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  • Freshman - 1,877 Points Nishi Kumari (1/5/2015 4:55:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    Like the beautiful hues of the wings of a butterfly adorns her like a precious queen....in the same way smiles, metaphors and poetic devices adorn a poem as its ornaments.....

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    • Freshman - 1,877 Points Eric Ericson (1/6/2015 5:08:00 AM) Post reply

      This is true. I find that simple plain words, while straight forward, can carry a second hidden meaning. So a poem about an ice storm is really about two lovers breaking up

  • Silver Star - 9,695 Points Heather Wilkins (1/4/2015 1:52:00 PM) Post reply

    a haiku is three lines syllable count 5-7-5- about the seasons a senryu is three line syllable count 5-7-5- about God life
    a good length for a poem is up to 14 lines I think

  • Freshman - 1,877 Points Nishi Kumari (1/4/2015 5:51:00 AM) Post reply

    look at a poetry as if you are looking at a beautiful landscape...get completely lost in it....then try to appreciate it....the beauty of the poem will get raised manifolds....

  • Rookie - 730 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (1/2/2015 12:10:00 PM) Post reply

    Aesop's Fable

    A humming bird sweet-toned and silvery
    In a cage trapped, sang a sober song
    In the ebony-dark, dismal night...
    She sang ne'er in hours of daylight

    A bat as dusky as a blackbird's wing
    Was enchant'd by the canorous melody
    'Your song is so dulcet, Mr. Mellow
    Why do you hum not in day's glow'

    The little bird eyed to her fresh fan
    Said she in her tone, sweet and sad
    'In a balmy day sang once I in glee
    A vile, heartless human but caged me'

    Passed the dark fellow a wry smile
    'Had you paid heed to perils before
    You wouldn't have to bear such pain
    Crying o'er milk spilt is futile, vain'

  • Freshman - 1,877 Points Nishi Kumari (1/2/2015 7:08:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Poetry is an art which is less to be learnt and more to be felt...a poem is like a painting not with the pencil and colors but with the ideas and imaginations of the mind, the beauty of the heart and the solitude of the soul.....its a creation which comes out of passion and mood......poetry is like writing down the true and honest feelings of the heart....

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    • Freshman - 1,877 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (1/2/2015 12:12:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      I totally agree with you. Writing poetry is like being in an enchanted world of imaginations and fantasies, that you adorn by turning them into words with metaphors and similes.

  • Rookie - 730 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (1/1/2015 6:08:00 AM) Post reply

    Do read and comment on my poem.

    The lovely rain as steady as a first, amorous kiss
    Is sombre without your fragrant presence
    For our fervent love is as deep as an abyss
    I crave to cuddle you in this icy-cold rain

    The river of my life is unnourished and dry
    Though it's drizzling amply to slake my soul
    As droughty as the black crow flying in the sky
    In seek of water to quench his profound thirst

    The songs of those maidens in the gentle shower
    Are as dulcet as your bell-like, honeyed voice
    Your three words of love are as sweet as a flower
    My heart yens to hear them again and again

    The rainy day is mirthless, dreary and blue
    Like the dull, colorless season of autumn
    The candle of my bliss is waiting for you
    To be lit up again, for it has grown dim

  • Rookie - 210 Points Adrian Moreno (12/29/2014 6:12:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    just a question. how many poems do you normally write in a day?

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    • Rookie - 210 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (1/1/2015 6:09:00 AM) Post reply

      Poetry isn't meant to be written daily in my opinion, for I write poetry only when I'm in a passionate mood. I call that particular time 'Poetic Arousal'.

  • Rookie - 730 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (12/28/2014 7:59:00 AM) Post reply

    Read my poem and comment on it on

    Roses Red, Coral, Blue

    Luscious, pretty, redolent is the rose
    For oft it is kissed by a butterfly
    Whether it be in a poem or a prose
    Beautiful ideas does the writer imply

    Says the crimson one, 'I love you'
    Conveys the coral desire deep
    Rare but elegant too is the blue
    I keep all three where I sleep

    Sweet and fragrant is now my room
    Embellished by roses red, coral, blue
    Whenever in my garden they bloom
    I smile and say, 'God, thank you! '

  • Rookie - 29 Points Zoeyzoeyzoey Zhang (12/25/2014 7:46:00 AM) Post reply

    Just found it hard to have both writing and sleeping...

  • Rookie - 730 Points Muhammad Farhan Ahmed (12/25/2014 2:53:00 AM) Post reply

    Read my poem and comment on it on the following page:


    'You live in a world of odd dreams, Mr. Ahmed
    Putting queer imaginations to mere fancy words
    Bejeweled by baffling metaphors and similes
    That one mightn't get the hang of with ease
    Why don't you eschew the pesky rhyme rule,
    As D.H Lawrence and Walt Whitman did?
    Switch to chaste, free-verse poetry instead
    Of having a big, sentimental, slushy head'

    'I neither live in Lawrence's nor Whitman's planet
    For I dwell in my own enchanted, poetic world
    Rhyme-less poems are no delight to me, Mr. Paul
    Poems and paragraphs aren't alike, after all
    Whether a writer rhymes, ruminates, or not
    That depends entirely on the poet's taste
    A poem is a splendent verse, an alluring art
    An inner voice, a majestic vision of the heart'

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