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Cheryl Wan Female, 31, Malaysia (3/6/2010 8:10:00 PM)

Hie, this is my first amateur attempt in poetry. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks


A flash and a roar

Thunders Mother of Nature

I lay cold, prickles in my spine

Try as I might,

My mind searches for some light,

That seemed to be swallowed into the cold night

A recollection, a reflection..

As the thunder echoes the storms in my life,

As a bewildered child,

A curious teen,

A depressed adult.....

I wonder, I ponder,

Where is my rainbow?

My soul craves for His shadow

To wipe that tear

And so He came,

An enveloping grace,

A promise that brings peace,

A smile that says, 'Do not fear'

And now I lay,

Despite the outer cold,

My insides are warm than ever,

Residing in His arms forever

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  • Rookie Ingrid Mailenzun (1/10/2011 4:06:00 AM) Post reply
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    I like this poem very much. I live in Indonesia and we have thunder that echos for ages across the sky. Someone huge up there is doing the triple jump! You must know this, being from Malaysia. I love your poem, it has a good flow and a lovely ending.It speaks to me. Thanks.

  • Rookie Khalilah Mackey (5/9/2010 10:08:00 AM) Post reply

    I like you poem, if I had to rate this I would give it a nine, it is refreshing, great job.

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