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  • June Smithster (12/10/2007 2:24:00 PM) Post reply

    it was a JESUS poem
    something about must I die? ? ?
    JEsus must I die? mabe? ?
    anyone have seen it? ? ?

  • modulus operation (12/5/2007 4:54:00 PM) Post reply | Read 4 replies


    Putting together a scrap book for the wife. it has 4 themes:

    arrival of our daughter

    our daughters smile

    mother and daughter

    lasting love

    I am having trouble finding beautiful poems that fit those themes, any help is appreciated! !

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    • June Smithster (12/10/2007 2:48:00 PM) Post reply


    • June Smithster (12/10/2007 2:47:00 PM) Post reply

      Life Is Not A Poem Life Is Not A Poem Life is not a poem eye cannot make it rhyme it has no sway or motion nothing to decide. Live and pray then love Eat and leave the past behind L ... more

    • June Smithster (12/10/2007 2:44:00 PM) Post reply

      The Corners Of My Heart The Corners Of My Heart I had to make a picture for my love. Not for a locket or a fixture, but for Her memory of me, so we could remember we. The thing was not co ... more

    • June Smithster (12/10/2007 2:43:00 PM) Post reply

      mother and daughter The SMILE THE S ... more

  • Chris Mcmahon (12/2/2007 5:25:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Im looking for THE MESSAGE OF THE ROSE it starts-Only a rose in a glass, Set by a sick man's bed; The day was weary, the day was long, But the rose it spoke with a voice-like song,

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    • Laura Burns (12/3/2007 7:59:00 PM) Post reply

      Only a rose in a glass, Set by a sick man's bed; The day was weary, the day was long, But the rose it spoke with a voice-like song, And this is what it said: — 'I know that the wind is keen ... more

  • Sarah Levin (12/1/2007 4:39:00 PM) Post reply

    I'm looking for a poem written by Mary Oliver that was published in The New Yorker. Unfortunately, I don't remember the title and I don't know how long ago it was published because I keep my New Yorkers forever. It was fairly long and not so much about nature. I searched the New Yorker archives but they're not yet searchable. If anyone could help me with this I'd really appreciate it.

  • Nv R (11/26/2007 6:33:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Hi all,

    I would like to fine the poem contains the following lines



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    • Laura Burns (11/26/2007 7:58:00 PM) Post reply

      The poem is Nimium Fortunatus (The Good Life) by Robert Bridges I have lain in the sun I have toil'd as I might, I have thought as I would, And now it is night. My bed full of sleep, My ... more

  • The Wiseone (11/21/2007 7:41:00 AM) Post reply

    'A child attracted by its beauty reached out for the Rose, Struck by its thorn he cried, Life was already beginning to tell Lies'...
    hello everyone... i searched a lot but could not find the poet and his work who had written these words.. if anyone of you have come across these words.. kindly advise so I can find more the poets work... thanks in advance... like someone mentioned...not-so-wise

  • Andrew Blakemore (11/20/2007 5:52:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi everybody,
    My late grandfather used to recite a poem he learnt by heart when he was a schoolboy. It began with the line 'I strolled outside the city gates and lingered for a while.' I would love to find out more about this poem and its author. Many thanks, Andrew

  • Genelle Howell (11/17/2007 2:45:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    My great aunt told us a rhyme that was to go with the little white damage marks on fingernails. Starting with the thumb, she said they told your fortune:
    Friends - thumbs
    Foes - index finger
    Heartaches - middle finger
    Beaus - ring finger
    Journey's to go - Pinkie

    Has anyone else ever heard of this, and can you tell me where it may have originated?

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    • The Wiseone (11/21/2007 7:45:00 AM) Post reply

      i dont know if the little white marks that arise on the finger nails imply that someone in your family is expecting a child. my grand mother used to tell this to us when we were little.... dont know ... more

  • Jessica Crumbley (11/6/2007 8:47:00 PM) Post reply

    I know this is a stretch to expect anyone to know what poem I am looking for..but its worth a shot.

    I had a high school teacher read our class a poem a long time ago and I loved it..the name was 'lyrics of life' or at least I thought it was.. anyway I really would like to find a copy of the poem so I could have it but i can't find it anywhere. I know its title was the lyrics of...something. If you know of a poem with something like that as a title I would be so so happy if you could help me out.

    thanks! !

  • Benjamin Far (10/31/2007 11:51:00 AM) Post reply

    you should maybe check out Mark Haddons anthology!
    Its really fascinating,
    i hope that it is the first of many to come....

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