Alfred Edward Housman

(26 March 1859 – 30 April 1936 / Worcestershire)

Alfred Edward Housman Poems

41. The Winds Out of the West Land Blow 1/3/2003
42. The Welsh Marches 1/3/2003
43. The True Lover 1/3/2003
44. The Street Sounds to the Soldiers' Tread 1/3/2003
45. The Stinging Nettle 1/3/2003
46. The Recruit 1/3/2003
47. The rainy Pleiads wester 1/3/2003
48. The Nonsense Verse 1/28/2014
49. The New Mistress 1/3/2003
50. The Merry Guide 1/3/2003
51. The Lent Lily 1/3/2003
52. The Laws of God, The Laws of Man 1/3/2003
53. The Lads in Their Hundreds 1/3/2003
54. The Isle of Portland 1/3/2003
55. The Immortal Part 1/3/2003
56. The Grizzly Bear 1/3/2003
57. The Fairies Break Their Dances 1/3/2003
58. The Day of Battle 1/3/2003
59. The Chestnut Casts His Flambeaux 1/3/2003
60. The Carpenter's Son 1/3/2003

The New Mistress

"Oh, sick I am to see you, will you never let me be?
You may be good for something, but you are not good for me.
Oh, go where you are wanted, for you are not wanted here.
And that was all the farewell when I parted from my dear.

"I will go where I am wanted, to a lady born and bred
Who will dress me free for nothing in a uniform of red;
She will not be sick to see me if I only keep it clean:
I will go where I am wanted for a soldier of the Queen.

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