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Albert Wong Male, 75, United States (10/12/2008 12:22:00 AM)

Relating how to write a correct sonnet at nowadays. Who can tell this exactly what should be followed or in what forms must be used? There are many forms have been talked in the past. I know it consists totally 14 lines A(4,4,4,2): B(4,4,2,2,2) or C(8,6) and rhymes mostly uses B type abba abba + cd, cd, cd (=14 lines) . But, there are really many styles were used in the past centuries. It nearly no fixed regulation at all. The B style is more popular until now.
I want to hear your opinion....

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  • Gold Star - 5,611 Points Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (10/13/2008 10:54:00 AM) Post reply
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    TM gave me an idea-How about we start the AMERICAN SONNET with our own set of rules and format? AA[BB[CC[DD[FF, GG all the lines in couplets with the last two lines in summation or AB[AB[CD[CD[EF[EF[GG or whatever way we feel we can rhyme it.Americans have always been innovative and some of them advanced the arts by going against the grain-How about it and why not?

  • Rookie - 21 Points Trade Martin (10/12/2008 2:20:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Albert. I say just forget the various silly rules...., be innovative..., set your own sonnet format...., the Wong sonnet. Who cares....? ? ? This is not a test or a job related to a college course you're taking. Just do it. - T.M..

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    • Rookie - 21 Points Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (10/13/2008 10:48:00 AM) Post reply

      He pounced on one of my sonnets yesterday but it didn't rhyme all the way through.How about we start the AMERICAN SONNET format? I like your idea about being innovative.

  • Gold Star - 5,611 Points Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (10/12/2008 10:52:00 AM) Post reply

    You can find a really good article on Wikipedia about sonnet formation.The only problem I had with Sonnet: To a Sailor was the fact I could not rhyme two of the words, that's why I said it wasn't a true sonnet.I follow one of the standard rhyme schemes with mine.

  • Gold Star - 5,611 Points Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (10/12/2008 8:22:00 AM) Post reply

    I've written several sonnets(sonnet means song in Italian) and I feel that the words are more important than following the rhyme scheme format that is established.I'm mean that if a poet intentionally starts a sonnet and it turns into another type of poem then the poet should go with the flow of inspiration and see what developes from the Muse.I had difficulty completely rhyming (Sonnet) To a Sailor, of which I can actually split the lines thus doubling them and resulting in a longer poem but I was able to completely pull it off with Sonnet: To Love which you can cross reference (by L.M.Gasrel Black, -please read the comments I made in my corrections of the typos) and Hope which is a sonnet and my Sonnet: On A View which are in my main collection of my poems here.Hope you take the time to read them.I've read many good ones here from classical and modern writers and sonnets are not that easy to write.

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