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  • Mike Kendall (6/30/2011 6:29:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    i cant explain what i feel like, i feel like a plane without its wings
    im swimming in an empty pool, its cuz we were to caught up in it
    never reachen the next level even when i tryed to level with you
    stuck on the same flight of stairs we were spining a spiral runing
    a mile on thin ice when still u were my girl u were nice
    u added to this world, im twisted lost confused
    broken from what we had fused, im sitting here
    tryna get over you ive done some things
    i didnt wana do, im tryna figure out
    why i threw all the love i threw, for you, served on a plater
    but u only ever got mader and i got sader
    times only got bader
    you created the perfect ricipe for disaster
    tryna get over me all the time tryna do
    whatever was faster, tryna mix mash n
    mend my words, a technique only
    you could master
    , u just fliped the switch
    openen up every stich we had sowen all
    this love blowen,
    we could go back, jump in that portal
    jump to all those planets shaped like hearts
    back to the beggening to where all our love starts
    but still nothn could stop it, some shit
    jsut hapens, we just gota pick up the pieces
    coz were broken, im broken writen this
    its all i have, tryna hold in the tears
    feeln like ive knowen u for countless years
    learnen n loven all ur fears
    knowen about all ur nightmares
    knowen every compliment u gave me
    teln me i got cute ears
    im tryna hide it, ride it, ride it out
    keepen it in tryna hold
    wot i posess, more then ull know
    more what i want to confess
    no more chances now though
    wev run out, wev abused the love
    that so many people could of used
    youve been my life lesson
    and i want whats best for you and me
    this was the last straw, i want this no more
    best to do this now then to leave one of our hearts
    lying out cold on the floor

  • Alyssa Siebers (6/1/2011 12:31:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    (I wrote this poem in anger of seeing so many people ruin such pleasant opportunities in their life, as in, Falling In love. Although I adore my friend's, I'm so livid that they contently believe it's okay to move from lover to lover and claim it to be love. So please enjoy! Feedback is much enjoyed, and voting also if you can spare the few seconds it last for.)

    Hugs Not Tight Enough For Her;

    First Sight, you catch the lease and sign,
    You drag someone to you,
    Spitting on their hearts,
    Splitting up further up the road when the going got tough,
    He's trying to hold on for dear life, My friend.
    but you hit a home run my friend,
    Your love, it's going... it's going and gone.
    You just couldn't wait to get it started,
    Fallowed by the next,
    And the next,
    Until names got confusing,
    And regret shines in those golden browns,
    Then you mix those drinks, and just don't seem to matter who falls in the river,
    As long as your happy, and the rest of the world don't matter a thing.
    Quietly you know, it'll always be lust,
    Reacting from the hips,
    The girl just want's to be held,
    If not tight enough, then move to another,
    But none of the hugs tight enough for her,
    Cause she always get loose and runs off to another,
    You can't say you love any of them!
    Don't dare speak words of sh** you have no idea of,
    You make words like that become myths,
    There are those who can love,
    Can speak between the lines which some will never see,
    Touching others will burns brain cells,
    and girl you've touched enough.
    With her lips making movement's,
    excuses, excuses, excuses,

  • Alyssa Siebers (6/1/2011 12:26:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    Also if you could go to my profile and vote, you would make me a happy girl.

    The Way It Always Is

    In many ways than one,
    happiness can be formed with a smile,
    or a kind gesture from someone,
    But happiness can always be formed from your heart,
    when you know your views are different than everyone else,
    not worrying about whats right or wrong to others,
    cause to you, you know it's 'right' for you.
    There's no argument between just two, it's always an army and a war,
    there's wounds worse than battle scars,
    your inflected on the heart,
    and although it's always healing,
    it get's weaker each time.
    Nobody can do anything for anyone else without thinking there will be a prize in the end,
    Greed is made easily when given the thought of being something better,
    It's common to see someone sell their soul to the devil,
    in return for a penny.
    Anger is another sin you see too much of,
    when the situation accoutres,
    you'll sell your friendship for a memory of the past,
    Low blows hit harder than you know,
    but nobody cares about anybody else unless you can find something out about them,
    Friendship, love, you're words, nothing last forever,
    unless you change that thing in yourself that seems to push everyone away,
    The Real Life consist of people all around you with different thoughts and opinions,
    which cause the drama and fights,
    The Real Life also consist however of people, who want something different than just the same things everyday,
    we want to twist around romanticism,
    and be the nonconformist we are,
    without our own thoughts we wouldn't be humans,
    when you make yourself believe something just so it benefits you,
    you're not living, you're living off of somebody else dreams.
    Love doesn't seem to exist without his brother, Infatuation.
    when you love someone, you don't support the things that are wrong in their life,
    you support the things that are right,
    you don't move around from lover to lover,
    to stick to that person, and give them the heart you've sealed off all you're life.
    love for a friend, you see it all the time,
    but look in between those lines and tell me what you see!
    two friends, smiles to smiles,
    harsh words to each others backs,
    and secrets and lies that spread,
    love for a friend is something seen when not looking,
    Love for Your friend is even when things are cloudy above, you'll always be waiting for the sun to break through,
    not while when that storm is high above, strike them with lightening,
    and pray to god it hits them.
    I carry on no hard feelings or hatred,
    we laugh at the things people say to bring someone else down,
    we laugh at how people lie to look greater to the enemy,
    we laugh knowing society will never change and we're at the spot we're we should be,
    We laugh knowing, this is what we need to survive.
    Once you frown at the things people do to strike you down,
    you won't make it out alive,
    so smile a little bit more, cause it hurts them even more,
    that's the biggest weapon, Happiness!
    cause nothing pisses off somebody more, knowing they're completely happy,
    and you're filled with envy cause you wish you could be so happy.
    That's it though! LIFE!
    It'll always be this way, till YOU change,
    cause you're stuck in those sticky situations, cause of yourself,
    Blame it on him, blame it on her, blame it on god even if you stink so low,
    but nothing will change, till you change yourself,
    don't let society tell you what's right or wrong,
    don't fallow a government cause everyone else is,
    don't sell out a friend,
    don't change your mind on your loved one,
    stay true to you're words,
    and who you claim to be!
    Life is going to be looking better for everyone else soon,

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  • Leonid Gonzalez (5/22/2011 11:16:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply Stage

    The requiem of the flies

    The rain is crashing upon my face
    Its like God is trying to wash away my pain
    I look down upon the puddles of mud
    Thinking about all the things I have done

    The rain is so cold

    The dark grey gloom surrounds me
    My life is not as it should be
    And I don’t care anymore
    I find that Living is such a bore

    The rain is so cold

    My mind is numb, cold and blank
    This world is passing me by
    This world is cold and dank
    And I wonder why I have not died

    The rain is so cold

    Abaddon holds no surprises for me
    Under the pale moon I danced on my grave
    And I am on my way to hell
    I cant deny what is to be

    The rain is so cold

    My soul is heavy and stained and
    I don’t want to carry it no more
    I carry two coins in my hand
    Waiting upon the water’s shore

    The rain is so cold

    The man in white comes for me
    Pretending to walk on water
    Feet stuttering, hips jutting
    About to fall in and he is getting closer

    The rain is so cold

    There will be no requiescat for me
    My apple of Peru has wilted and
    The lord of the flies wont let me be
    He crushes the flower in my hand

    The rain is so cold

    It was my last day on earth
    The two coins in my hand my life is not worth
    My soul knows will know no reprieve
    From hell I will never leave

    The rain is so cold

    My life is to repand upon itself
    It is destined to reprise
    My song has not ended
    But has repetended

    The rain is cold

    To the Archean I was sent
    Where I was meant to repent
    Repentir, pentir, paenitere
    Until the worlds’ end

    The rain is so cold

    From the puddles of mud I look up
    And realize I have gotten old
    All my years spent wondering,
    And I have no story to be told

    The rain is so cold

    I can only hope to die one day
    And start it all over again but
    The lord of the flies wont let me die
    I have become one of his flies to my dismay

    first post, curious to know what you think of this. i dont know how to classify this poem.

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    • Theresa Haffner (5/31/2011 2:46:00 AM) Post reply Stage

      This poem has interesting content, and it is refreshing to see a poem with as much psychological exploration and symbolism as this, but it is hardly free form. Freeform would imply freedom from form, ... more

  • Prince Labiel (5/20/2011 9:28:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Lost in Transition

    the train pulls away grudginly
    from the station with no name
    there is darkness all around
    yet it is the middle of day
    an autumn chill
    caresses my hands
    strands of hair cover my eyes
    from the flicker of flame,
    stagnant yellows and oranges
    glisten in red.
    the reflection of me in window
    with each breath,
    positivity in me is seeping out

    my tears have all dried up
    confused and numb
    soothed by Hollie Smith
    singing soulful from her album,
    Long Player.
    I am trying to be inspired
    the train is on a roll
    too many tracks
    I am lost in transition.

    By Prince Labiel

  • Chloe Mogensen (5/14/2011 7:33:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    Hi! I wrote this based on my friend and this guy

    Every Rose Has It’s Thorns

    She was a rose and he- the thorns,
    So delicate was she,
    So caring was she,
    So much she gave for him,
    So much he took.
    He left, and took everything with,
    He did not even spare her heart,
    He broke it in two,
    She wept for him.
    -Chloe Mogensen

  • Waseem Sherif (5/14/2011 12:33:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    Hi i'm new here, this is the first poem I post in this forum please feel free to criticize:


    So far, so alone, so tired
    I’m lying here, resting...
    So in vain and so useless
    Every time I try walking...

    So blue, so wide but so cold
    The sky I’m looking…
    So emotional, so senseless
    This kind of moments...

    I thought it's the last
    So I tried my best smiling
    How comfortable! Yet, how funny!
    I was just dreaming...

  • b l (4/14/2011 8:31:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Just a rough draft please feel free to critic and nitpick! I'm a teen who enjoys writing but I have little to show for it.Thanks!

    Began when I was 10
    He helped me out, but now
    Get it out of my head
    Stop controlling me
    No ones to understand
    Alone, a creature, posessed
    Am I metaly insane?
    Is there a name for this?

    It's not my fault
    I never ment to hurt you
    I'm in shame, in denial,
    I can't reach out
    I stay silent to truth
    Help me! save me!
    Can't you hear my screams
    between my wild tales

    What am I worth,
    Charm, beauty, wisdom
    When I'm the master of
    Ash, black decetption?
    In middle of the night
    I gaze at the reflection
    Gray and gastly, peering
    My terrifed blue eyes

    It lured me into a pit
    I tried to crawl out
    I'm to weak to continue
    Where's your hand?
    You know this isn't me
    But everyone juges, gossips
    every word that comes out
    My own or that spirits

    We dance face to face
    People found him
    You see him, you see me
    I'm ashamed, leave, please
    I'm not deserng of you
    Your love or exceptence
    Never to forgive myself, go
    Blossom into that rose

    I look back, to the past
    You came back, grown up
    Even after I sent you away
    Adventuring with me now
    Still refusing answers,
    It hurts you too much
    Your never to know my
    Demon of Falsehood

  • David Goscinski (3/29/2011 5:07:00 AM) Post reply Stage

    Tasso Translated And Paraphrased
    In Spenserian Stanza.

    Worn and wearied mine afflicted heart be;
    Torment, dread, grief, and fright with foul intents
    Prowl around with abject anxiety,
    Like as wolves 'round about the sheep up pent,
    Rangeth by night their desired prey to rent.
    Enraged with hunger, and with malice set
    Upon th' harmless sheep in hope to quench;
    (Upon thorns I sit) as they search and threat
    High n' low, where they might enter without stop or let.

  • Playdough Person (3/28/2011 2:23:00 PM) Post reply Stage

    so tired of placement
    it just makes me sick
    I'm on my own
    while everyone tries to sit and clone
    being pushed aside
    all I have is my life
    they fight they yell
    some come from jail
    I come from CPS
    I've told them I can't deal with this
    just be with me as I serve my time
    becuase thats all I have that is mine.

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