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Helen Mathieson United Kingdom (7/26/2013 2:32:00 PM)

Hi, hoping someone can help me... I don't know the title or author but can remember several chunks of the poem - I'd be so grateful if someone recognises it and could tell me who it's by.............I think it starts............On those long afternoons in the bed by the door in the Clement Atlee ward, when even lucozade cannot replace lost energy.........do you think that you think of the things you did, or didn't do, the words unspoken, the cheek unkissed.....lust, was it, or love?Was it false or true? Who cares now, dying you'll grieve for the things you didn't do (there are certainly chunks missing as I can't remember all of it!) .........take any chance you get, for if you take it or you leave it, you'll end up with regret...... Not sure I can think of any more but would be eternally grateful if someone knows this poem. Thank you...

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