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  • Peter Stavropoulos Rookie - 1st Stage (10/10/2008 6:31:00 PM) Post reply

    'Beginning my studies the first step pleas'd me so much,
    I have hardly gone and hardly wish'd to go any further,
    But stop and loiter all the time to sing it in ecstatic songs.' - Walt Whitman.

  • Albert Wong Rookie - 1st Stage (10/10/2008 10:28:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    How about this poem after the words arrangement?

    A Morning Fog
    This morning see the whole sky
    In the morning light is fully white.
    Covers the harbors where are unseen.
    I see over San Francisco and Oakland.

    This includes 100 miles of the areas.
    This white light blocks the air-ports.
    The light is too bright stimulates eyes.
    No body can see clearly before sun rises...

    My wife and I went down to Starbucks
    When return back...
    The fog begins gradually lost in the sun.
    Many people are living in the fog lives.
    They don’t understand their ways to run.

    They seem are driving in five miles fog.
    I get to see the fog as a good reminder.

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    • Peter Stavropoulos Rookie - 1st Stage (10/10/2008 6:11:00 PM) Post reply

      Excellent spiritual and poetic theme in this poem. Reminds me of the Christian Medieval classic 'The cloud of unknowing' by that most famous of writers 'Anonymous'.

  • Ashley Ormon Rookie - 1st Stage (10/8/2008 9:46:00 PM) Post reply

    Hello Dear Poets/Readers,

    I have a few new poems up and if you had time, if it interest you do you mind reading one (or more if you choose) and giving me some feedback on it. Thank you so much in advance. My link is: http: //

    Also one more things to say, does anyone know of good publishers to work with if you are considering writing poetry. You may write your respond on here and/or message me personally. Thank you.

  • Ershad Mazumder Rookie - 1st Stage (10/4/2008 11:54:00 PM) Post reply

    Regarding poetry, its better if members post their own feeling without quoting others.Just say, what makes you to compose or to think.How you select words and how you frame your thought.

  • Ershad Mazumder Rookie - 1st Stage (10/4/2008 11:48:00 PM) Post reply

    Very simple thing is that poetry is not prose. To write a prose writer can plan what to write and what not to write. But a poem comes from an unknown destiny and the poet starts composing ignoring time and place. I do not compose poetry on my own.An invisible being whispers me and my hand pics up a pen to follow the dictation. So I am not a poet by choice or at my own will.

  • Not a member No 3 Rookie - 1st Stage (10/3/2008 7:13:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    One by Yeats that identifies a significant poetic principle - and much more besides:

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    • Not a member No 3 Rookie - 1st Stage (10/3/2008 7:14:00 PM) Post reply

      Adam's Curse WE sat together at one summer's end, That beautiful mild woman, your close friend, And you and I, and talked of poetry. I said, 'A line will take us hours maybe; Yet if it do ... more

  • Linda Winchell Rookie - 1st Stage (10/3/2008 6:17:00 PM) Post reply

    Looking for another Publisher. Rather then going through all of the poet bios. I thought I would ask if anyone knows of one that is good to work with that maybe they are with or know of.

  • Peter Stavropoulos Rookie - 1st Stage (10/3/2008 4:32:00 AM) Post reply

    'If any ambitious man have a fancy to revolutionize, at one effort, the universal world of human thought, human opinion, and human sentiment, the opportunity is his own - the road to immortal renown lies straight, open, and unencumbered before him. All that he has to do is write and publish a very little book. Its title should be simple - a few plain words - 'My Heart Laid Bare.' But - this little book must be true to its title.' - Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Not a member No 3 Rookie - 1st Stage (10/2/2008 6:11:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Here's a piece from Jough Dempsey, poet, critic and webmaster of 'Poetry' from February 2002, which sets out to identify what poetry is. It's very basic stuff and at one point he asserts that poetry is NOT about SELF EXPRESSION. I thought it was worth posting for that part along, but the rest of it serves as useful context, and helped refresh my wasting mind on the basics. Skip or skim as suits.

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    • Not a member No 3 Rookie - 1st Stage (10/2/2008 6:51:00 PM) Post reply

      I usually spell 'alone' in the usual fashion but the typo monkey got the better of me there.. he always does sooner or later..

    • Not a member No 3 Rookie - 1st Stage (10/2/2008 6:12:00 PM) Post reply

      All anyone knows for sure is that it must rhyme. That’s usually the first entry in non-poet’s personal lexicon when they recognize something as being a poem. Of course, we know that a great deal of po ... more

  • Martin Swords Rookie - 1st Stage (10/2/2008 10:20:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi Folks
    Experimental poem in style of J. M. Synge (Playboy of the Western World)
    Comments, good and bad please.
    Thank You All

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