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  • Jtw Flosper (1/6/2012 12:01:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    This is my second poem ever
    I just opened a word document and wrote it from start to finish. Anyways this is just about my faith over this past school year. Anyways, even if you aren't religious, tell me what you think of the poem.
    Thursday nights, Bible study, hip-hop and history, praying like a dying man whose salvation’s a mystery
    Still up there in the back of my mind, the way it used to be, the days when I was free
    With the love of my God on the tip of my tongue, and the trees pumping air to my liberated lungs,
    When the day passed painlessly with hope for a future
    When getting out of bed didn’t feel like bursting a suture.
    I want the love back, the love that used to be mine
    The love that came down in the flowing sunshine
    When death held no fear
    Living no tears
    When I knew that I wanted to live another year
    But the walls are closing in each day, each hour
    Overcharging mental engines but I’m running out of power
    Like the water’s run out and I’m an over-petalled flower
    Each minute each hour I can feel me going sour
    You used to keep me up
    You used to keep me strong
    When I fell down I never waited for you long
    But I’ve dug so deep, been in a cave so long
    I don’t have to common sense to grab hold of your arms
    Lift me out

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    • Aj Duchene (1/17/2012 11:08:00 AM) Post reply

      JT, Two things strike me here. One about your poem and another about your faith. Both of them I believe to be good. Your poem shows to me that you have a lot that you want to say and get off your ... more

  • Juan Guzman (12/15/2011 12:18:00 AM) Post reply

    Well i think all the poems that i have ever wrtten are free form, so id love it if other free form poets could read and comment on my poems, thank you.

  • Teza Lee (11/13/2011 4:44:00 PM) Post reply

    hey can you plaese look at my new poem its called _*MY HEART*_ please rate and comment thanks teza x

  • Gordon Tseng (11/10/2011 12:43:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    God Bless Not Only America

    God bless the hungry, in Columbia or in Cambodia, in Europe or in Ethiopia.
    God bless all farmers, growing potatoes or tomatoes, bananas or papayas.
    God bless all bears, pandas in China, polar bears in Canada, or cola bears in Australia.
    God bless the codes and the buttons of nuclear weapons, in Arizona or in Siberia.

    God bless all children, drinking dirty water or Coca-Cola.
    God bless the dreams, both in Bollywood’s or Hollywood’s cinema.
    God bless all Gods or their wise friends, Laozi or Confucius, Muhammad or Buddha.
    Oh, my God, oh, our God, could you please bless all of us, not only America?

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  • Ralph The Elf (10/22/2011 4:56:00 PM) Post reply

    awwww what a wonderful day

    i roll over and there she is

    starring at the skyline with her bright smile

    her dimples so deep i think i could take a swim

    her smile could heal a heart failure

    she turns to me and just then

    oh just then

    i behold her eyes

    like emeralds they gleam

    on the moonlit lawn

    ADELAIDE i call

    my throat graced with her name

    my heart missed a beat as she coughed so elegantly

    for this girl there are no words in the world

    the least i could say is beauty

  • Bruce Gatten (9/25/2011 1:01:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I would like to post a poem. Comments are appreciated,

    5 am and not a hint of dawn-
    Lament for the darkness
    Lament, for all our sins counted are,
    Sweet lady,
    All our deeds recorded
    And this is rightly done.

    You lay quiet through the years,
    The silent snow years...
    Now awaken, awaken
    O mind of the four directions,
    Be herald to the coming of dawn.

    6: 30 am and note well
    The scars of night battle,
    As dreams are, awaken and see
    The utter necessity for light.

    7: 00 am and the sun rises
    And it is a new day,
    Search for the beginning of things;
    A child's cry in the dark.

    But alas, there are no monsters
    Under the bed.

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    • Juan Guzman (12/15/2011 12:21:00 AM) Post reply

      I'm can see a couple writting error's but, i find this poem incredible and enjoyed reading it from begging to start, Thank you.

  • Bruce Gatten (9/25/2011 12:52:00 PM) Post reply

    I would like to contribute some poems to this form...the first is called, 'My Disconsolate Angel.' Comments are warmly welcomed,

    'My Disconsolate Angel'

    Come, invites the wind,
    Let us dance...
    A tune to lighten your heart by,
    A song to give you strength.

    As you the days
    Tred your path
    Wait upon your love,
    Who comes to wake you
    'midst slumbering dreams...

    As the morning dew
    Refreshens you
    We take our leave
    from this mortal earth...

    We rejoice and
    slacken our chains
    and are free,

    My disconsolate angel.

  • Muslem Girle (9/1/2011 2:10:00 PM) Post reply

    I greet you with a greeting of Islam:
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God
    To all the people love the freedom of thought....... And search for the truth, then lost his way
    To everyone hated getting lost in the darkness of injustice and unfair........
    . And wanted to fill his eyes from the light of Justice.........
    This is the scientific miracles in the Quran which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him a thousand and four hundred years, to be at the directory and proof that the Quran is the word of the Creator of the universe:

    crocking verse
    'Even if they came to the ants said Wade O ants Enter your dwellings
    may Solomon and his soldiers break you, they do not feel '
    Do you know why god used the word 'break'?
    A few years ago a group of scientists from Christians met for search
    about Error in the Book of Allah until proven their argument that Islam is a religion in which no truth
    And began turning the Koran, and studying the verses, until they reached the verse that I mentioned at the beginning of my talk, or rather, when the term
    Here they felt joy and pleasure _ because they have found an error -as their thought -
    they said that the word 'break' of smashing, crushing and cracking
    How can it be broken ant?
    They are not of a substance subject to crash!
    So word did not come in place,
    And began to spread, which they saw as a great discovery, and did not find any
    response on the lips of a Muslim man..
    After the discovery of years ago, Australian scientist emerged long conducted research
    On the weak creature to find what does not expect everyone on the planet
    It was found that the ant contains a large proportion
    Of the material glass! !
    so (break) word was in the true place
    Following this.the Australian scientist declared his Islam
    'Glory to God.... Aziz al-Hakim', not to know who is gentle and the creation of an expert,
    Dear Reader, do you see after this doubt that the Koran is the word of the Almighty Creator..........
    If you still doubt that I advise you to read books about Islam to reflect you the truth.. That Islam is a religion of mercy and peace and is the lifeline of humanity from the darkness of atheism and blasphemy.....? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Muslem Girle (9/1/2011 1:43:00 PM) Post reply

    Mountains of Makkah

    Oh Mountains of Mecca, what can you say
    Of the day that Abraham passed your way
    And He was instructed by God to build
    A House of peace where people will pray

    And they will come on every lean camel and out of every ravine
    For the purpose of praising Allah, to glorify Allah

    Oh Mountains of Mecca, what can you tell
    Of the day when stones from the sky fell
    Destroying an army determined to break
    The House of Allah that Abraham built

    Oh Mountains of Mecca, how was the dawn
    On the day that my Prophet Muhammad was born
    How did it feel knowing he was to be, the last and most beloved of all
    Rasul of Allah, Nabi of Allah

    Oh Mountains of Mecca, you were there
    When the Prophet Muhammad climbed down in despair
    Engraved in his heart were the words of his Lord
    To all of mankind this was his call

    La illaha illAllah, Muhammad-u-Rasullullah
    Oh people praise only Allah, Glorify Allah

    Oh Mountains of Mecca, how did you mourn
    On the day that the beloved returned to his Lord
    And up till the last breath escaped from his lips
    He prayed that his Ummah would find success

    Oh Mountains of Mecca how will it feel
    When the earth shall quake and tremble with fear
    And we shall be gathered together to stand
    In the court of Allah with our deeds at hand

    Oh how we pray that on that day, we'll be with those to whom Allah will say
    Peace be with you, I am pleased with you

    Oh Mountains of Mecca, Bear witness that I
    To the oneness of Allah do I testify
    For all that He's given me, How can I deny
    My purpose in life should be only to cry

  • Martin Lochner (8/29/2011 7:32:00 AM) Post reply

    the marching song

    Mindless things
    the stars, the mountain and the river
    as a thousand men march off to battle!

    connecting the blinking dots
    you draw your face on the canvas of eternity

    March! March! March!

    following the pined curves
    you etch your body against its everlasting marble

    March! March! March!

    deathless the river flows
    Sprouting life as far as its splendour goes

    Mind me!
    As we reach the killing ground

    a thousand men will soon be forgotten
    dispatched under heavens studded indifference
    Laughing skulls chalking away on the windy mountain

    and the stained river leaving the valley
    with thousand gallons of our blood

    Mind me!
    As young men awkwardly leaves the killing ground

    Thinking they would live forever
    They fell silent in tagged body bags!

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