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Terrance Tracy Terrance Tracy Male, 68, United States (1/5/2014 10:16:00 AM)

Writing Poetry

A poem is born of the inspiration
and filled with perspiration
and sometimes precipitation.

Those who don't understand
precipitation in the poem I am
referring to tears that comes
from writing from ones heart.

Those who don't understand perspiration
It is the hard work that's put into verse.

You have brought nothing new to the table; if you
keep writing these verses, they are rehearsed
and won't contribute to your purse.

I thought it best to get it off my chest,
before I am put to rest with repeated rhymes
used too many times.

Writing poetry is like painting a picture
using words instead of charcoal, oil, water color,
or pastel.

It seems that they prefer words used by muse,
divine inspiration has no room they may have met
their fate. It is a supernatural discourse
that is preferred.

I don't care if it rhymes too much or has
been well rehearsed; either you like it
are you dislike it, it really doesn't matter,
we all have our own style that will be with
us for a while.

I do not mind constructive criticism
so let's not call for a poetical exorcism.
I think it's fair to say it appears poets
have no sense of humor when you try
to amuse a muse.

If you are still reading this poem
and it does not meet your expectations,
or qualifications I apologize for
using the wrong media to relay the frustrations.

I have read beautiful poems in this forum
however some of the poems are downright weird,
such as this one.
Terrence Tracy

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    Funny, thanks for the pleasure.

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