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  • Rookie Brishbhanu Baruah (10/7/2012 8:31:00 AM) Post reply
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    Here's a link to my poems-
    do visit it and feel free to speak your mind.

  • Rookie Stevie Taite (9/2/2012 5:27:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    My latest free flow. I tried to give it a little structure too, to link the stanza. Does it then seize to be free flow?Angels fall

    Angels fall
    Sometimes it is because they are tripped
    No one really to show them the way
    Easily received but selfishly not wanted
    An accident
    An inconvenience
    Left to their own devises and what they know
    They land on dirty grown, grubby nails and knees and they scramble around in ignorant bliss 

    Angels fall
    Sometimes it is because they were pushed 
    Someone forgets to polish the treasure
    Taken for granted that the ring was binding
    A habit 
    A convenience 
    Left to their longing and desires and what they deserve
    They fall on soft feathers, that leave imprints of guilty relief, and they languish a while.

    Angels fall
    Sometimes it is out of the blue for no good reason at all
    No one trips them, no one pushes them
    A grip so tight round the heart
    They land in  the ocean that is their heart and it  must be deep enough for all this love as nothing else makes any sense.

    Angels fall
    Few are the angels that keep their wings
    Please don't look down on us in that way
    This flight for you was smooth
    We all chose whether we live cushioned by a cloud or on the ground!  

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  • Rookie Aria Siren (8/18/2012 10:50:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello to my Fellow Poets:
    I'm new around here. Please read and comment on my poems-I would love to have your feedback. Here's my newest:

    Dervishes and Mastery

    Time has slapped me in the face
    The air was thick and settled
    A new tick
    A slower second
    You have mastered time
    You have mastered

    You've really swept me off my feet.
    Haven't let me down to breathe
    For weeks.
    I'm suffocating
    Bury me deeper
    Steal my atmosphere
    Let me die this way
    Heart speeding in a hundred different directions

    I'm a flat out fool
    For you.
    I'm a fish out of water
    I've grown wings
    You tell me I'm your goddess
    In frenzied dervishes you paint me
    You whisper: muse
    You brush my face with a smile
    Is the creator of something divine
    A god himself?

  • Rookie - 172 Points Godfrey Morris (8/12/2012 10:55:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Why I Write?

    My child you ask me why

    And so I give a sure reply

    The reason why I write you ask?

    I do so to unveil a mask -

    To state a claim my dear

    And climb above a fence at last

    The reason why I write

    Is to be free -

    As that young lad's kite

    To flee from charmless grips

    And stray from harm's lustful flight

    You ask me why I write today?

    I do so that you go away!

    To a place, within my space

    That way I'll have a worthy say

    I write my dear to tell a tale

    Of places that I once had sailed

    The promises that were never had

    The eluded dreams that made me sad

    The reason why I write a verse

    Is to soothe this soul I thought was cursed

    To trod with care through lonely roads

    And pray my troubles be reversed

    The reason why I write to you

    Is so you ‘ll see my point of view

    That in all things, there is a verse

    A spring that takes away all thirst

    Copyright © 2012

    Godfrey Morris

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    • Rookie - 172 Points Stevie Taite (8/31/2012 1:09:00 PM) Post reply

      Love thus poem! So clever and held my attention! Great rhythm!

    • Rookie - 172 Points Mabel A (8/22/2012 1:20:00 PM) Post reply

      I think that your poem is amazing and i look forward to the honour, being an invited observe on your soul's journey of pen and paper

  • Rookie - 9 Points Mark Normand (7/31/2012 11:40:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Evil Mary Alison always on my mind,

    but then.

    Another girl so special brings me to

    a time back when.

    Happiness was a promise, and true

    darkness was not yet mine.

    Before the broken heart, life torn apart,

    as shattered pieces of yesterday were

    lying every where.

    And I sat so cold and alone as heartache

    filled my soul.

    Then I cried.

    My mind played over the way things might

    have been.

    What could I do to make love new again?

    Was there anything?

    Did she feel the same?

    Then all hope was blown away.

    When I heard them say.

    She was his.

    Life grew so dark I lost my will to live.

    And to this day, I find it hard to forgive.

    This thing so cold.

    She stole my heart and left me in darkness

    with no love inside my soul.

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    • Rookie - 9 Points Stevie Taite (9/2/2012 5:32:00 AM) Post reply

      The road of love is treacherous, even when on auto and relaxed, potholes lurk around the corner for many!

  • Rookie - 3 Points Shouvik Roy (7/14/2012 4:34:00 PM) Post reply

    please visit my page and read my poems friends..
    open to suggestions and criticisms

  • Rookie Dennis Poeta (7/5/2012 12:28:00 AM) Post reply

    My Hero- BY POETA

    I was young, you knew I was,
    So you gave me a sweet,
    I told you.... ’How sweet’!
    Then you promised that the number will rise…..
    From once to thrice,
    Hmmm. how wise….
    My Hero

    I forgot about cavity,
    But you are a dentist; so you promised me dental security,
    Who am I not to be agitated?
    I am inside your den yet I didn’t feel frightened,
    I am proud of my uncle,
    My Hero!

    You make mountains look like anthills,
    Debts look like petty bills,
    In my Hell you prove to be heaven,
    I and you just like 1+1, you equal eleven.
    My Hero!

    Like a vampire one day you attacked,
    I am your blood but you still sucked,
    Me… the virgin out of me then you left,
    Bleeding downstairs due to your ‘sweetness’…. (Sob!)
    You monster, evil- creature ‘sweet uncle x’
    May the ground you walk on bury you,
    And may your nightmares come true,
    Your true lies were horny and corny,
    And now I die of HIV in this bed lonely
    You did this!
    My Hero?
    NO! YOU ARE NOT! !

  • Rookie Matty Reynolds (7/3/2012 12:14:00 PM) Post reply


    The light lowers as it passes from east to west,
    Orange glow diffusing from earth to grass to flower.
    Daises turn and stretch and bask in the early evening.
    The morning glories, wide-spread under the light
    And entwined along the clover held picket fence
    Have turned from magenta to amethyst to their
    Last white-veined violet. Even it now grows faint.
    The petals curl inward, the blue tips bend
    Toward the bluer heart and the flowers are lost.

    The moonflower-buds are still white, but shadows dart
    From their tendril-roots, black creeps from lawn to fence,
    To plants, then slowly over me. Another work worn day
    Without you fades with my dirty fingers and sips of beer.
    Each leaf shadow cuts another leaf shadow on the grass,
    I watch as shadow seeks shadow, golden turns to black,
    Then both leaf and leaf-shadow are lost, and I am alone.

  • Rookie - 859 Points Lee Mack (6/29/2012 8:29:00 PM) Post reply

    Why when we were young
    Friendlier skys were darker then
    Streaking nightly fallen stars
    LOOK! Look up again.


  • Rookie Raimi Stranger (6/27/2012 7:51:00 PM) Post reply

    ... freeform in it's truest sense is the essence of poetry because the muse is spirit, , the ultimate freedom to create worlds, but equally in this life is the freedom to Love even with words... without feeling free to Love all, poetry becomes stilted, wears a mask, is close to death because few take off the mask of commonality of men who live empty grey lives looking only for escape and never seeing the door to their self-made cage is open... always has been... :)

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