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  • Rookie Jawn Smith (1/6/2013 7:22:00 AM) Post reply
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    I am looking for a poem that I thought was titled " Dance Alone"
    The Author leads you to believe that they are in a controlling relationship and refers to being guided like a horse with reins and goes on to say that over time the rope is starting to frey and they will soon break free from the reins. The last sentence in the poem simply states " and in the end, I will dance alone"
    This may not be the title as I cannot locate it anywere on the inetrnet. I was really hoping to find it to give to a friend in need. Hope someone can help!

  • Rookie Rosalind Pritchard (1/6/2013 5:08:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I heard this on the radio. I think it is called " I ended it too soon" and may be by Carolyn Kizer though I have gone into her website and not found it. It uses the following phrases: “conceal our love because of prior sorrow" ; " schooled in disguises" and " hiding our aromatic and vulnerable love”. I would greatly like to find the full poem as it strikes a resonance for someone I know!

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    • Rookie Laura Burns (1/7/2013 3:04:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      HIDING OUR LOVE by Carolyn Kizer Never believe I leave you From any desire to go. Never believe I leave so far away Except from necessity. After a whole day of separation Still your dark frag ... more

  • Rookie David Farrell (1/5/2013 4:30:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Evenin' All

    I am looking for the following poem - I have put in as much as I remember from 40 years ago at school asseblies.... The day of the week was always interchangeable according to our individual collection days! :

    Every Monday morning
    Before we are quite awake
    Without the slightest warning
    The house begins to shake
    With a biff bang biff bang crash!

    It's the dustman that comes a callin.... (or something along this line - andthat is all I remember.....

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who can put me out of my misery...


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    • Rookie David Farrell (1/6/2013 7:07:00 AM) Post reply

      Thanks Laura You have put me at esse now! I have been trying to remember this over the last 2 weeks of the Christmas holiday! Happy New Year David

    • Rookie Laura Burns (1/5/2013 7:03:00 PM) Post reply

      THE DUSTMAN by Clive Sansom Every Thursday morning, Before you’re quite awake, Without the slightest warning The house begins to shake With a Biff! Bang! Biff! Bang! Bash! It’s the Dustm ... more

  • Rookie K Anderson (1/4/2013 1:01:00 PM) Post reply

    I am looking for a poem that I think is called The Sky and the Sea. It begins with 'I wish you were the sky and I were the sea' and ends with meet at the shore together and kiss.

  • Rookie Victoria Davis (1/1/2013 6:07:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Nelson Mandella had a poem that he spoke to him self while in prison. Doe's any one know it.

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    • Rookie Laura Burns (1/2/2013 12:28:00 PM) Post reply

      It was William Ernest Henley's " Invictus." It is on this site: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/invictus/

  • Rookie David Crapper (12/31/2012 3:50:00 PM) Post reply


    Oblivion; eddies, tender tit-
    illation, spearheaded fluctuation;
    egressing from throat's abyss, our Father
    and Mother's virgin tongues lock in tranquil bliss.

    Por que brilliance bore membrane, Por qué?Porque!
    without porqué explodes synergies sin-
    gularity. Theories relativ-
    ity; therefore E=MC²!

  • Rookie Krsta F (12/28/2012 11:49:00 PM) Post reply

    My grandpa had a poem he loved and used to tell us. It's called " Earful for Brides"

    The first bit of it is this:

    Just because your hair is curly,
    And your lips are white and pearly,
    And your figure's very lovely,
    And your cute.
    Don't imagine, for a minute,
    That 'tis bunk, there's nothing in it,
    When I issue this grave warning -
    Feed the brute!

    Does anyone have any idea at all of who wrote this?!

  • Rookie Starseven0 Starseven0 (12/26/2012 1:22:00 AM) Post reply

    early Shakespeare weigh philosophy criticize Chinese Translation





    " Eastern new birth Philosopher-emperor Kong Xiangxin outlines, comments Shakespearean's early work "


    Humanity's self-sovereignty will is the Heaven gives.


    Literature, art, is that writers and artists have weighed myself and the world's post.

    makes independent thinking, understanding, explanation and perception, in Affection expression_r,


    ——Quote from Kong Xiang Xin 's work " Balance Ism Philosophy"



    William Shakespeare (AD 1564/4/23-1616/4/23) , the European RenaissanceThe greatest genius of the playwright. poet-


    Shakespeare was born in central England that the river Avon Stratford town a wealthy family, Ancestor is the farmer.


    Shakespeare's father manage glove, agriculture, Had held the post of local congressman and chief executive that Sitelafu keeps down.


    Shakespeare when childhood, some famous theatrical troupes, Every year from London, Comes to the Sitelafu town Perform,


    This makes little Shakespeare, to produce the love of the theater ,Shakespeare had read grammar school,


    Is a Roman poetry and drama, so that Shakespeare had a formal art of enlightenment.


    Afterward, , Shakespeare's father went bankrupt, by now, Shakespeare had to dropp out of school to earn a living.


    When Shakespeare 18 years old, Shakespeare and marries compared to a oneself big 8 year-old woman.


    after more than a half year, has given birth to this to husbands' and wives' big



    Because of this incident,That Shakespeare blames a wife is dirty on before marriage.


    His wife was satirizes actually, ridicule poor Shakespeare, Shakespeare's father, bankruptcy,


    This makes Shakespeare great perplexed, depression, Only when attentive read home collection of books, forget self agony.


    Shakespeare do this, his wife, blame, call names Shakespeare is more fiercer, crueler.





    and the decline of the family, Wife never stops the blame, call names to Shakespeare,


    So that Shakespeare's own sovereignty will, Been a heavy Oppression.


    Shakespeare's comedy " Twelfth Night" he wrote: " A woman is always going to marry a larger than her own men,


    She and her husband will be able to harmony, Her husband's mind to maintain balance, tranquility" .


    As the social position of Shakespeare's family dropped to the lowest point, love has been destroyed,People is ridiculed, satirizing Shakespeare,


    Such very bad environment, force Shakespeare to use ego to balance wisdom, the ability, Pairs of Shakespeare's infinite innermost pain,

    have accepted people's heavy insulting, non-free life.


    In 1585, Shakespeare made a decision, alone to London to develop their own,

    A free, happy life.


    After London, by now, Shakespeare by oneself that long, must become in the world unprecedented great, immortal, the lofty cultural hero's most intense hope,


    must creates for the humanity never the highest happiness, perpetuates the comfort this most beautiful hope flaming is burning chest's Shakespeare,


    to realize oneself that to create greatly, immortal, surpassed all ancient times play's longest illusion, was being full of the great fervor, the life vigor youth, the beautiful gentry dream.

    ?????????????,??,???????????????,???????, ????????,???????

    Despite such fanciful Shakespeare, ambitious Superman's dream, but Shakespeare or a mortal, this lives in sun's Shrine enjoys immortal's good wine phoenix.


    but must lay down own wing, back to earth from the sky, onto for an unknown ordinary people, worry for their own clothing, food, housing, the transportation.


    create for the own future great play, and accumulated experience of life and drama, strength, practice itself bravely in the daily life to people's universal love, make their sentiments perfectly.


    But one who, despite being the world's most outstanding moral, ethical, that but must this person be able to grasp firmly, controls own destiny, By their King.


    But one should grasp firmly master their own destiny, own are own king,


    must uphold, full utilization, displays own self-sovereignty will.


    Only in this way, this person will not make non-justice forces of slaves.


    If a person not self-sovereignty will, that person must want to practice own outstanding moral, ethical, is extremely difficult.

    It's like a man in the big desert without water, this person must breed fish, is extremely difficult to achieve.


  • Rookie Joe Kelly (12/25/2012 2:05:00 PM) Post reply

    HI folks
    I'm looking for a poem/ballad I heard perhaps 30 - 40 yrs ago. It's of Irish origin and's about an old jarvy man and his horse - and they're both coming to the 'end of the line' so to speak. The old jarvey is trying to settle down his 'lifetime companion' for the night. As he does so he's talking to the old horse about 'past glories' when they were much younger. Here are a few lines that I still remember in the hope will jog a few memories. Thank You! (Note: I can provide further lines if needed)

    ' Pretty Polly, augh poor oul Polly. Here let me fix ye for the night.
    God yer as shaky as yer master. Aren't we both a holy fright.
    Let me rub ye down alana and lay ye to yer rest.
    God gran ye too me Polly but I always loved ye best'.

  • Rookie - 75 Points Sanjibsaha Aniketa (12/22/2012 5:32:00 AM) Post reply

    She is walking,
    Walking towards the deep dark forest.
    Its obscure -inconspicuous,
    The face, the beauty
    The transparent love,
    Her eyes are tearing,
    Glowing like a fire.

    She wants to melt all hard hearts,
    Her smile in the sky transmits,
    Transmits from life to life.
    She is walking,
    Walking towards the deep dark forest.

    The sound of the steps
    On the dry brittle leaves
    Swirls the sound of my heart-
    The forest, the hanging moon,
    The natural and unnatural pictures,
    The landscape of the earth.

    My heart is bleeding for her,
    But beyond my touch,
    Beyond my sense of love,
    She is walking
    Walking towards the deep dark forest.

    Its evening,
    The moments are stretching itself,
    I am always searching myself-
    Within the forest,
    Within the image of my love,
    Within her smile,
    Within her eyelids,
    She is walking,
    Walking beyond my stretching hands.

    I am trying to embrace her,
    From dusk to dawn-
    Moments after moments,
    Eras after era,
    From origin to origin.

    But she is walking,
    Walking towards the deep dark forest.

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