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  • Khoirun Niam (11/20/2007 1:35:00 AM) Post reply

    Asal tahu saja alasan aku tak menusukmu adalah karena aku mencintaimu entah karena apa aku ga tahu aku mencintaimu kasih ijinkan aku membelaimu sebentar saja sebentar saja ya sebentar saja biar ku rasakan gairah itu dan terpuaskan segala hasrat sebelum pada akhirnya aku menusukmu perlahan karena semua telah kudapatkan dan aku akan membunuh mereka juga karena membiarkan mu mati begitu saja tanpa membantumu(020707)

    Ku nembe mumet ki mboh ku dewe ra mudeng sing gawe mumet ki apa aku dewe ra dong aku nembe mumet tenan lagi ra konek semprul ra? Padahal pengene ya biasa wae kaya sing liyane nanging aku pancen beda karo liyane aku jarene aneh aku pancen rada keset kuwi penyakitku sing nganti saiki ku ra ngerti obate apa ya? (020707)

    Sometime when I am alone

    Sometime when I am alone
    Don’t know why i
    Just thinkin of my dream
    Beside on you________cat

    try to propose
    or part of them

    Day storming

    Day storming
    Lightning flash
    As fast ass

    The wind blows

    The wind blows
    the window opens
    the door__


    Hid behind the clouds
    Spread in wide sky

    The rain

    The rain
    the earth
    plan growth
    the morning

  • D.d. Demp (11/15/2007 11:01:00 PM) Post reply

    Here is something of a quote I use to say when I was younger...
    'You cannot live without Love'
    tell me what it means!

  • Melvin Banggollay (11/9/2007 2:18:00 AM) Post reply

    Poetry is P-oetical rhyming expressions of
    O-bservations, opinions, feelings, and conviction about
    E-verything under the sun in a
    T-rutful and powerful display of
    R-easons, emotions and passion for
    Y-oung and old to read and learn from it.

  • Goldy Locks (11/7/2007 2:01:00 AM) Post reply

    Sherwood Anderson on [Gertrude] Stein

    'Every artist working with words as his medium, must at times be profoundly irritated by what seems the limitations of his medium. What things does he not wish to create with words! There is the mind of the reader before him and he would like to create in that reader's mind a whole new world of sensations, or rather one might better say he would like to call back into life all of the dead and sleeping senses.'

  • Karen LaRose (10/30/2007 10:24:00 PM) Post reply

    Please go check out my poems. This is My newest poem:

    The Ultimate Taboo

    I couldn't tell if it was the beauty of your smile
    or the mystery of your vibe
    that made me want you.
    The risk of a ten year difference, maybe-
    the ultimate taboo.

    The moment we engaged in our first kiss,
    there was a spark inside of me;
    a spark that at fifteen,
    I didn't think could ignite the flame that burns in my soul today
    It burns bright and constant,
    the flame of a true love.

    The day we became partners,
    you entered my life strong and bold,
    capturing all I've ever known to be me
    and opening it up to you.
    You came to me and healed me
    of all the aches of an unsure love.

    Our love is now thick in the air
    but I've always been thirsty for it.
    From your wavy hair down to your funny toes,
    I want it all forever.

    We looked deep into each other's eyes
    as your love penetrated mine,
    ridding me of my innocence.
    Emotions swirled, my mind twirled,
    and from then on I've been lost in your love.
    A vast ocean full of emotions
    I met my peak and my body spoke to yours.
    My love came down as natural as a child being conceived.

    Being with you has opened my eyes to a real love,
    not a fantastical journey that I only dreamed to be true.
    I have been given a divine right to love you
    and my love for you grows each passing second.

    Everytime your eyes dance toward mine,
    I fix a place in them
    and I see the only thing in my life
    that I view as truly beautiful,

  • KaleZzer chEesE (10/27/2007 3:11:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    hears another one of my most recent songs i just finished it in 5min

    its how i exspres my feelings

    hope u love it

    : : : :
    GIRL: : :
    he said lets run tonight
    run away from our lifes
    no turning back now weve gone to far
    were goin barefoot we need no cars
    GUY: : :
    barry your feet into the sand
    as i take you by tne hand
    say yes, say i do
    and I'll sweep you away and run away with you

    **CHORES**BOTH: : :
    were at the edge were takin chances
    bout to jump just grab my hand and
    its not to far away
    I'll be here every day
    never let go, just trust me now
    if you dont, you'll never learn how
    to fall...GUY(lean in to me) ...GIRL(fall)

    GUY: : :
    that dead heart beat of a moment
    was all that kept her goin
    were breaking beariors we have no fears
    were running far away from here
    GIRL: : :
    hold on tight im slippin away
    you never thought ide do this today
    right here, right now
    we keep fallin faster and faster to the ground

    **CHORES**BOTH: : :
    were at the edge were takin chances
    bout to jump just grab my hand and
    its not to far away
    I'll be here every day
    never let go, just trust me now
    if you dont, you'll never learn how
    to fall...GUY(lean in to me) ...GIRL(fall)

    and im still working on it a little

    tell me what u think

    i just need a title so if u got any ideas PLZ let me know

    and ill make sure 2 give u the credit for creating the title



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  • Goldy Locks (10/24/2007 3:02:00 PM) Post reply

    . . . that's pretty much the way my poems tend to develop in general, out of knowledge, out of losses and out of, in the end, revelation, to a kind of knowing that is beyond sensory experience, the transcendence of the self. - Stanley Kunitz

  • Alexis Pena Goco (10/22/2007 2:42:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I rarely post messages, but I enjoy following the thread

  • Goldy Locks (10/18/2007 12:29:00 PM) Post reply


    Outside Mont Royal station there is a market.

    Rimes are sold, verses exchanged,
    dissonances repaired and sonnets modernized.

    A woman approaches, in want of inspiration.

    This is all I have, she says to the poet-salesman,
    her hand extended.

    For that amount, he answers
    you can buy at least one word.

    She chooses randomly,
    Twilight appears.

    They congratulate her purchase.
    It’s a very poetic word, they all say,
    a key that will open many doors.

    The woman returns home, saddened,
    she feels her way in the darkness, turns on the light.

    She does not want to open doors,
    but to shut them hard.

    She does not want to make poetry for those
    who climb and fill the skies each morning, their
    wide open hearts and shiny, clean hearts;
    but for those who are just
    learning to crawl
    on the soiled streets
    their eyes alert .

    —Flor Aguilera

  • KaleZzer chEesE (10/17/2007 7:06:00 PM) Post reply

    heres one similar to the one i just posted: : :

    baby i love you
    i need you
    i want you by my side
    your voice, it haunts me
    cuz i hear it
    all the time
    dreamin to feel
    you, you
    press against my lips
    i crave for the moment
    od our first

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