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  • Bronze Star - 6,503 Points Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (7/3/2014 10:46:00 AM) Post reply

    Best poems of world poets in French language by its English translation is interested to read.

  • Bronze Star - 6,503 Points Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (7/1/2014 10:50:00 AM) Post reply

    I likes to read the great poems of words worth in the pages of poemhunter.com.

  • Bronze Star - 6,503 Points Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (6/29/2014 10:13:00 AM) Post reply

    I am interested to read the reviews on Dante's Divine comedy if available in poem hunter com some where.

  • Bronze Star - 6,503 Points Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (6/28/2014 10:32:00 AM) Post reply

    I am very interested to read the collected poems of Seamus haney if I get a chance to read them since I experience it as the poems of common man, the farmer and tilling masses and experiences of the great poet in real life situations.

  • Bronze Star - 6,503 Points Kerry Graham (6/25/2014 11:28:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I'm moving to New York from California soon & I'll be leaving my 6 year old niece who I am very close too. I'm looking for a poem to give to her about being far away in distance but still awlays close in our hearts. I'd perfer it be somewhat easy in language for a child, but she is very advanced for 6 so it doesn't have to be a poem written for children. I'd really appreciate any suggestions!

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    • Debra Robinson (6/27/2014 5:30:00 PM) Post reply

      Here's a little something for you both. Moving Day The big day will come soon, it’s called moving day And I will be going to a state far, far away. But you should not worry because we are apar ... more

  • Bronze Star - 6,503 Points Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (6/25/2014 10:42:00 AM) Post reply

    I am looking for Tomas Transformer's selected poems in Poem hunter com. and if it is there please help to find it.

  • Bronze Star - 6,503 Points Ava Carmel (6/24/2014 6:57:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I'm looking for a poem by Kabir. All I have is a translation from Hebrew into English:
    " Pure love grows high in the tree tops. The devoted climb and eat from it with joy. But there is also a lower form love, snatched from the earth and eaten with rot and filth.”

    I need the original translation into English version for a book I'm translating. If anyone can point me to the original I would greatly appreciate it.

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    • Laura Burns (6/25/2014 1:50:00 PM) Post reply

      There is a Kabir grooup on Yahoo; you might want to contact or join them.

  • Rookie - 6,503 Points Georgia M (6/24/2014 11:26:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hi, I'm looking for a poem by Mary Oliver that I read a long time ago. She talks about her desire to have a place or a house in the woods where she can be alone and at peace. Then she realizes that the kind of peace she desires is akin to death, and she realizes importance of life in all it's fullness and lack of peace sometimes. Sorry, I can't remember any specific lines.

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    • Kerry Graham (6/26/2014 3:20:00 AM) Post reply

      Sounds like you may be thinking of " A Dream of Trees" by Mary Oliver

  • Rookie - 6,503 Points Richard C (6/23/2014 12:05:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I read a poem a few months ago and can't for the life of me remember its name, I imagine it must be fairly well known as I don't really read poetry and yet it somehow crossed my path. I also think there was an award given recently for a translation of it. I don't believe it is a modern poem.

    In terms of content, the gist was that death can't be escaped. The poem told a story of a farmer (...I think) who tries to escape death by skipping village, however at the end death finds him in this new village and, in fact, was always heading to that village to find him.

    I've been searching online for the last few hours and can't find anything with these morsels of information, hopefully this is something someone has read?I am not after a particular translation, any will do!

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    • Laura Burns (6/23/2014 4:08:00 PM) Post reply

      That sounds like " Appointment in Samarra, " a story by Somerset Maugham based on an old fable.

  • Rookie - 6,503 Points Steph C (6/22/2014 2:00:00 PM) Post reply

    I read this poem once in high school it was in our english book and it was a solider laying injured in the mud and when the medic crew passes him they tel him to wait until morning light for help does anyone know the poem I am talking of?

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