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  • Rookie Parmanand Potdukhe (5/19/2014 4:58:00 AM) Post reply
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    Accept, dear girl, this little token,
    And if between the lines you seek,
    You'll find the love I've often spoken—
    The love my dying lips shall speak.

  • Rookie Tweetspeak Poetry (5/18/2014 12:13:00 PM) Post reply

    One of the best ways to improve poetry writing is to read poetry. We've seen people who don't even write poetry at all come along as a result of our Poetry Dares (where we've dared them to read a certain poet for a month, or to read a poem a day for a month, or etc.) Like Carol Ann Duffy says, " The only way to write poetry is to read poetry."

    We also like Poem Stacks. We wrote about them recently in an article called " How to Write a Poem: Jealous Poem Stacks." But the short version is that you stack up words from rich sources like guidebooks to certain things such as gems, wildflowers, trees, birds. Some people end up with stacks of pretty cool words. Others find it moves them right into writing poems (better ones than they wrote before) .

  • Rookie - 145 Points Terrance Tracy (5/17/2014 9:49:00 PM) Post reply

    I Am Still Alive

    Covered with dust are words
    of expectation; like an ancient
    warrior whose trust in his
    sword that has failed to serve him,
    so my words are covered
    with dust for the lack of poetic
    appreciation lost in a forum of opinion
    has attempted to derail my trust in a pen.

    I am still alive and I will survive
    because I am still alive to pursue
    my quest I am still alive to express
    that which gives inspiration to
    pick up my pen to begin again.
    I am still alive.

    Like Emerson's kernel of corn I will
    till the soil and do my best to remove
    the dust from my words of poetic verse
    because they are my thoughts for me to
    express despite the vitriol of public

    I am still alive to pen no matter if the
    the words are covered with dust and
    offend the elite, I will lay them at
    your feet for you to remove the dust
    which covers the words, and now I have
    done my pen a service because I am still

    Terrance Tracy

  • Rookie - 65 Points Sharilynn Reaser (5/16/2014 11:31:00 AM) Post reply

    Thanks to those of you who have read my poems and for the kind messages you've left.

  • Rookie Hornam Adzadu (5/15/2014 10:26:00 AM) Post reply

    I'm new on here, don't really know a lotta people, would love to interact with the great poets on here and get all the help i can. Please do read my poems

  • Rookie - 592 Points Jefferson Carter (5/14/2014 12:40:00 PM) Post reply

    If any PHer is interested in hearing me read a few poems and chatting about poetry, there's a video of an interview with me on youtube.

    Google youtube, then search Jefferson Carter poet. I look a little nuts and a lot older than I feel, but the conversation is pretty cool. Let me know what you think

  • Rookie Parmanand Potdukhe (5/11/2014 3:22:00 AM) Post reply

    Jo tumhara hai woh tumhara hi rahenga
    use badhane koshish hamesha chahiye
    magar jo dusare ka hai usaki lalsa mat kar
    magar usase zada kamane ki koshish kar
    Jab inmain aap samadhani honge to is jagat ke aap shahensha honge
    Samadhan Taj Hamesha sarvashreshta hota hai

  • Rookie Parmanand Potdukhe (5/11/2014 3:18:00 AM) Post reply

    To day is only day with you
    we always thin about better tommorow
    when tommorow comes turn its in to day then we thing about better tommorow
    Tommorow never comes as tommorow and past also be like this
    so only day with us as to day and do a nice job for your self, family, and society too Have nice day

  • Rookie Julianna A. Laplante (5/6/2014 5:04:00 PM) Post reply

    I am new and I have only written two poems so far and I am very pleased with the responses I have been getting on them. Thank you for taking your time to read them if you have, and check them out if you haven't :)

  • Rookie Spandana Sarah (5/6/2014 8:32:00 AM) Post reply


    Up in the vale, deep in the meadow
    She glides her way through the blue-black shadow
    She walks alone, her voice full of modest
    Singing solo, for the death of her closest
    Along with tear her face lament strain
    For her voice with a melancholy main
    Beautiful than a spring-time cuckoo
    Sweeter than an Arabian Nightingale
    Her song binds the profound valley
    Her voice, that gives bravado
    To the agonized, to the haunted.
    She gives her voice salvaging all
    For all she sang, where has she dissipate
    Long after she’s gone,
    Her song dwelled in my heart, saying never to fail
    As, even, I am fragile, but for now left to hail.

    [ HI! ! I'm a 15 year-old -girl , I just started writing poems, about 6 months ago. I 'm eager in knowing my flaws and compliments. if you have to say something about my poems kindly mention them. Thank You - Spandana ]

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