of springs'

    The parrot so penny-plain and verdant
    Replied in his pompous, solemn accent
    'Beauty is a lovely possession, my friend
    But you'll know its sour truth in the end

    A bird's blithe days do not last long
    Beauty doesn't make one evasively strong
    You'll be a prisoner in a man's house
    Who shan't pay heed to your grouse

    Or a zoo's puny adornment you'll be
    To live a life lonely as the Arctic Sea
    Veil your allure to avoid fate's perfidy
    Before it shuts you in a cage so bitty'

  • Gold Star - 7,608 Points Lyn Paul (1/9/2015 8:31:00 AM) Post reply

    As we all know.....Life gets pretty overwhelming at times. Yet tonight just reading Valerie D, Sandra F. and Neela just inspires me and reminds me that we are all sailing the same ship. Importantly we must enjoy the sailing.

  • Gold Star - 34,582 Points Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr (1/8/2015 11:56:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Of The Nurturing...

    Nestled tight as crescent moons,
    natures breathing bookends;

    the youngest in flock, coveting,
    jockeying for vantage, favour for-

    maternal warmth, planted seeds,
    the suckled breast, moist, hard,

    achieving equal measure, pooled
    within swelled, pacifying glands

    as she rations, warms, conciliates
    her brusque, née hatchlings with

    assurance they'll be sheltered in
    a nights soft sleep by moon-watch.

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    • Gold Star - 34,582 Points Mandolyn ... (1/9/2015 6:25:00 PM) Post reply

      haha! i was scratching at the word nee on my computer screen- i thought it was a fleck of dirt or something. so i give this a standing ovation because it's not crud or a dried up booger! boy, i'm ... more

    • Gold Star - 34,582 Points The Pundit (1/9/2015 10:56:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      Frank, I gave you a green thumb up the bum, but are these youngsters birds (hatchlings, flock) on their mother's teat?D- on the Ethology, Sir. Well, I guess they could be bats. ;)

  • Gold Star - 34,582 Points Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr (1/8/2015 6:39:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Souls In Sleep...

    Souls in sleep beneath morning's dew,
    felt the breeze of death through the willows,
    smelt the fetor of flowers wilting
    all over each other, on freshly dug sod;
    too soft to take knee and whisper
    unspoken words...now lost to regret.

    Shadows eclipse this yard of stone,
    sunfall breaks through naked branch,
    twilight casts arched silhouettes
    over rows of flaking granite;
    names and dates lose their stipple to the night.

    And who are these occupants sleeping
    deep beneath these hallowed squares?
    Were they collar blues, or Wall Street suits,
    common folk... or recherche?
    Doesen't matter here, where equality breathes.

    And if these occupants suddenly woke
    would they speak of a gated kingdom
    or a passage absent of grace.
    Ashes cannot speak or hear,
    still we'll talk to the ground,
    and wait for the wind
    to satisfy myths and hopes
    until someday we too
    will rest beneath mornings dew.

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    Sean North (1/8/2015 7: 10: 00 AM) Post reply
    thInk thErEs abOut enOugh comments nOw to send 2 SnOwDen.... dammmmm mR Frank... GO WeLL and remember were waching you...and commenting..peace 1st then the small stuff...later and best 4 ya 15 man

    The Pundit (1/6/2015 9: 16: 00 PM) Post reply
    dreamy, steamy, and a little creepy. Stipple and Smelt! ! Nice poem, Frank.

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    • Gold Star - 34,582 Points The Pundit (1/8/2015 10:23:00 PM) Post reply

      Frank, I like how the 'fetor' and 'flaking granite' mix it up with the sunset images. That dichotomy makes for exciting poetry.

    • Gold Star - 34,582 Points Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr (1/8/2015 6:43:00 PM) Post reply

      Yeah, I went and deleted my own post by accident...I know, I know....How long have I been on this site?Evidently TOO LONG! Thanks, Pundit and sEaN....A Happy & Healthy to you & yours...~FjR~

  • Veteran Poet - 1,883 Points Mike Acker (1/4/2015 5:24:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


    I feel good today.
    I don't know why I should.
    Things have been bad,
    and good is not what
    I should be feeling.
    All I can think of is that
    the fruit smoothies,
    I have been making lately,
    are the reason.

    I have to stop
    making smoothies.

    Mike Acker

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  • Veteran Poet - 1,345 Points Dan Reynolds (1/2/2015 7:37:00 AM) Post reply

    Happy New Year to all at PH. Lang may yer Lum reek.

  • Veteran Poet - 1,938 Points Nishi Kumari (1/2/2015 6:58:00 AM) Post reply

    wishing all the members of PH a very happy and a wonderful new year 2015.....may heaven shower love and blessings to all of you....

  • Gold Star - 34,582 Points Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr (12/31/2014 10:31:00 PM) Post reply

    Here's wishing all PH'ers a very Happy, Healthy and Insperational 2 0 1 5...Rock-On! ~FjR~

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