Yasmeen Khan

Veteran Poet - 1,938 Points [Quill pen]

Biography of Yasmeen Khan

I live in a strange world. The music of my life has its own rhythm. I write from imagination and inspiration. The canvas has no limits and colors can be picked from a personal experience, childhood memories, a person, a movie, a novel, a symphony, a painting, a picture or any poem written by a favourite poet. The problem is that how goes the brushstroke to paint the intensity of imagination. Sometimes it's impasto and sometimes wet-a-wet. But for this I rely on all members on PH who generously comment on my poems. I feel I have a born love for art and humanity.

Stars In Your Eyes

Let's rewrite the verse
O, little flower vendor

'Twinkle, twinkle little little star'
'How I wonder what you are'
Down beneath, in your eyes
Like a diamond does it shine

When Fate and world both mistreat

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