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Keith Robson Male, 59, United Kingdom (3/7/2013 5:30:00 AM)

Like colours seeping through a prism with so much magic mysticism
The day turned pages to the night, where light is shade and shade is bright
As if the pastel hues of time were wound within their endless rhyme,
Meandering as life’s river bends, and yet creating subtle blends
Of crystal sun and shadow streams, at least that’s how their image seems
Like moon tied mist on Autumn nights, subdued before the Winter bites
And leaf touched red and golden hues cascade to earth and pay their dues,
The river wanders where it will, tomorrow it will wander still.

On sleeping children in their beds, the stars kiss blessings on their heads
Through unborn Springtime glacier skies, beneath their eyelids dreams surprise
And touch the souls of providence, that slumber in their innocence
Like dreams we shared when we were young, before the shades of life were hung
In ways we couldn’t countermand, that we could never understand
For children are life’s building blocks, the treasured souls that time unlocks
So subtly into grown up ways, no more the dreams of salad days
But saplings that have grown aloft, though dreams still keep their spirit soft.

To voices whispering in the dark, the lines of life will make their mark
On all they know and all they see, and all they ever aim to be
For strength of mind and strength of will helps every soul climb every hill
And every hidden stumbling block will fade away as they unlock
The doors of life they treasure most, and wander past life’s winning post
And yet there will be many doors, some give much pain, some heal the sores
The artist paints so many ways, in oils, in words of salad days
To let us know so many care, they paint or write the living Prayer…

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  • Rookie D. Smart (3/27/2013 10:02:00 AM) Post reply
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    You write exactly the way my mind thinks of words...yet am unable to express on paper. This is my favorite kind of poetry...words that read like music. Yours is so beautiful that you have made a new fan. Does it have a title? Can you offer suggestions on how you do what you do? I am in awe of your talent!

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