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William Wordsworth

(1770-1850 / Cumberland / England)

Poems of William Wordsworth

381. Yarrow Revisited 1/1/2004
382. Yarrow Unvisited 1/1/2004
383. Yarrow Visited 1/3/2003
384. Yes! Thou Art Fair, Yet Be Not Moved 4/5/2010
385. Yes, It Was The Mountain Echo 4/5/2010
386. Yew-Trees 4/5/2010
387. Young England--What Is Then Become Of Old 4/5/2010


WITHIN our happy castle there dwelt One
Whom without blame I may not overlook;
For never sun on living creature shone
Who more devout enjoyment with us took:
Here on his hours he hung as on a book,
On his own time here would he float away,
As doth a fly upon a summer brook;
But go tomorrow, or belike today,
Seek for him,---he is fled; and whither none can say.

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