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Sharron Stephenson Female, 45, United Kingdom (5/12/2013 5:41:00 AM)

I am going through a problem with writing at the moment it is not the wall I just cannot write what is in my head what can I do

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  • Rookie James Kastner (5/25/2013 7:59:00 AM) Post reply
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    Roger is right in that if you are trying to force a poem, it usually only leads to frustration. Sometimes a break is what you need. There are some other ideas to help you break out of your block. Try free writing on the tone or subject of your poem. Just write non-stop for five minutes without worrying about spelling grammar, puctuation, or any of those " editing" functions that are necessary after the initial creative process, but inhibit the process in the creative phase of writing. There may be something in that apparent " gibberish" of the free write that will break you loose and lead to other associations. Also, put down the pen and pick up the book...in other words, read some poets that you greatly admire, or look through an anthology for poems dealing with a similar theme or tone. Somethng may pop and give you a new approach to what you are trying to say. Finally, remember that not all poems end up living. Some just don't make it. Set those aside and keep them. You may be able to resserect them some time in the future or use something in them, some image or metaphor, in some other poem. Never throw away any drafts or still born poems.

  • Rookie - 179 Points Roger Horsch (5/12/2013 1:18:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Hello Sharron, This has happened at several times to me and I am sure it has happened to others. First take a break from writing just to put your thinking mind at rest. You are like many others that have a need to have the poems you write be an extension of you. That is a sign of a very good poet. Poetry is a feeling of emotion it is not something that will flow out of you all the time when at will. That is when you must stop and put your mind on something else. It will correct itself. Remember this always because your best writing will flow out of you like water, but if the flow stops your writing will never be the best. I hope this will help you.

    Roger Horsch

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