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  • Gulsher John (10/8/2013 9:51:00 AM) Post reply

    After a brief acquantance with concept of FREE VERSE, let me re phrase an article that it's an art where words are painted rather than to write.
    instead the poet attempts to describe his/her
    " language that shows, not tell. "
    For example, instead of writing " We had so much fun today." , the poet would write " They wore smiles all the way home." It leaves a stronger impression with the reader. Free verse poetry tries to capture images, convey meaning, or emotions through the use of lyrical phrases that will get the poet's message across without a lot of telling. Free verse poets use figurative language devices such as metaphors, similes, and personification to create these phrase.(a web article)

    P.s. many thanks to J.C for his kind words

  • Renji Mao (10/6/2013 3:20:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Does reading the thesaurus everyday help with your poetry?

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    • Diane Schawe (10/7/2013 10:32:00 AM) Post reply

      It certainly wouldn't make you a better writer, but it would help you expand your vocabulary, thus allowing you a greater ability to find the best words to express your thoughts.

  • Penky Yumnam (10/4/2013 8:40:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    i m not an official poet but I want to be a poet. help me

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    • Steven Ralph (10/11/2013 10:06:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      No! ! Don't read other poetry. Do you want to compromise your innate genius? You should consider other poets as complete asses. Do your own thing! Other poets will destroy your creativity. Other poet ... more

    • Gulsher John (10/8/2013 9:54:00 AM) Post reply

      First read good poets (classic and conntemporary) than go for writing...

  • Erin Thomas (10/3/2013 4:16:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    How do I withdraw my poem from your silly little popularity contest?

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    • Diane Schawe (10/7/2013 10:38:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

      This is a site for lovers of poetry, not necessarily of scholars. Submitting your work is equitable to going on So You Think You Can Dance; the talented AND most well-liked dancer usually wins, not n ... more

  • Bullion Grey (10/2/2013 6:38:00 PM) Post reply

    To create a thought, worth it's weight in ink, I like to do this......
    First I turn off the tv, stereo and ongoing commentary in my mind.
    Then I like to wash my word storehouse, or at least a few.
    Taking intuitive seeing, I eye for useful idea-words, & collect them. As I wash.....
    Often I like to draw scribbles that somehow become scenes and characters.
    Then I climb the Eternal mountain, it's just inside my spacious self.
    Also it's nice to have had chili beans w/turkey. And sourdough bread.
    That's some of what I do....when I'm talking to you.

  • Indranil Bhaduri (9/30/2013 11:01:00 PM) Post reply

    Respected fellow poets. I would be most happy if you read through my simple poem 'End Of Existence' which is written regarding Female infanticide. The link is given below. Please vote and comment. With good wishes to all.


  • Bharti Chandwani (9/29/2013 2:33:00 AM) Post reply

    Oh greedy men! Why are you cutting this tree....
    who give you life and that is so free,
    on loosing a materialistic friend, you mourn....
    then why so inhuman for this tree,
    who is your own.
    Do not you remember the favours of this dear friend,
    Travellers repose on its lap, fatigue came to an end.
    Cows sit beneath it and squirrels swing on its boughs,
    it gives oxygen, by which you children grows.
    Trees are homes where sparrows twitter,
    pony offsprings of their, here flitter.
    What harm do you have, with this sweet friend,
    Oh greedy men! Why are you inviting your death...
    Go and get a seedling, plant a tree for your wellbeing.

  • Jessica Baker (9/24/2013 8:07:00 AM) Post reply | Read 3 replies

    Hello everyone!
    I have just recently gotten into poetry, due to reading much of it in school. I thoroughly enjoy Robert Browning. I have so many moments in life where I feel the need to channel my emotions, and poetry is one way to do that. Does anyone have any tips of writing poetry? Before, it sounded like a 5-year-old wrote it. I have been getting better, but I need some tips to work with.
    Thanks so much!

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    • Gulsher John (10/8/2013 9:56:00 AM) Post reply

      Go and read Hartman's Free verse" than think about poetry. Hope it will help you alot.

    • Fiona Sandbrook (10/8/2013 3:10:00 AM) Post reply

      Writing.Com is a website that has helped and encouraged me hugely with my writing. Take a look. You may be interested.

    • Diane Schawe (10/7/2013 10:39:00 AM) Post reply

      Read great (timeless) poetry. READ, READ, READ. Imitate, absorb, analyze.

  • Renjith V. Sathyan (9/24/2013 4:26:00 AM) Post reply

    Please read and review this poem:

    The Revival

    The day is too sanguine
    Still I feel so morose
    Her eyes speak a lot
    Still she keeps a gulf.
    Oh! Roaring wind
    Squeeze me with thy hands
    And brew me anew
    Make my mind void and
    Let no memories linger any more.

  • Jack Growden (9/20/2013 7:16:00 PM) Post reply

    Feel free to read my collection, and rate and comment as you wish!

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