William Shakespeare

(26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire)

Poems of William Shakespeare

61. Sonnet 120: That you were once unkind befriends me now 1/13/2003
62. Sonnet 121:Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed 3/30/2010
63. Sonnet 122: Thy gift, thy tables, are within my brain 3/30/2010
64. Sonnet 122: Thy gift, thy tables, are within my brain 1/13/2003
65. Sonnet 123: No, Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change 1/13/2003
66. Sonnet 125: Were't aught to me I bore the canopy 1/13/2003
67. Sonnet 126: O thou, my lovely boy, who in thy power 1/13/2003
68. Sonnet 128: How oft, when thou, my music, music play'st 1/13/2003
69. Sonnet 129: Th' expense of spirit in a waste of shame 1/13/2003
70. Sonnet 13: O, that you were your self! But, love, you are 1/13/2003
71. Sonnet 130: My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun 1/13/2003
72. Sonnet 131: Thou art as tyrannous, so as thou art 1/13/2003
73. Sonnet 132: Thine eyes I love, and they, as pitying me 1/13/2003
74. Sonnet 133: Beshrew that heart that makes my heart to groan 1/13/2003
75. Sonnet 134: So, now I have confessed that he is thine 1/13/2003
76. Sonnet 135: Whoever hath her wish, thou hast thy will 1/13/2003
77. Sonnet 136: If thy soul check thee that I come so near 1/13/2003
78. Sonnet 137: Thou blind fool, Love, what dost thou to mine eyes 1/13/2003
79. Sonnet 138: When my love swears that she is made of truth 1/13/2003
80. Sonnet 139: O, call not me to justify the wrong 1/13/2003

Sonnet CVIII

What's in the brain that ink may character
Which hath not figured to thee my true spirit?
What's new to speak, what new to register,
That may express my love or thy dear merit?
Nothing, sweet boy; but yet, like prayers divine,
I must, each day say o'er the very same,
Counting no old thing old, thou mine, I thine,
Even as when first I hallow'd thy fair name.
So that eternal love in love's fresh case

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