Constantine P. Cavafy

(29 April 1863 – 29 April 1933 / Alexandria)

Poems of Constantine P. Cavafy

181. Very Seldom 1/3/2003
182. Voices 1/3/2003
183. Waiting for the Barbarians 1/3/2003
184. Walls 1/3/2003
185. When the Watchman Saw the Light 9/26/2012
186. When they are roused 4/7/2010
187. When They Come Alive 9/26/2012
188. You Didn't Understand 9/26/2012
189. Young Men of Sidon 9/26/2012

Anna Comnena

In the prologue to her Alexiad,
Anna Comnena laments her widowhood.

Her soul is dizzy. "And with rivers
of tears," she tells us "I wet
my eyes... Alas for the waves" in her life,
"alas for the revolts." Pain burns her
"to the the bones and the marrow and the cleaving of the soul."

[Hata Bildir]