Treasure Island

Anonymous Americas

(1000-1950 / United States)

Poems of Anonymous Americas

201. Twa Corbies 1/1/2004
202. Twa Sisters O' Binnorie 1/1/2004
203. Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt? 1/1/2004
204. Victories Of The Heart 4/6/2010
205. Waly, Waly. 4/6/2010
206. We're Coming! We're Coming! 4/6/2010
207. Westron Wind, When Wilt Thou Blow? 1/1/2004
208. What Mean Ye? 4/6/2010
209. When Aurelia First I Courted 1/1/2004
210. When Christ Was Born Of Mary Fre 4/6/2010
211. When the French Band Plays 4/6/2010
212. Will He No Come Back Again? 1/1/2004
213. Winter Solstice 1/1/2004
214. Yankee Was A Bad Man, Yankee Was A Thief, 4/6/2010
215. Ye Heralds Of Freedom 4/6/2010
216. Ye Spirits Of The Free 4/6/2010
217. You'll Tell Her, Won't You? 4/6/2010
218. Your Dimension Of Greatness 4/6/2010
219. Zaza, The Female Slave 4/6/2010

At Liberty I Sit and See

At liberty I sit and see
Them, that have erst laugh'd me to scorn,
Whipp'd with the whip that scourged me:
And now they ban that they were born.

I see them sit full soberly
And think their earnest looks to hide;
Now, in themselves, they cannot spy
That they or this in me have spied.

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