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  • Rookie - 474 Points Mike Barrett (12/21/2013 7:06:00 PM) Post reply
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    I wrote this poem back in 1959.....Its structure may be appreciated here in this workshop forum. Your thoughts?

    A Brook

    Hear water breaking in a brook
    Over rocks that are timeless with age -
    A sound near as old as the earth itself
    With a meaning beyond any sage.

    Hear water breaking in a brook
    Over rocks that are gray with the years -
    An elixir of youth to those ancient stones
    Is this water of heaven shed tears.

    See you there earth's brow,
    Beneath the cool brook's soothing self?
    Not one wrinkle on that brow
    As years from us will win,
    Not one wrinkle on that ancient brow,
    As smooth as an infant's skin!

    Hear water breaking in a brook,
    Laughing on its way to the sea.
    Hear water breaking in a brook,
    Laughing at you and at me!

    © M. Barrett – all rights reserved

  • Rookie - 134 Points Terrance Tracy (12/21/2013 2:46:00 PM) Post reply

    Saturday, December 21,2013
    3: 12 AM

    Winter in the south when the north
    wind blows the starlings are gathered in the trees
    gathered by the hundreds flying helter-skelter
    looking for shelter the resounding cacophony
    makes you think of Hitchcock's movie The Birds

    The wind is cold making your cheeks as red
    as the Cardinals we see in the spring wondering
    what this winter will bring four days hot two
    days cold and the seventh day we rest while the
    birds nest.

    Instead of being in bed at 3 AM I am sitting here
    writing poetry while precipitation is falling on my head
    looking for inspiration I will catch my death of cold
    does not matter because I am old.

    If this is not dedication maybe I should take a vacation
    and look for another vocation.

    Terrance Tracy

  • Rookie Lee Schneider (12/13/2013 8:10:00 AM) Post reply

    Aly ballie, aly ballie bee
    Sitting on your mummy's knee.
    Briton corn, a wee, baby.
    If I may culter scendy.

  • Rookie Leo Long (12/9/2013 6:40:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Drowned in hate

    I felt the stab of pain
    From a brother in the hood
    One seeking to rise to fame
    I thought he understood.

    I taste the bitter in what he said
    As he spits the words out
    “I wish you were dead”
    He just verified my doubt.

    I hear the cries for pity
    In our own neighborhood,
    Not across the state or in another city
    I hear the cries that no one ever should.

    I smell the stench of betrayal
    Of the brother who killed his mate.
    “And thus he came to the end of his trail”,
    Said the pastor, as silent he lays in state.

    I see the mother dab her eye
    She’s crying for our state
    It’s not just the other guy
    It’s our nation drowned in hate!

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  • Rookie Edward Webb (12/6/2013 10:19:00 PM) Post reply

    Friends and Foes -

    Do not believe in every one's repose

    For seeming friends prove oftern the greatest foes,

    In fairest meadows dangerous adders lie,

    And most deceit is clad in flattery:

    Which in deluding counsellors is shown
    Not for thy monies or profit but their own.

  • Rookie - 134 Points Terrance Tracy (11/23/2013 12:25:00 AM) Post reply

    Meditation Hesitation

    Limericks and verses are easy to rehearse
    with the passage of time in your mind.

    Each verse each stanza may romance us
    but beware of the temptation you may lose
    sensation of the conversation while waiting
    in the terminal of hesitation.

    The pallet of an artist full of smears of the color
    he holds dear to make his canvas true to his style
    one misplaced stroke can erase a smile and
    produce tears.

    To the poet the same is true of knowing when
    you are through one more verse one more stanza
    and the romance is through.

    Terrance Tracy

  • Rookie Jennifer Wright (11/13/2013 11:27:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


    As time goes by, all seems to change,
    Friendships flourish then quickly fades

    The days that were bright and so full of fun,
    Quickly fade like light leaving the sun

    I dont know what has happened,
    from now to back then,
    Where has it gone?
    when did it end?

    The questions that linger deep down in my mind,
    I choose to let go and leave them behind

    I start to move forward letting it all fade,
    wanting to start over, turning a new page.

    Starting New friendships erasing the past,
    With a new train of thought, I know it will last

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  • Rookie Jennifer Wright (11/13/2013 11:25:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


    Now that I'm older The days just fly by,
    Faster it seems, in the blink of an eye.

    I try to hold tight, to each hour in the day,
    but it's gone in a instant the night takes it away,

    Soon it's all over tomorrows a new day
    grasping on tight I know it won't stay

    The clock keeps on ticking, the hours they pass,
    what was of today is now yesterday's past

    The memories still linger through the midst of the day,
    but gone once more is another new day

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  • Rookie Pedro Andres Rodriguez (11/6/2013 10:00:00 AM) Post reply

    Mare Amoris

    that twinkle in my eye
    the nervous mess inside
    a dry lump when I stare
    goosebumps everywhere
    cold sweat at dawn's light
    my fountain of delight

    you see, I have them all
    the hopeless signs of love
    makes old feel young again
    takes soul to fertile plains
    and turns mere men to mice
    at one glance of her sight

    oh, no ship will bring me home
    I sail to mapless lands unknown
    this captain treads uncharted course
    where lust and love are friendly foe
    and endless dreams roam wildly free
    to those who brave her blissful seas

    now, my gallows beaming bright
    a heart once broken, full of life
    I graze her healing hands again
    to drain the river of my sins
    with strident voice and daring pose
    sirens echo from her shores

    to face the wonder of her gates
    and meet the master of my fate
    with breadth I take my final leap
    into love's audacious keep
    a fortress ruled with care not might
    her queen is you, my joy, on high

    Pedro Andres Rodriguez

  • Rookie Kaylin Ruth Adarne (10/30/2013 7:26:00 AM) Post reply

    Fading Moments

    I‘d cut my nails, tie my hair, and check myself in the mirror twice
    All I know is I ought to look nice
    To please you, though it’s as clear the blue skies that I don’t have to
    Cause you like the exact reflection in the mirror and not the way people want me to

    Then we would meet at your simple and loving place
    Where we’d talk and play simple tunes
    Then you’d blush and smile when I look at your face
    And to your eyes, as bright as the moon

    Our fingers would touch slightly and softly
    Would give me shivers that I want to linger
    But I’d hold my heart back and smile at the thought shyly
    For all I know, we’re just kids and nothing would go deeper

    Sometimes we’d sit at the sofa and watch a movie
    And I noticed how shy, quiet, and serious you are from a small distance
    Those were the times that I tried to move closely
    It’s sad. No matter how small of a distance would fade all the chance

    The day you asked me to go with you to a sacred place
    A hangout that I’d always remember till this day
    When I felt the most scared and awkward of all times
    I knew you want me to be closer to Him and I want you to be mine

    In my mind it stayed as a memory flashing back every now and then
    There are times I would smile
    There are moments I would cry
    It’s hard to accept the fact that those are just memories remembered then forgotten

    Days went by as quiet as the air, the vision of you became a blur
    Can’t remember exactly how you turned into such a “nobody” in the end
    If ever I’ll have your touch again, I am not sure
    All the times we spent for now are just fading moments

    please I need criticisms..thank you

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